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Rolling Thunder

We are bracing for a mountain of books this week: Castle Keepers Guide, Amazing Adventures, Manual of Monsters and AA Companion. All these are slated to head this way on the 10th, arriving sometime next week. We have to make room. Lots of room, for there are roughly thousands of books coming our way.

So for the next few days, we'll be restructuring the TLG set up. It includes more warehousing space, Todd his own office in the mail room, new packing racks and more. It's going to be a lot of work we hope to have wrapped up in a few days.

But that doesn't mean things are slowing down around here. Work continues on Codex of AIhrde and the Players Guide as well as Gaxmoor, Victorious and the Dictionary. And we are prepping our next major Kickstarter: a mythos triology: Germania, Slavorum and Classicus. This is going to be a massive undertaking, but bring all three to the fore far quicker.

Many of you have taken advantage of the savings on the Print Starter Pack, which gets you the Players Handbook, Monsters and Treasure and several adventures -- now you can get it in Digital only or Print and Digital combo. Trollzah!

Wrapping up the Week

As we head into the long weekend here in the US, the work continues in the Dens. It's been rumored that the Troll Lord is headed back to the Dens, so that means we better look busy! Jason continues his blistering pace overhaul on the Spell Book. He had hoped to have it ready by today, but it is looking like Monday or Tuesday before we send out a new copy to backers.

Rune Lore is on special through the weekend along with some new stuff in the Flea Market, so be sure to check it all out HERE.

If you don't already know, you can find us all over the net. Find out the latest goings on, new releases, our social media outlets, etc. in the menu bar above. Check it out and join the fray!

And finally... the Knights of the Crusade site is almost ready! It's in beta/soft opening now. So be on the lookout!

Delayed Gratification

Greetings! Tim here. A slight snafu has occurred with our newsletter host. They are telling us that we can not send anything that is larger than 5MB, so we are working on an alternate way of sending the free files to you. Rest assured if you are signed up for the newsletter you will get Shadows of a Green Sky and if you are signed up for the C&C Twitter you will get the Pot of Broken Bones. Just be sure to sign up for them before July 8th and we'll get them out to you then, if not before. I apologize for the delay.

Out in the wind?

Our fearless leader is still out there somewhere in the wilds of America. Or perhaps Canada, or who knows? But one thing is for sure, while he is gone, work continues fast and furious.

Jason continues to shore up the Spell Book (digital) for Kickstarter backers; once that is ready, we will re-release it and then it will be on sale for the general public soon after. It will be even bigger and better!

Davis and Tim continue their hunt for words for the Storyteller's Dictionary, all while Mark prints and Todd ships. And Mac, well, that's top secret.

And today or tomorrow will mark the FREE BOOK GIVEAWAY! Sign up for the Troll's Tusk Newsletter and get the latest Free RPG Day adventure in digital and sign up for our Twitter and get the 2013 Free RPG Day digital adventure!

The digital copies need a little cleaning up, but you can sign up today and once they are ready they will be sent out to everyone on the Newsletter and Twitter.

That's all for now, we hope everyone is having a great day!

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