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Castles & Crusades The Lost City of Gaxmoor -- Kicktraq Mini

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Honoring Gary

It was a great weekend filled with a whole lot of gaming, eating, drinking, visiting and making merry. A huge thanks to everyone up there who made it all come together. Ernie and Luke Gygax, Dale Leonard and the whole troop know how to throw a shin dig. Until next year, glasses high and dice rolling!

You may have heard the news but we've once again fandangled the Lost City of Gaxmoor from Luke and Ernie and have run it up the flag pole. We launched a special, last minute kickstarter over the weekend to bring this spectacular city setting adventure to the table! Check it out here, only a few more hours to get in on the early bird special!

In other news look for an update on the World of Aihrde material and we'll dig out some info on the CKG and place it here tomorrow. I suspect we are about print ready, which will be nice.

Greetings from the Dens!

This week we are gathering ourselves for the long haul up the globe to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin for Gary Con VII. It's hard to believe its been that long since Gary crossed the bar. Once there we'll kick back and celebrate his life proper with some cold brew and good food, two of his favorite things. Trollzah!

So today's clip brings you a chunk of Firefly that we had never seen, a piece of history of both the ship and the Captain. Very cool. Take a few minutes and enjoy, if you've seen it already, enjoy it again, you know you want to.

And for all those who backed the Castles & Crusades Three Sisters,you should have received the third sister last night in your inboxes. The Castle Keepers Guide is hammered together, and though it has some fine tuning to do, some color art to insert and an index to blow up, what you have is basically the final product. Kick back and enjoy it, give it a read and see what all the hub bub was about. Many years in the making, too long out of print, its back again. Enjoy!

The Storyteller's Dictionary ended on a great high last night and we landed the Ribbon Marker. Thanks to all for that! Another great product hammered together. Thank you! As always we'll keep a constant flood of updates coming your way.

Barn Doors

Today's clip is a piece from season 2 of the Walking Dead, the classic moment where they resolve one of the mysteries dogging the survivors. Its a big spoiler, and even though its from 2 years ago, if you have been saving watching the Walking Dead, don't watch it. Great scene.

In other news, the text is all laid out in the Castle Keepers Guide. Peter pulled a 20 hour day yesterday to get that set and is now plunging into going through each page and fixing columns, tables and setting the text. Art will follow. So massive and very rapid progress on the CKG. And the Storyteller's Dictionary Kickstarter continues to knock down stretch rewards. Only 5 more days left!

And the beta version of Ernest Gary Gygax Jr and Luke Gygax's Lost City of Gaxmoor landed yesterday. It's laid out and ready for printing. There will be a limited release of the softcover at Gary Con and early backers for the The Lost City of Gaxmoor Kickstarter will receive it! We launch that at the show, so keep your eyes peeled.

One More Charge

Victorious closed on a high last night, breaking 19,000 and some change. A wondrous thing! We are going to try to get this organized and on the "projects working" page in the next few days. That page is woefully behind.

In other news, Peter is constructing the Castle Keepers Guide. He's using the basic template for the layout on the PH and M&T, so he has a frame, now it's filling it in. We are hoping that he finishes it this week, and to that end Steve has promised to leave him in peace and let him work (no last minute rush jobs...which of course won't happen, as there are two already piling up).

Also Amazing Adventures Companion has returned from editing. It will get in line behind the Castle Keepers Guide for layout even as Steve wraps up Gaxmoor Preludes and the Codex of Aihrde.

It is a mad house around here, and hence today's movie selection. A little bit of Mel Gibson's Hamlet. Enjoy!

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