C&C: Before the Helm of Night
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Castles & Crusades: Before the Helm of Night
Product Type: Adventure Module A9 (C&C)
Format/Price: Saddle stitched, $8.95, 24 pages
Written By: Davis Chenault, Todd Gray, Steven Chenault
Ordering Info: TLG 8028, ISBN 1-931275-89-0
Release Date: TBA
Product Description:

There is a mustering in the north. A gathering of mercenaries, warriors, and men of ill repute near that dreadful stink, the Blasted Heath. Yet there is more to this than meets the eye. So close is this to abode of the Dark One, that horned beast, that nothing good could come of it and only dreadful slaughter can follow. The soothsayers, prophets and seers all foretell doom and destruction! Astrologers see that the Great Helm has risen in the night sky and know that a darkness is once again to fall upon the land.

It is a race to the Tower of Horesk on the verge of the Blasted Heath. It is here that the armies are gathering. Or so it is thought. What the our heroes will find shall shock, amaze and horrify them. A terrible retribution must be meeted out for the crimes they witness. But will they be up to entering the Tower of Horesk and casting down that which seeks to don the Great Helm.

For 3-5 characters, level 9-11