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September Dreams

We've wandered over Summer's hills and through her dales to come to Autumn's doorstep. It has been a bit of a rapid fire Summer, with the Three Sisters and Amazing Adventures gates finally opening and flooding the whole with a mountain of new games in books.

But it's only the beginning. Autumn promises the release of Ahirde and all the glory of that world as captured in maps and books and adventures. Steve Chenault has been wandering around the Darkenfold, mapping and describing a few of the more extraordinary locales beneath those darkened eves. In fact, when he wraps up Falls the Divide, you'll be able to leave Ends Meet, wander east down the Post Road, turn south at the Powder, cross through Willowbreak and come at last to the Mistbane, turning back west you can follow Reacher Trail to the Low River Country, then over the Fall to the Pigs Trail and Alice, turning north, you can head on back into Ends Meet. It's a long journey, but well worth it.

Jason Vey has wrapped up Brimstone and has wandered into the Abyss Walker country. And in the meanwhile Amazing Adventures will gobble up some of the other genres, most notably Star Siege.

So as you can see, there's lots going on around here. And if you've missed anything, be sure to hit the store, all the products for all the games are there. You can find the C&C Starter Set and the Amazing Adventure Package and get it all in a discounted bundle!

It is an Amazing Adventure

Several years ago we released the Siege Engine variant game Amazing Adventures by Jason Vey. It joined other games in the line... Tainted Lands, Star Siege, Harvesters, Fields of Battle... taking its place in the long lists of RPGs.

Amazing Adventures took off. Slowly at first, but within a year of its release we were looking at a sold out run. It caught Steve Chenault (CEO) by surprise. In fact, as the story goes, he was putting it on the chopping block, discussing it with Tim and to prove his point started running the latest sales numbers. He was was shocked. It has moved slow for so long that he had written it off, but its sudden pick up was such that it took him by surprise. "I guess we'll give it a another run!"

And so we did. Launching a very successful Kickstarter, Amazing Advntures funded and has recently released in all its glory. It has grown though. No longer a single book, Amazing Adventures is a complete line: Amazing Adventures, Manual of Monsters, Amazing Adventures Companion, the AA Screens, and Rise of the Red God.. You can get them all today, and if you really want to go all in, get the Starter Package in digital or print.

And you too can have an Amazing Adventure!

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