Crusader: Volume 5, Issue 17
Crusader Magazine
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Crusader: Volume 5, Number 17
Product Type: Magazine
Format/Price: Saddle stitched, 32 pages, $3.99 or $20.00 (6 issues)
Written By: Chenault & Gray Publishing
Ordering Info: TLG 1117, ISBN TBA
Release Date: Now Available!
Product Description:

Crusader Journal
When Caesar stood upon the banks of the Rubicon looking south to Rome he hesitated.  Before him stood the vast, complex mechanism of the past, glowing with a host of intricately woven stratagems. With him, he had but one legion, weary from 8 years of brutal war with the Gauls. But when called to surrender himself to the Senate and certain exile he did not hesitate. He called his legionaries to cross into Italy, to cross the Rubicon. And as he did so he said only this: Alea iacta est! The Die is Cast!

The Journal offers articles that range from the common and simple “How To” articles, to advice, adventures, free dungeon maps, new monsters, fiction, game review, humor, art and more.

Feature Articles
Alea Iacta Est: Critical to Success. Critical hits can be great but dangerous things! We take a look at the high and the low.

Hammer & Anvil: Silly: April wouldn’t be April without a little bit of silly from our very own Casey Cannfield.

NEW: Tyman’s Taunting Tower. Adventure: Christina Stiles brings us a silly side adventure for characters level 5-7!

Aihrdian Chronicles, Being the 15th Narrative: Meltowg sits down with the Rhul-Eye of Vien and learns of the Hlobane and the watchers on the road.

Mark’s Mechanics: Mark Sandy presents his world famous class and a half class for Castles & Crusades.

Product Highlights: Jim Ward takes presents us a full section from the forthcoming Of Gods and Monsters!

Marvallo, The April Fool: Casey Christoffereson brings you more classic gaming fodder.

Monsters of Aihrde: The Hlobane are legenday orcs, now play them in the game that brings it you in one simple package!

A Touch of Evil: The Black Librum of Nartarus. Finally Casey Christofferson gives us a new dose of spell in this necromancer’s book for C&C.

Ready to Serve: Joe Damiani returns with more cool NPCs!
Also IN This Issue
Angry Gamer: James Ward gets lots in Trollishness.
Convention Blog: Dundracon in California.
Game Review: Spectromancer online coputer card game.
Troll Freebies: Peter Bradley gives up

Who’s Who
Publisher: Stephen Chenault
Managing Editor: James M. Ward
Editor/Designer: Elizabeth Stewart
Artists: Peter Bradley, Jason Walton, Tom Wham and others
Contributors: Stephen Chenault, Davis Chenault, James M. Ward,Tim Kask, Casey Cannfield, Mike Stewart, John Wright, Joe Damiani and others.
Cartoons: Jason Walton, Tom Wham