List of new releases @ GenCon?

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Lord Dynel
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List of new releases @ GenCon?

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Quick question, fellas - is there a listing, somewhere, that lists/details the new releases that are going to premiere at GenCon?
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Re: List of new releases @ GenCon?

Post by huds0n »

I've been looking best i can on various sites for a similar list as i would like to prepare my list as well. Would love to find a single, all inclusive list of new releases.

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Re: List of new releases @ GenCon?

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Re: List of new releases @ GenCon?

Post by finarvyn »

Thanks for the link, although it appears to be for board games and card games only. I wonder if there is a similar listing of RPG items.

I'm pretty sure the new LotR game will be there. (The One Ring)

Not sure what else.
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Re: List of new releases @ GenCon?

Post by Breakdaddy »

The One Ring for sure.... Savage Worlds Deluxe... other than that, dunno!
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Re: List of new releases @ GenCon?

Post by tylermo »

I've got my SW Deluxe ordered, but won't be at GenCon to pick it up. I'll have to wait for home delivery which comes a little later.

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