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Long Slow Weekend

Well a belt of storms kept the power down at the Dens for the better part of half the weekend which made entering place names on the Aihrde map more challenging that anticipated. But the Trolls Abide and we're pushing through.

Here's what's happening right now while we are waiting for all these books to come back from the printer.

We are working like crazy on the Aihrde map. Why? Because that ships separately from the Aihrde books and it's something that won't get log jammed at our hard cover book printer. So we are attempting to move it to the front of the pack. To do that, we have to reenter the 500+ place names on the map. To date, we've put all the country names and terrain names from the book in the map, and we are now sweeping back through each section (there are 9 total) and entering the rivers, small terrain features, cities, towns, castles and other various and sundries. We've wrapped up 2 of the 9 sections. When all are done, we re-release in digital format and then send off to the printer.

We are shooting for Friday, but there's many a slip between a cup and a lip so we'll have to see.

In the meantime, hit up the store and see what we have on special over there and have a peek at the new Portal to Adventure!

Passing Through

There's a great picture on the Blog today by an artist named Stoyan Stoyanov. In it you find a mountain passage blocked by walled gate and small tower/town. Everything is a bit comically off center, which is really cool. Check it out.

That's a little bit like TLG. Everything here is comically off center.

So we've been experimenting with a new store design. We have only the first page complete (or largely complete). It's a mirror of the Chenault and Gray website, with what we hope is a slightly less "busy" approach to the store, making access a little easier.

So we invite you to head over and give the Store Front a spin. Steve's been using the living sin out of Codex Celtarum at the Thursday night game, lots of druidic spells and magic in there, so with that rolling around his noodle pan we're going to put it at 50% OFF! We'll throw in her sister title to boot (keep in mind we have three more of those books coming out this year).

Whether you scoop up the books or not, we'd love your feedback!

From the Dens!

If you haven't seen Mad Max Fury Road, see it! It's one insane ride through the sandy dry world of the apocalyptic world. It. Is. Fantastic. Steve walked out of the movie saying "There's not one second of that movie I didn't enjoy!" We put the trailer up for you to tease you into the theatres.

In unrelated news, Steve was scooped up by Iron Wind to write and adventure for their Kickstarter that closes TODAY!! Be sure to hop on bard and join the fun. Lots of old school goodness here. Steve's adventure will be called Orange Hair! Put your boots on its, going to be an orcish day!

Another wave of colored art came wandering in over the weekend for the Codex of Aihrde and we are breathlessly awaiting the final, laid out version of the Amazing Adventures Companion. The Lost City of Gaxmoor rolls off to its final editing round and Peter will begin working on the sprawled out city map.

Lots going on, lots to do, and lots of game to play!

Now go see FURY ROAD!

The Weekend is Nigh!

We are coming up on the weekend, and while the weather has been wild, it is no wilder here inside the Dens. Lots of work on books, shipping, layout, design, bird feeding.

So while we work our way through Friday and the weekend, we wanted to give you something to do too, mainly gaming! And to do that, we've offered up some of our titles for special through the weekend.

You can find some in our store and also over at OBS. Either way you'll get some great savings on books, PDFs, adventures, screens and more!

Here's a picture from the Troll Dens Blog; looks like a great place to get a whole lot of relaxing going. Have a great weekend!

Summer Schedule

As our summer schedule gets the crap kicked out of it, let us do a brief recap of what the heck is going on around here.

Up first is the Castles & Crusades Kickstarter. On this one we are waiting for the CKG to come back from the printers, presently scheduled for July 10. At that point all the rest of this Kickstarter will ship and/or come available on the website. That includes the dice cup, arms and armor and a bunch of Aufstrag materail.

This is followed by Amazing Adventures. The two main books, Amazing Adventures and Manual of Monsters, are both now at the printers. They should be out in July. The Companion book will follow suite in short order. All the other material for this is ready to ship.

The Codex of Aihrde. This book is waiting for the final color pieces to come wandering in, then its off to the press. In order to get something moving on this front we are going to wrap up the map and get it to press and try to ship it in late May or early June, since it ships separately anyway.

Victorious is slated to go to content editing here very soon. The files need to be organized a little better and Mike is furiously working on the rest of the additional content.

Gaxmoor is almost print ready. Peter has to finish redoing the interior maps and the city map, but beyond that the book is good to go. We'll give it one more light edit and then off to the printers.

The summer was supposed to be a huge explosion of C&C goodness for us and you and everyone, but this looks to be delayed to early fall all because kids need their yearbooks! What's up with that? Silly children and their precious memories!

On second thought, those memories are pretty cool!


This movie looks fantastic! Today's movie highlight, over to your right, is a collection of scenes from the live action movie, based on the TV show that Steve goes on and on about. He used to run home from the bus after school to catch Starblazers on TV. And the live action movie looks just as good. Lots of explosions. Looks to be as good as Battleship...which was just a fun movie about the USS Missouri coming out of retirement to kill some aliens. Starblazers sees the Battleship Yamato secretly rebuilt to fight some aliens.

All cool stuff.

In the world of TLG we would like to invite you to visit our brand new Chenault and Gray Publishing website. For those of you who have followed us in recent years we have begun to branch out into more main stream publishing with reference and fiction titles. You can see what's available over there. Its a very simple, clean, streamlined website...the future.

Spread the word and hit us up and follow us on the various social marketing links.

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