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Take a picture!

A picture is worth a thousand words, it is said. And in this case, it may be worth $50! We are having an instagram constest. We are celebrating the Favorite Local Gaming Store, that bastion of all things good in gaming. All you need do is take a pic of your FLGS, follow us on instagram (trolllordgames), tag pic #cncflgs by October 8. A winner of a $50 coupon to our store will be picked after Oct. 8th. And everyone that enters gets a $10 off coupon, so you could be rolliing in $60 worth of Castles & Crusades goodness very soon!

In other news, the final release of the digital version of the Codex of Aihrde will be rolling out to backers at some point today, so look to your emails if you backed that project. It and a very special 5th ed. release will go up for general sale on Wednesday, so you don't wanna miss that.

Happy Monday folks!

T-Shirts and Mugs

The shirts have arrived and the mugs are on the truck, scheduled to be hear on Wednesday afternoon, the 30th. As soon as they land we'll roll them out the door. We have a mountain of orders, but hope to have them all out by this weekend!

If you missed it, we have extras, so scoop up your Mug and T-shirt today.

Rolling into the week it is a good time to remind everyone to sign up for the TLG Newsletter. This will put you on the list for all manner of announcements from us, both the long form letter, the Trull's Tusk, as well as the multitude of smaller adverts that range from sales, to Kickstarters, to the announcements of publishing friends like Fat Dragon Games.

Sign up for the Tusk now!

And don't forget to check out all our social media. The Trolls are everywhere!

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