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Across the Border and Into the Wood

I sure wish spats would come back into style. Maybe we should make it part of the Troll Lord uniform. Jason Vey would look awesome in spats! We would all be a bunch of dapper ladies and gents!

We've added a fantastic new feature to the website. The Daily Special rotating gif graphic thingee. You can see it at the upper left hand cornered rotating. Click that and see what we have on special today... and tomorrow and so on down the line until the Gonfod should come. The graphic looks like this:

It will be there for your use.

And be sure to check out the Daily Specials over on OBS. There's not any fancy gifs, but some great product.

Product News: work continues apace. Steve did change the title of Aufstrag 2 to The Horned God's Acre. He should be putting the wraps on that today. But before he does that he and Peter are making another pass at the Codex of Aihrde. The mail room keeps on rolling out the Storyteller's Thesaurus, so keep on eye on you mail box!

Now enjoy!

Into the Jungle

Tarzan of the Apes is one the greatest stories ever told. If you've never read the first book in the series you should give it a whirl. It recounts the tragedy that left his parents stranded in the wilds of a west African Jungle, his struggle for life with the Apes and the realization of who and what he is. Its another story of modernity and the primitive. And here, unlike Kong, Tarzan embraces both, using the primeval power passed down to him through countless generations, but at the same understanding and mastering all the nuances of the modern age. The difference is that he embraces his savage nature and part of his nature, he doesn't reject. Check it out: Tarzan of the Apes.

For a good movie adaptation check out Tarzan the Legend of Lord Greystoke. I've given a clip of it to the right on you tube. But be warned, that the end of the movie, after he's returned to England.

While your wandering around the jungle be sure to check out our Dailys! These are specials we'll be running most days. Different book on a different day (minus weekends, though maybe on weekends, it just depends on the whirlwind of a Troll's Social life...yeah, so probably on weekends too).

Daily specials on the store!

Daily specials on One Book Shelf: RPGNow or Drivethru!

In the meantime, work continues at a feverish pace on all these projects. Look for a new Kickstarter for the Digital Library and Victorious (Feb 15). These campaigns will expand the the Siege Engine in all kinds of directions.

Back to the Beginning

We've been running the backer kit for the Codex of Aihrde Kickstarter for several weeks. It's there for everyone to better manage their pledges, and helps us with shipping issues and organization.

Already pledged? Go in and manage your pledge, your address, add books to it.

Miss out on the Kickstarter? You can still get in, just head over and jump in.

We are spot checking the Codex of Aihrde now to see if it is going to get another read over. But with luck we'll have a digital pre-release this week. And while waiting be sure to check out the specials we have running on OBS and pick up your copy of the Black Box !

Crossing the Moat!

We've stormed the bridge and have crossed the moat, and now are walled up against the First gate and the barbican! What does that mean? I have no idea but it sounded good . . . actually we've put a wraps on the Level 1 Aufstrag: the Bone Pit. On to God's Acre. Very cool stuff being churned out here.

While wandering around the net on this Monday morning, don't forget these items:

BACKER KIT!!!! For new pledges and old!

Classic Monsters Bundle on sale at OBS!

Storytellers Thesaurus on sale on TLG Store!

Tim lost his shoe in Virginia! Its made one leg shorter than the other and he keeps walking in circles!

While Tim is looking for his shoe, he also put up a Flash Sale on two items: To Kill A King (Print) and C2 Shades of Mist (Print & Digital). Both are 50% off today only!

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