C&C: Monsters of Aihrde I
Castles & Crusades: Monsters of Aihrde I
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Castles & Crusades: Monsters of Aihrde I
Product Type: Game Supplement (C&C)
Format/Price: PDF Download, $1.00, 7 pages
Written By: Stephen Chenault
Ordering Info: TLG MA1, ISBN x-xxxxxx-xx-x
Release Date: Now Available!
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Product Description:
In Monsters of Aihrde I presents five detailed monsters. the Charon Fiend, a foul mix of beast and magic, driven mad through its self-inflicted pain; the Ur-Suk or Dark Faerie, exiles of fey who prey upon the weak with evil deeds and murderous lust; the Tagean Hound, legendary dogs whose loyalty and power is beyond description; the Ungern, the black spawn of the Horned God whose evil and cunning are bound in a fierce visage; and the Black Breath (Unklar’s Breath), sorcerous creations that serve as guardians and familiars to the foul lords of winter.

Each entry comes fully detailed with descriptions, habits, culture where needed, treasure, combat, all abilities as well as a special section on each monster’s place in Aihrde.

Monsters of Aihrde I is designed for use with the Castles & Crusades Role Playing Game, the condensed version of which you can purchase here at RPGNow.

Though created for Aihrde (Erde) and designed for use with the Castles & Crusades role playing game the Monsters of Aihrde are fully usable with other systems, though some adjustments in abilities will of course be necessary.