Managerial Staff
In Memoriam

Trolls. Secretive lot they are. Always hiding under bridges and such. Green, warty skin, long pointy noses with a taste for the flesh of men.

Luckily the Trolls here at TLG are very friendly and love attention. They too however, are a quirky bunch and have their own type of "traits" that adventures should be familiar with. Come, meet the team. See who's working for you - the hard playing gamer - pick your favorites. Refreshments and prizes are available!

Managerial Staff

Stephen ChenaultStephen Chenault -
Chief Executive Officer, Director of Operations, Chief Marketing Director, Managing Director, Author, Graphic Design Apprentice, Janitor, Shipping Clerk, Pick and Packer:

Stephen was born into a world with a bewildering array of worthless "life choices" and meaningless "life options." As a youth, it was with great insight and eagerness he took to examining those options and pathways, promptly ridiculed them and dumped them into the wastebin that would become other's lives. Stephen chose the path of brutal verbal assaults which, on occasion, lead to brutal physical rebuttals. Brittle teeth in hand, Stephen chose an academic path to lengthen what was about to become a shorter than average life span. He wasted years of his life pursuing a higher education in history before realizing that we all are, no matter what, doomed to repeat it.

Forsaking those noble causes rife in academia (such as bra burning, speech filtration, self-aggrandizement and longer summer breaks), Stephen foundered for mere moments before, in a dollar bill induced stupor, deciding to strike it rich by creating a company that sold games. He has since gone on to create a wide range of luminaries for both d20 and Castles & Crusades.

Writing credits to his name include the following books: Reaping Bones, Of Gods & Monsters of Aihrde, The Golden Familiar, Codex of Erde, Rune Lore, Monsters & Treasure of Aihrde, The Malady of Kings, Lure of Delusion, Dwarven Glory, Mortality of Green, Shades of Mist, Upon the Powder River, Stains Upon the Green, Lion in the Ropes, Winter Runes, Heart of Glass, The Last Respite, The Wasting Way, Paladin's Lament and the After Winter's Dark Campaign Setting (Folio); Major Writing Credits include Castles & Crusades Castle Keepers Guide, Castles & Crusades Player Handbook, Castles & Crusades Monsters & Treasure; Minor Contributing Credits include Castles & Crusades Of Gods & Monsters, Codex Nordica, Crusader #1 - 26.

He is also well known for his curt phone conversations and one word emails.

Davis ChenaultDavis Chenault -
Chief Strategy Officer, Author, Game Designer or He Who Does Not Listen to Steve:

Davis was born way back during the 1960s, when free love and happiness reigned in a world seemingly without consequence. A product of a military upbringing he managed to jettison all the cultural baggage that bogged down the whole host of anyone who lived in that era. He wandered the trackless wastes of life spending precious hours trying to decide what to do with his precious hours, until he at last found a home amongst the dead, digging up the debris of other, long dead, people's lives and examining and comparing their relative value to his own world. "Archeology," Davis is known to have claimed, "is the well-spring of all my knowledge of social-drinking houses!"

After a decade of cultural anthropology Davis gave up the good life for gardening, in between which he designs and writes games for Troll Lord Games. His most notable achievements: Castles & Crusades and a cast iron out-door stove, acquired from his neighbor.

Mac Golden -
Game Designer, Defender of the Trolls:

Shadowy behind the scenes figure. No one knows much about this dude.

Todd GrayTodd Gray -
Director of Financial Affairs, Head of Security:

Todd was born a while back, sometime around the annihilation of the Viet Cong during the Tet offensive and the famed "Moon Landing." He came of age with a silver spoon in his mouth, one decidedly jammed there by his mother after he refused to eat a plate of eggs she had made just for him. Todd gained an early appreciation for music and took up the saxophone (aka Lisa Simpson) in between playing baseball and football. He quickly established his musical roots by tossing aside the rabble rousing knuckleheads and free love music of the '60s, and the idiotic babble of noise that was the '70s, only enjoying the sounds of pure rock and roll...with groups such as The Band, Boston, Kansas and 82 Airborne division veteran Jimi Hendrix!

Todd has lived the good life ever since. In between his academic careers he works an average of three jobs and 80 hours a week. Perpetually in motion, if he's not moving, he's sleeping or annoying Steve who together form the last of the true meat and potato men in the USA.

