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Following the Attribute Train

Castles & Crusades has been around since 2004, its attribute check system a pillar of the RPG community. Fifth Edition of the world's oldest, most often played RPG joined the attribute train last year. A fantastic game that lends itself to our own system and vice versa.

For this reason we tapped Jason Vey, our lead game designer (Amazing Adventures among many other credits) to convert the first of our many adventures to 5th edition. The changes are slight, but important for people unfamiliar with C&C, but who love to play 5th Edition.

So if you are one of those, and want to jump into the Blacktooth Ridge adventures, you can do so by scooping up Rising Knight for Fifth Edition at the low introductory price of $2.99. There are hordes of adventures in this series, and with luck, Vey will soon begin working on them all!

Familiarize yourself with this book!

For a limited time, about 26 hours or so from this posting, you can get Castles & Crusades Book of Familiars for over 50% off in Digital at RPGNow and DriveThruRPG! Regularly $21, you can get it now for only $9.99.

Familiars for All Classes. All those who tread the paths of the wild, who crawl through the lost dark, plunder treasures of the ancients, must surely find themselves alone and bereft of friends. It is in those moments, when the cold creeps up your spine, and the hair rises, that you most need a stalwart companion at your side; a wolf to bare fangs, an owl to see into the darkness, a muse to whispers songs of the ancients, a named sword of cold steel and magic . . . these are the familiars you seek.

Complete with over 150 animals and monsters.

So hop on over to RPGNow or DrivethruRPG and get familiar!

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