Knights Of Badassdom

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Knights Of Badassdom

Post by AGNKim »

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Re: Knights Of Badassdom

Post by Omote »

Looks pretty awesome. I will be watching.


PS: Could Terminator chick be any more eye-candy to this flick? I don't think she even has any lines in the trailer!
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Re: Knights Of Badassdom

Post by Go0gleplex »

I can see that we've moved forward from Monsters & Mazes by a bit.

The gore factor and "eek, demon loose" killed any interest I might have had for this.
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Re: Knights Of Badassdom

Post by Rhuvein »

Is that a real trailer?

Heh, looks great. And that Asian cutie from SC Terminator!

OK, I'm in!

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Re: Knights Of Badassdom

Post by huds0n »

Yes, it's very real! And it will be VERY awesome!

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Re: Knights Of Badassdom

Post by Lord Dynel »

Heh, I thought it was a fake trailer at first, too, Rhu. Looks funny, for sure.
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Re: Knights Of Badassdom

Post by Dead Horse »

I guess Your Highness did well enough to warrent immitators.
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Re: Knights Of Badassdom

Post by Pilgrim »

Yeah, I have to give that an "A+ muthaf.....!"
Thanks for the link that made my day. :D
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Re: Knights Of Badassdom

Post by Frost »

Looks damn funny to me. Sign me up.

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