Mark Sandy -
Journeyman Printer, Shipping and Receiving, Convention Hound, Lord of the Bread:

Mark Sandy cut his teeth in the wilds of Iowa. As a young man his family lumbered up their wagons and headed south to the cotton belt where they immersed themselves in the rice fields of eastern Arkansas. After discovering the only VW Bug that has both a manual and automatic transmission Mark became entranced with all things bizarre and that partially worked. Thus his joining Troll Lord Games was a natural next step.

Mark has long been associated with Troll Lord Games, attending and helping with the Troll Lords at various conventions across the country. He participated  in the great Troll Trans-migration of 2002 when he Davis and Todd wandered from coast to coast trying to earn gas money to return the dens, all the while Steve grew bloated and fat on the proceeds of their wanderings…but we digress.

As of March 31 Mark Sandy joins the Troll team full time. He’ll be buried in the warehouse working the machines and running the mailroom and inventory. Mark will be somewhat isolated as the warehouse has no phone lines. He’ll be the one you complain to about messed up or late orders so please direct your complaints to him as he has no phone or email address.

Tim BurnsTim Burns -
Marketing, Online Content Manager:

Tim has known Steve for over 25 years, since their college days. He has a Master's in Writing from UALR. His job is day to day maintenance of the online content as well as marketing Troll Lord Games products. Contact him at: tim(@)

Neal ChenaultNeal Chenault -
Troll Lord in Training:

Neal Chenault was born in the deepest darkest depths of Hell's domain. He sprang forth from lava before the time of men, and sat in waiting for his true calling, his calling in CASTLES & CRUSADES! Now he spends his time procrastinating doing code work for He Who Sits on the Elephant's Back (who remains patiently waiting the coding of the pick a path book), creating monsters to plague the world and torment adventurers small and grand alike, and being an all around super special awesome guy.


Peter BradleyPeter Bradley -
Artist, Graphic Designer:

Peter Bradley is the son of two English refugees who fled home due to utter boredom. So, despite any probable wish to the contrary, he became a world traveller before he could fully walk. This being contradicted by his parents statement that he ran the entire distance from Australia to America at the age of 3. Or at least it seemed so to the harried flight attendants. It's probably just as well the family flew, since Peter has yet to learn how to swim.

Peter started drawing at an early age, inspired by a barely remembered TV series called Automan, and has been drawing steadily for the last 20 years or so. Such variety of work included many a logo design for various sorts of people, including a badge design for the San Diego Sheriff's department. One of his first professional commissions, a political satire cartoon strip, was at the age of 14 or so to a local news paper. He once nurtured ambitions of becoming a comic book artist, but as his current employers know, it takes him forever to finish anything, so comic deadlines are clearly not for him. Much of his current line of work can be found on the Troll Lord Games website. But some cover works can be found at Yard Dog Press as well as some works for a new Deadlands book release. Next year looks just as busy, for despite any desire for fame, others fully intend to see work by him appear in publications by other companies.

Jason Walton -

Jason is one of the coolest people in the industry today. Working in commercial art for years designing corporate logos and the like he broke into the fantasy/sci-fi genre with a gusto in the late 90s. His hobbies include the wildly exotic hunt for mythic beasts, relaxing and trying to figure out why in the heck he associates himself with TLG.

Jason has worked with the Trolls for years, designing their first logo and a host of covers for a host of books. His distinctive landscapes are awe inspiring as are his strong, muscle bound chicks. Jason's laid back approach to most things has placed him as one of the top artists associated with the whole enterprise.


Casey Christofferson -
Troll Smith, Lord of  the Highlands:

Case was born in Iowa in 1971 and started playing Dungeons and Dragons in 1978. He currently lives in Wichita, Kansas where he teaches art to elementary school kids. His sideline hobbies and writing assignments keep him very busy, so busy in fact that he doesn't have much time to fill out silly bio pages. Here are some random dribblings from his fans, foes, and other folks who just happen to have had the dubious pleasure of crossing his path.

Casey has a long history with TLG. Early on Casey was tapped to convert all of Steve’s modules to 3.0 and 3.5. Steve only wrote for earlier editions and had no idea how to play 3.0 so Casey filled the gaps, crafting rules material for Winter Runes and other books. After a gathering at a pub in Vegas TLG and Casey launched a bunch of projects which include Blood Royal, Book of Familiars, Temple of Kubla Khan, Dungeon of Kubla Khan, Tomb of Kubla Khan, the Haunted Highland series and more. Casey has worked cons, slaved over manuscripts and bothered Peter to no end for years.

