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We Hacked Through!

Not much more on the monkey business today, but back to the grindstone...as if we ever left the grind stone... or is it mill house. It's hard to keep it all straight...

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Yesterday backers of the Victorious Kickstarter should have received their copy of The Clockwork Crimes. This is a bit of a teaser for what is coming and is a playable version of the game with a short adventure. We noticed the pre-gens we gave you are a little off so we'll have to replace those today, so look for another file.

As the world turns we are gearing up for Northwest Texas RPG Con. That should kickoff Thursday, but due to equipment delivers Steve Chenault and Todd Gray won't get there until later in the evening. Tyler Morrison should be on deck, though he won't have any books with him.

And today Aihrde backers should look for the updated Airhde: Lands of Ursal Area Map. This map is similar to the one you already have, however some terrain fixes went in, names overhauled, roads added and the file set for printing next week. We'll follow this up with the Darkenfold map and the World Map. With that in mind, the full color holy symbols should be placed in the Codex of Aihrde before we hit the road south.

When we get back, its all hands on deck for Aufstrag! Now go enjoy the opening sequence to The Replacement Killers, a great little flick staring Cow Yun Fat and Mira Sorivino.

Unleashing the Monkey

Yesterday all backers of the Amazing Adventures should have received the AA Companion book, a 160 page source book chalk full of all kinds of extras for your AA game. This is the last piece of the puzzle and it will go to the printers today or tomorrow, wrapping up this KS. So with a little luck all print copies will print this July (keeping in mind the yearbook backlog we seemed to have jumped right into).

If you're new to Amazing Adventures be sure to check out the package of all the fun HERE!

Next up will be Victorious, sometime today we'll send out the QS rules for that game, just to give you a taste of what we are working. If you can't find the monkey in Victorian England...well I'm just not sure what to say.

Speaking of Monkey's, enjoy King Kong's first appearance in the last remake of his epic tale. That is an epic monkey...though technically I think King Kong was an ape. A fantastic movie. You should watch it. It is the coolest story ever told.

But while all that is going on be sure to track capture your own Monkey Troll and take advantage of our lightning sale over at OBS by clicking here for DRIVETHRU and here for RPGNOW!

Barrels of Mondays

We have a snippet of the original Red Dawn up on the reel this morning...you can see it to your right there. It's a great movie from the 80s, capturing both the Cold War fears and teenage imagination all in one nice romp. Also, showed women in powerful roles, as they take up arms and fight with the rest. All very cool. It is rather odd though that the tactics practiced by the Soviets in the movie are like those they used in Afghanistan, first bringing in conventional forces, then later special forces carried to battle on helicopters. Movies and reflections and all that.

Lots going on this week. We'll be releasing in waves the following: Amazing Adventures Companion (for the AA KS), the map of Aihrde (for the World of Aihrde Kickstarter), and the Victorious Quick Start rules (for the Victorious Kickstarter). The elemental spell book should come later this week (for the C&C kickstartter). All these will be in digital format of course as we are still waiting for various titles from the printers.

A note on the Aihrde map: all the place names are in and some terrain corrected and amended (mostly a few rivers and the mountains on the northern flank of the Inner Sea). This means we are about ready to print this sucker, which we'll begin doing either later this week or early next. We'll couple it with the World Map and the Darkenfold map to bring it all into line with the coming Aihrde shipment.

We hope you enjoyed the 50% off of Codex Celtarum and Codex Nordica over the weekend in our Daily Specials. Be sure to check out today's specials for the latest deals!

Lots of fun coming out of the dens! Enjoy!

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