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Raining Time

The Castle Keepers Guide is ready for print. At this point we are waiting to here from the printer, they will give us print dates, ship dates and other such rumblings, at which point we'll be able to give you guys a more definite ship date from us to you. Its going to be nice to put this one to bed!

Up next is completing Shadows of A Green Sky for Free RPG Day. We are trying something different this year, debuting a new concept (presentation concept) for the Basic C&C rules...which there aren't really any basic rules, the game is too simple for that. But when you open it...well you're just going to have to go down to your local shop this June and scoop one up!

As soon as these two are done we are looking at wrapping up the Codex of Aihrde and Aufstrag. After that, our in the works projects include the next three volumes in the Mythologies books, starting with Codex Germania.

Old Friends

So in thumbing through clips, this one stumbled across the feed. Its the Walking Dead season 4, the scattered group are trying to find their way. Michonne's character here had decided to go it alone, but after a day or so, retraced her steps, needing now to find out if any survived. Pretty powerful piece. Enjoy!

It's high time TLG revisited the horror genre, or at least an apocalyptic game. We had our brief foray into horror with Tainted Lands, which was fun, but short-lived and unsupported. The horror genre is much maligned because, like fantasy, there is so much bad horror material out there, both in gaming and in film and tv. But, when it's done right, it is done right and it leaves an echo in the mind.

Busy year, as we wrap up the Gaxmoor Kickstarter...thank you everyone for supporting and pledging, it ended with a crazy bang...and plunge on into finishing the CKG and other projects we are looking forward to all manner of stuff: Brimstone, Abyss Walker, Adventurers Backpack and so on.

Stay with us friends. It's only just getting good!

Castle Keepers Guide Update 2

The CKG landed on Steve's desk yesterday. A galley copy was printed soon thereafter and Mark Sandy has taken the book to a quiet corner to go over it once again. He's specifically looking for font and titling issues, small things like that. Peter Bradley spent most of the night working on the Index as Steve has asked that it be greatly expanded.

So here is the schedule of events. All final edits go in tomorrow. A copy will be sent to Steve Ege for proofing over the weekend. All KS backers will receive this copy as well. This is out last chance to find mistakes, so if you find something, please let us know and we'll get it fixed. Once it goes to the printers, we will not make any changes to the book until the 3rd printing.

Early next week, or midweek at the latest, the Castle Keepers Guide goes to the printers.


All too much other news. Players Guide to Aihrde wraps up in the next week. Its at edting. Harvest of Oaths should have a new release tomorrow, but might be trumped by CKG work. Amazing Adventures Companion is in layout. Once it is finished all three of those books will go to press.

And lastly, the Lost City of Gaxmoor begins its final week over at KS!

Castle Keepers Guide

Greetings from the Troll Dens! I think that this week is the week the CKG returns to the printers for her final overhaul. It needs a tightening, a cinching as it were, and she ready for prime time. That shifts all focus toward wrapping this sucker up. Which is good. We need it back in stock fiercely so, and you need it for your gaming table. So soon.

In the meantime, be sure to check out the Lost City of Gaxmoor on Kickstarter. We've already hit the goal to retool this sucker and and staring down the hall at a secret door. No doubt filled with all manner of goodies.

In Aihrde news, Steve is looking at an overhaul of the maps of the Mortality of Green. They are all over the place in style and rendition. First up is the 'Drew's Hollow", the tavern and Inn that lies just north of the Mistbane and south of the Lake of Nunt (for Harvest of Oaths Part 4). That goes to the mappers today. But area maps as well.

Now kick off your week with Jaguar Paw's escape from the movie Apocalypto! A fantastic film.

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