Jason VeyJason Vey -

Jason Vey has been writing stories as long as he can remember, from superheroes to swords and sorcery to space ships to Gothic horror. Telling tales that evoke emotion in other people is his passion. He is an avid tabletop gamer and began playing Advanced Dungeons & Dragons in 1979 at the tender age of five. He has actually understood role playing games since the age of seven or eight. He has published several books and made contributions in the gaming industry for publishers such as Palladium Books, Eden Studios, Misfit Studios and Troll Lord Games. Fiction, however, is his true love and he always has several ideas waiting for development.

Jason is a lover of science fiction, horror, and fantasy movies, enjoys eclectic tastes in music from show tunes to country western and heavy metal, but 80's metal tops the list. He has celebrated his 29th birthday many times over, and lives in Pittsburgh, PA with his wife Julie and their crazy cats, Seamus and Finnegan. He maintains an irregular blog at . He has a Bachelor of Arts in English Writing and Religious Studies, and a Masters of Library and Information Science, both from the University of Pittsburgh, and he spends too much time on facebook, reading blogs, and at his day jobs as a librarian and web content writer.

Writing credits include: Amazing Adventures, Temple of the Red God, Band of Zombies, Day of the Worm, Libraries without Walls: The Opening of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh's Public Market Branch (with Elena Althaus), Broken Gods: A Novel of Urban Myth, Fate Points in the SIEGE Engine, Castles & Crusades Castle Keeper's Guide, Another Fine Mess, All Tomorrow's Zombies, Monstrous Mayhem, Spellcraft & Swordplay Fantasy Roleplaying Game, "The Witch Doctor." The Barbaric Sorcerer (OGL Barbarian), Dungeons & Zombies, Shadows of Light, Dark Revelations.

Mike Stewart -

Born at the close of the 1960s, his formative years were spent in the great twin metropolitan centers of culture called Greenwood/Greenville Mississippi. Moving to Texas (as fast as he could), he has busily spent time earning college degrees in a vain attempt to avoid entering the real working world. His last ditch attempt to avoid 9 to 5 work was to start writing for Troll Lord Games. A Contributing Author to the Castles & Crusades Players Handbook, Monsters & Treasures tome, and editing for Gary Gygax’s Castle Zagyg; as well as authoring the adventure modules U1 Shadows of the Halfling Hall and U3 Verdant Rage—not to mention columns for the Journal of the Crusader magazine. With these works, he fondly anticipates earning hundreds of dollars a year in the lucrative field of game design! When Mike Stewart grows up, he wants to be a spaceman.

Christina Stiles -

Christina Stiles is a role-playing game writer and editor living in the Midlands of South Carolina. Her brother first introduced her to the world of RPGs when she was 12, as he had no other willing players (victims) with which to try out the D&D boxed set. It was instant love, and her life's course of being a tabletop gamer geek was set. Many years later, she penned her first published adventure (with co-author Dan De Fazio) for Dungeon Magazine, and the game writer within was born! Years later, several game companies gave her editing reins on their products, unleashing the editor geek, as well. Recently, the Trolls lured Christina to their dens, enamoring her with their shiny, cool games, knowing she could not resist their call. There, they shackled her to a desk piled high with many parchments, informing her she would forever after use her odd editing ability to toil upon their many scrolls, hammering them into tiptop Vulgate, ensuring the masses would view them pleasurably. In this way, she would help the Trolls ensnare others, enslaving them to their will. World domination would then follow.

No rescue for Christina seems imminent.

In Memoriam

Gary GygaxGary Gygax - (1938-2008)
Pathfinder, Trailblazer, Pilgrim:

Gary Gygax passed away on March 4, 2008. It has always been a great honor and genuine pleasure to work with and for Gary. In the years that we Trolls worked with him, he became a pillar of all things Troll Lord and a good friend to us all. He always welcomed us into his home, offered his advice and guidance freely (if on occasion forcefully) and never faulted us for mistakes. Gary will be sorely missed here as will his presence throughout the greater community.

Gary will always be a part of Troll Lord Games. His spirit remains as does his wisdom. He believed, above all things, that he, and we, were game smiths and our job is to make things fun so that people can have fun. That is what he devoted his life to and it is a devotion we hope to carry on.

We have set up a dedication page for Gary. You can view it here. We will add to it from time to time so that people can visit it, pay their respects and learn about the man who was the Father of our industry.