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Ships Aflame

The Vikings had the whole burial thing down pat, well at least the whole flaming ship thing. That's a pretty cool send off. And the movie, The Vikings, with Kirk Douglas played it perfectly. Music and all. Enjoy it in this morning's movie clip (big spoiler alert in the clip, and skip it and watch the movie if you are inclined).

Harvest of Oaths Part 3 has made its journey to the Aihrde Kickstarter backers. In Part 3 we explore the Wingnut Bottomlands and a rather unusual encounter that could have amazing implications on your game. We hope to be back on track with Part 4 next week, this will take you to Lake Nunt and the land of the dead.

We are organizing our time around here between multiple projects, not only the ones that are in the hopper now, but also those that are coming down the pike. The Elemental Spell book just went to layout, along with Codex Germania and the Lost City of Gaxmoor (look for a special pre-release for this at Gary Con). And of course work continues apace on CKG (putting edits in) and Codex of Aihrde (Peter is now inserting the heraldry). Lots going on.

No time for burning ships!

Into the Dens!

While you're musing over what games to play, or havoc to wreak in your CK/GMs game world, take a moment and toast Gary Gygax. We lost him this day, back in 2008. Aside from being the father of all that we do, a fantastic story teller, and game designer, he was, after all, a great friend of the Trolls and we miss him. Here's to you Gary!

Today's movie is a clip from Warlord, which somehow reminds me of Gary. It's a great Charlton Heston film. If you haven't seen it, do so. The slow pace is measured by its medieval feel and you won't regret.

In other news look for the latest installment of Harvest of Oaths today or in the morning at the latest. It goes to layout in the next hour or so and it shouldn't take long to weld it into place with the first two installments.

Look to the Kickstarters too. Victorious is roaring along and the Dictionary defies our expectations!

There Really is More News

So the Walking Dead continued to deliver. Excellent episode. No spoilers here, but very interesting twists and turns. Speaking of twists and turns I never expected to see rock golems and mortars in the story of Noah. This morning's movie clip is from the recently released Russell Crowe movie, Noah. The story of the ark is presented in an, interesting, light.

While you are enjoying the rock golems of early times, be sure to take advantage of the damaged product sale we have going on. All these books coming to and fro have left too many rumpled up a bit, so we put them on the shelf, marked them down and want you to keep us from tossing them out. You can find them here.

In the meantime, this week we wrap up edits on the CKG (entering them) and get to work hammering out the few corrections on the world of Aihrde Map. The hope is to have this map to backers later this week.

And while all that is going on look for the 3rd installment of Harvest of Oaths (Aihrde backers).

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