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Aihrde: An RPG Setting from the Makers of Castles & Crusades -- Kicktraq Mini

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For all the long years of Unklar's rule, the Hanse River served as a highway for soldiers and goods moving from east to west. Its proximity to the sea allowed movement of goods from Aufstrag to Gottland and Graugusse to be particularly easy and this garnered the attention of Mongroul Troll Lord, Nuluk-Kiz-Din (see Moravan Plains & Of the Gods). That wizard showered the cities of the region with gifts and made certain that the laws of Unklar's world did not strangle their commercial concerns.

This imperial benevolence lent much to the growth of the cities under the Winter Dark. The merchants grew wealthy and a class of burghers soon controlled the whole region. Their power, at its zenith, surpassed that of the local legion commanders and what ministers of Aufstrag tentatively ruled the counties. The Winter Dark Wars brought all this to an end.

Three great calamities struck the city states, one after the other, which led to the immediate reduction of their power and influence.

The first occurred when the Winter Dark War broke out. When Kayomar rebelled against Unklar, Mongroul sent great hosts of men and material to the southern lands. The troop traffic along the Hanse, so prevalent before, dried up almost immediately. Garrisons, stripped of their soldiers, remained empty. Many artisans and craftsmen left the region for the south, looking for more lucrative returns on their services, for soldiers always need new equipment and repairs to the old. Trade, too, shifted with them. The Legion in Gottland moved south and the hobgoblins of the Burnevitse, lacking leadership, splintered into various tribes and began warring with one another.

The burghers hardly had time to adjust to these changes when the second calamity struck. Though the tale is best told elsewhere . . .

The Codex of Aihrde on Kickstarter Now

In other news the CKG is moving into layout next week. The first four chapters are on steve's desk for final approval and then off to Peter Bradley for putting the parts together. It won't be long now.

Kickstarter! 20K OR BUST!

Greetings from the Dens!

We've wandered through another weekend and are fast approaching the holidays. This, our latest Kickstarter campaign, is hammering along. Still remains one of our strongest, and we are only half way through.

But we need YOU! If you can help spread the word on google, Enworld, RPGNet, twitter, facebook, your own boards and other platforms, it would be a huge help.

In fact, if we hit $20,000 in pledges by Christmas, everyone who pledges 45+ BEFORE that date will receive a bonus adventure (print and digital), signed by the author!

Help us plunge this world's experience into the mysterious Winter Dark, tie the Darkenfold into your campaign even more and make the whole thing worth even more bang for your buck! About the adventure: You'll learn of the Blood Runes and how they aid you in traveling the Arc of Time as you find yourself wandering the past, lodged in the Age of Winter Dark, and the world as it was when the Horned God ruled supreme.

"It was held a wonder when he crossed the Wall of Worlds and came to the Void and the uttermost end of all things. There in the Undeeps he found the mote and called it to him."
~Excerpts from the Histories

The cosmology of Aihrde consists of several complex, interwoven planes. Surrounding all is the Void. Within the Void spins the many planes of the Firmament, and where they collide lies the great cloud of matter, the Maelstrom. At the heart of the Maelstrom lies the Material Plane, Aihrde, itself surrounded by the Wall of Worlds. Within all this is the inner world of Inzae. Through all this flows the Arc of Time, which begins in the Void and ends in the Endless Pools. Beyond the Pools lie the Wretched Planes and the Stone Fields and other lesser domains. The Eahrtaut, the Living Tree, stands in the Material Plane, but its branches and roots grow into and through all the planes. The Net of Ea-Raena lies over all. Intersecting these many planes lie the multiverse, both a part of and apart from them all. Lying over all, like a morning's fog, is the Dreaming.

Join us on Kickstarter today! The project is massive, the world is truly epic, and the whole thing ripe for adventure.

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