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Aihrde: An RPG Setting from the Makers of Castles & Crusades -- Kicktraq Mini

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"It was held a wonder when he crossed the Wall of Worlds and came to the Void and the uttermost end of all things. There in the Undeeps he found the mote and called it to him."
~Excerpts from the Histories

The cosmology of Aihrde consists of several complex, interwoven planes. Surrounding all is the Void. Within the Void spins the many planes of the Firmament, and where they collide lies the great cloud of matter, the Maelstrom. At the heart of the Maelstrom lies the Material Plane, Aihrde, itself surrounded by the Wall of Worlds. Within all this is the inner world of Inzae. Through all this flows the Arc of Time, which begins in the Void and ends in the Endless Pools. Beyond the Pools lie the Wretched Planes and the Stone Fields and other lesser domains. The Eahrtaut, the Living Tree, stands in the Material Plane, but its branches and roots grow into and through all the planes. The Net of Ea-Raena lies over all. Intersecting these many planes lie the multiverse, both a part of and apart from them all. Lying over all, like a morning's fog, is the Dreaming.

Join us on Kickstarter today! The project is massive, the world is truly epic, and the whole thing ripe for adventure.

From the codex of Aihrde

The Darkness was fresh come to the world, and had only echoes of the long Rin that came before him, and these were flawed, for he had them of Nulak's mind, and though great in power, his understanding of the world was never whole. But this the Darkness knew, that he was of the All Father, his child, born in the Void long ago. And he saw the world through flawed eyes, for to him is was incomplete, and what was done, was not done according to his own ordering. He would make good the All Father's flawed design.

As the Darkness pondered his own purpose, a fear stole over him, and he remembered the Val Eahrakun and how they drove him into the Undeeps at the beginning of time. These thoughts troubled him and he sought order around him.

The Dark was named then: Fell Unklar, he was called and all the world knew of his coming.

Join us on Kickstarter today! The project is massive, the world is truly epic, and the whole thing ripe for adventure.

Digesting Knuckles!

Today, even as The World of Aihrde Kickstarter breaks the $16,000 threshold and clears another stretch goal, we unleash the long forgotten, but much beloved DIGEST SIZED BOOKS! This time we've refined the process. You can buy any TLG book in digest format (aside from the Crusaders). All you have to do is head over to the store,choose the product you want and on the left hand side, where it says "size", choose the 5.5' x 7" and put it in your basket. These books are all Black and White, miniature reproductions of the full sized books.


In other news, we unearthed a box of Troll Knuckles this past week. They've been buried in the 'stacks' for the past 10 years, unknown and unloved. Scoop up this little dice game for 5 bucks! Not sure how many we have, we just want to find a home for them! Make it yours!

And while your digesting your knuckles. . . get it? that was a pun . . . you can enjoy a wicked ship battle between two ships of the line from Master & Commander!

Storming the Breach!

We had a great weekend on the World of Aihrde Kickstarter. We've unlocked one secret door bringing us the first of the Aihrdian Dice! This d6 sports the Numerals of the Aenochians upon the sixth side! It’s the first step in learning the Numerals most commonly used in Aihrde.

Up next! The Inzae Primer. In the Void lies the Maelstrom, created by the dragon Inzaa. Upon its back the All Father created Aihrde, beneath it the dragon fashioned her own world, Inzae. Just a few hundred more and break through and all backers at 49+ get a two for one. Aihrde, a traditional fantasy world, and Inzae and grim, dark world.

Be sure to head over and pledge and spread the word to those who might be sitting on the sidelines!

In other news, don't forget the Christmas Sale, going on now! Be sure to scoop what you can while you can. Coming Soon: The digest copies are back and this time, with digest sized screens!

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