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This movie looks fantastic! Today's movie highlight, over to your right, is a collection of scenes from the live action movie, based on the TV show that Steve goes on and on about. He used to run home from the bus after school to catch Starblazers on TV. And the live action movie looks just as good. Lots of explosions. Looks to be as good as Battleship...which was just a fun movie about the USS Missouri coming out of retirement to kill some aliens. Starblazers sees the Battleship Yamato secretly rebuilt to fight some aliens.

All cool stuff.

In the world of TLG we would like to invite you to visit our brand new Chenault and Gray Publishing website. For those of you who have followed us in recent years we have begun to branch out into more main stream publishing with reference and fiction titles. You can see what's available over there. Its a very simple, clean, streamlined website...the future.

Spread the word and hit us up and follow us on the various social marketing links.

Castle Keepers

Today we release the 2nd Printing of the Castles & Crusades Castle Keepers Guide in digital format. Check your inboxes for the updated version if you've already purchased it.

This book weighed in at 352 pages, full color and is, as before, jam packed with mountains of material. The expanded layout makes reading the book far easier. The ToC is shrunk and replaced with a major index. We've rounded up some misprints from the previous edition and added a new section on disease...this will help with some of the nasties your likely to throw at your party.

If you missed out, you can pick your copy up here on our site Castle Keepers Guide Digital, or over at RPGNow and Drivethru.

The book is at the printers, though we don't have a ship date yet, it shouldn't be but a 3-4 weeks (this is utterly out of our control).

Into the Rabbit Hole

This expression has been rolling around the Dens for days now. We don't know why, but it's a greatly entertaining expression. Alice goes down the rabbit hole and enters a land of make believe, either that or she escapes into a land of make believe to remove herself from where she doesn't want to be...which is something akin to escaping reality, or to put it another way, going insane.

Which is very much what it's like working at TLG! Not escaping reality, nor living in a land of make believe, but rather it's a nut house.

We are in the rabbit hole.

But the reality is this. There's no rabbit hole, only a bit of hard work and waiting. The Castle Keepers Guide is at the printers. The Codex of Aihrde is going through its last major overhaul as colored art comes flying in from all quarters. The Amazing Adventures 3 book collection is being wrapped up, probably this week.

And in other news we are sending out Shadows of A Green Sky, complete with the Open and Play Basic Rules in them for FREE RPG DAY. Be sure to check with your local retailer and get hooked up!

Raining Time

The Castle Keepers Guide is ready for print. At this point we are waiting to here from the printer, they will give us print dates, ship dates and other such rumblings, at which point we'll be able to give you guys a more definite ship date from us to you. Its going to be nice to put this one to bed!

Up next is completing Shadows of A Green Sky for Free RPG Day. We are trying something different this year, debuting a new concept (presentation concept) for the Basic C&C rules...which there aren't really any basic rules, the game is too simple for that. But when you open it...well you're just going to have to go down to your local shop this June and scoop one up!

As soon as these two are done we are looking at wrapping up the Codex of Aihrde and Aufstrag. After that, our in the works projects include the next three volumes in the Mythologies books, starting with Codex Germania.

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