C&C: Revised: PC Reference Sheets
Castles & Crusades: Character Reference Sheets
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C&C: Revised: Player Character Reference Sheets
Product Type: Game Accessory
Format/Price: Perfect Bound, Perforated, $9.95, 24 pages
Written By: Darlene!
Ordering Info: TLG 8014-R, ISBN 1-931275-39-4
Release Date: Now Available!
Product Description:
Alea Iacta Est - The die is cast!

These revised sheets are loose and come complete in a shrink wrapped folder and include the new material from the Players Handbook 4th printing! Each character reference sheet is formatted with three hole-punches for easy use in a binder. There are now 6 copies of each separate sheet.

Are you tired of reams of disorganized sheets of paper used to track your character? Can't find that information you are looking for about your character? Is organization a problem? Troll Lord Games is happy to announce the release of the Castles & Crusades Character Reference Sheets. These small but mighty sheets of paper can help even the most experienced player keep track of their character's stats and equipment and is indispensable for novice players.

The Character Reference Sheets Contain six different types double-sided character sheets. Each type derived from an attributes and their associated classes; The Fighter/Ranger (Strength), Wizard/Illusionist (Intelligence), Cleric/Druid (Wisdom), Rogue/Assassin (Dexterity), Barbarian/Monk (Constitution) and Knight/Paladin/Bard (Charisma).

Designed to facilitate attribute check rules system, these sheets include room to record all the character's vital stats from Hit Points, Armor Class, to weapons used and spells known. On the front of each sheet is hand list of your classes' abilities and room to record your racial abilities. Plenty of room is given for what's important to your character and to the game. Record your equipment, keep up with how much ammunition you've used, how much food and water you have left. There is room enough left over to describe your character and give a brief background.