C&C: Monsters of Aihrde II
Castles & Crusades: Monsters of Aihrde II
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Castles & Crusades: Monsters of Aihrde II
Product Type: Game Supplement (C&C)
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Written By: Stephen Chenault
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In Monsters of Aihrde I TLG brought the revised versions of the Charon Fiend, the Ur-Suk or Dark Faerie, the Tagean Hound, Ungern and the Black Death or Unklar’s Breath . . . in Monsters of Aihrde II we bring even more exciting monsters from the legendary world of Aihrde.

The Elf’s Bane, long the scourge of the elven folk, these beasts were summoned to the world by dark sorceries during the Great War to hunt and slay elves, half-elves, fey and other of those kind; the Dream Warriors, those creatures borne of nightmare who stalk the waters of the Dreaming Sea; the Sentient, those trees of the All Father’s crafting who wandered the world in the Days before Days are few and far between, but they are ancient and filled with wisdom beyond all others, complete with a full relation between Troll Lords and Sentients; the Troll Lords, legendary creatures with great hulking bodies and massive tusks, they are the giants of the humanoid kingdoms;  the Water Foul, strange creatures of magical birth who live in bodies of water, great and small.

Each entry comes fully detailed with descriptions, habits, culture where needed, treasure, combat, all abilities as well as a special section on each monster’s place in Aihrde.

Though created for Aihrde (Erde) and designed for use with the Castles & Crusades role playing game the Monsters of Aihrde are fully usable with other systems, though some adjustments in abilities will of course be necessary.

The Monsters of Aihrde

The world of Aihrde (what the Dwarves call Erde, which is ‘the Father’) was first brought to you in the Codex of Erde (Troll Lord Games, 2000). This monstrous book presented a fantasy world rich with opportunities for adventure and expansion. Fully illustrated it recounted detailed histories that spanned a time line of millennia , making Aihrde one of the most detailed published settings. The Codex outlined countries, their rulers, their pastimes as well as cultural norms, tales and mythologies. It also brought a small host of new monsters to the fore.

This was all before the advent of Castles & Crusades.

For a variety of reasons, those monsters appeared in their abbreviated forms, somewhat reduced and change to fit alternate styles of role playing. Now, we are proud to present to you the Monsters of Aihrde, a 4 part series that brings to light the original concepts and powers of the legendary creatures of Aihrde. These include some monsters that appeared in the original book, and some they have not. But all have been updated and produced in their originally conceived formats. Some few alterations were made in names to reflect the growth and development of the world setting, but these are the same monsters so intimately tied with the setting, only greater and in their original intent . . . here you will find the ungern, the mogrl, charon fiends and more. Each serial book offers 5-6 monsters whose content and range depends on each individual monster.