If You Could Game With One Person...

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Sir Ironside
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Afterlife: Gary Gygax

Role-playing community: Brian St.Claire-King

Movie star afterlife: Peter Lorre

Movie star: Martin Short

Writer: George R.R. Martin (Also cause you'd have access to his regular awesome group.)

Anti-gamer: J.K. Rowling
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Stephen Cobert, Vin Diesel, Rainn Wilson, Tracy Hickman or Jon Favreau.
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Egg of Coot
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Frank Mentzer, Tim Kask, Jim Ward, probably a few of the other ex-TSR staffers too.

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Angelina Jolie...

You know Brad Pitt would be there if he wasn't too busy babysitting, and if Angelina made the call, I'll wager Vin Diesel would show up for the game as well.

Just Sayin...

By the way, what would you run for your favorite crowd?

For modern or Spycraft, I'd go with an expedition to find Noah's Ark.

For traditional fantasy, I would run a Tolkien game where the players are all elves from Lorien on an expedition to the Southern Kingdoms just before the beginning of the War of the Rings, otherwise a tale of Feanor and the great migration from Silmarillion.

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