C&C: PHB 4th Printing
C&C: Players Handbook 4th Printing
Rulebook Resource - Players & Castle Keepers
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Castles & Crusades Resources:
C&C: Players Handbook 4th Printing
Product Type: Rule Book Resource Material
Format/Price: 8.5 x 11 hardback, 144 pages; $24.99
Written By: Davis Chenault & Mac Golden
Ordering Info: TLG 80104, ISBN TBD
Release Date: Now available!
Product Description:
Worlds of Epic Adventure
Beyond the comforts of home lie worlds of adventure. Here the brave take up sword and shield, bring sorcery to bare, call upon eldritch powers that only the wise dare use, or slip through the shadows to tread gloried paths of danger. With grim resolve, adventurers plunge into the maelstrom of uncertainty to plunder the dragon's horde. They track the wastelands and wilderness and creep into the dark, hidden places of the world to arrest the monstrous foe of his treasure. These are adventurers, bold and brave, heroes of renown. These are the characters of Castles & Crusades.

What Lies Herein
Castles & Crusades is a fantasy role playing game with countless possibilities. Designed for use with multiple players, Castles & Crusades puts you in charge of the adventure path. Included within are all the rules of play, how to get started in your very own role playing game, how to run the game and play in it.

It's easy to learn attribute-based rules system allows players to choose among 13 archetypal character classes and 7 races to create their characters. Spells, equipment, fast-paced combat rules, and all essential information needed to play a game of Castles & Crusades is in this book. Further, the attribute-based rules system allows Castle Keeper's to design and run adventures as they see fit, without all the crowded, complex rules of other role playing games.

Dice and Monsters & Treasure sold separately.

About The 4th Printing
This is our fourth printing and represents the first real substantive changes to the game... but nothing so much as to make earlier printings obsolete. In the 4th Printing you will find a revised Barbarian. The Barbarian lacked proper balance in the game; we've worked hard to address these issues. Also, the Illusionist class is given a might jolt with over 45 new spells added to their spell roster. You'll get far more traction out of these spells and make illusion a real part of your game. Also we are touching up the Monk class, changing the presented material to better reflect different styles of hand to hand warriors.

Players and Castle Keepers must have this book to play.