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There Really is More News

So the Walking Dead continued to deliver. Excellent episode. No spoilers here, but very interesting twists and turns. Speaking of twists and turns I never expected to see rock golems and mortars in the story of Noah. This morning's movie clip is from the recently released Russell Crowe movie, Noah. The story of the ark is presented in an, interesting, light.

While you are enjoying the rock golems of early times, be sure to take advantage of the damaged product sale we have going on. All these books coming to and fro have left too many rumpled up a bit, so we put them on the shelf, marked them down and want you to keep us from tossing them out. You can find them here.

In the meantime, this week we wrap up edits on the CKG (entering them) and get to work hammering out the few corrections on the world of Aihrde Map. The hope is to have this map to backers later this week.

And while all that is going on look for the 3rd installment of Harvest of Oaths (Aihrde backers).

What's a Thesaurus without a Dictionary?

When we first conceived the Storyteller's Thesaurus it wasn't with just one book in mind. There was always a companion book, the Storyteller's Dictionary. Both books together were conceptualized to help the writer or game designer reference the language they need, quickly and easily.

Now that the ST is complete and shipped, it's time to begin work on the Dictionary and to do this, we've moved the project to Kickstarter, to get this ball rolling.

Like the Thesaurus, the Storyteller's Dictionary is specifically designed for writers, teachers, game designers, students and anyone who enjoys the creative output of fantasy, science fiction or horror tales! Broken up by subject matter, the Dictionary allows the end user quick reference material for the many challenges of writing and designing. From herbs to castles, from nebulae to pole arms, the Dictionary is a must have.

Pledge now and get in on the Early Bird specials!

No Birds at Sunup

It's cold enough here that the birds are sleeping in late... well, except one young dove that enjoys sitting in the bird feeder while she eats. All this wintery weather reminds us of the importance of fire, so take note of Tom Hank's excitement when he finally manages it in Castaway, today's movie moment.

In the meantime we need to gear up for Adventure! We are re-releasing a TLG classic: Towers of Adventure! This originally came out as a box set, but it sold out some years back. We've revised it into one compact book and you can scoop it up even now.

To celebrate its return to the fold we're launching a limited sale on ALL C&C adventures! For the week scoop up your favorite adventure at 50% off!!! From the class A1 Assault on Blacktooth Ridge to the more modern Giant's Wrath. Get em all!! Simply use the code: ADV50 at checkout!

Before the Moot!

Friday last you should have received a copy of the Amazing Adventures Manual of Monsters. This is a beta version, like all our first wave digital material, so please have a gander at it and let us know if we missed anything. We are now awaiting the Companion and the Temple of the Red God to wrap up this project.

We've had a great deal of snow down here in the Natural State (that's Arkansas for those not in know) and we are just now digging ourselves out from under it. Its caused a bit of interruption in the work flow, so once we get our heads screwed back on we'll give you a round of updates about this, that and the other.

I do know that my character, Ferenc, was brutally slain on night one of TrollMoot 3! It was horrid... though lots of fun. Something like the first guy in the helmet...

Troll Crossword #1

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