Happy Birthday!

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Happy Birthday!

Post by AGNKim »

Gary would have been 73 today. Needless to say, thanks for everything.


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Re: Happy Birthday!

Post by DeadReborn »

How appropriate, I'm actually running a game tonight. Happy Birthday Mr. Gygax! :)
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Re: Happy Birthday!

Post by Drygur »

I bow my head for a silent salute... thank you Gary, and a happy birthday
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Re: Happy Birthday!

Post by Breakdaddy »

I will raise a glass in salute to Gary at this upcoming Gen Con.
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Re: Happy Birthday!

Post by huds0n »

Best part of my entire GenCon experience (with The Wild Beaver being a close second), was getting the work the TLG booth the year we had Gary there doing signings. I literally spent 4 days with him, watching how excited attendees were, getting to meet their idol! He was so gracious and humble. Saturday came and i realized i hadn't even had a chance to talk with him or have him sign a few books i had brought with me. So i took 5 minutes before the exhibit hall opened, shook his hand, and simply said "Thank you". I got a picture with him, and that was it.

It wasn't much time maybe, but that memory will be with me the rest of my life. Cool hero worship stuff indeed.

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Re: Happy Birthday!

Post by REHowardfanatic »

I pour a libation for champions not present.
Thank you Mr. Gygax for a game that will stand not only the test of time, but will also endure the machinations of lesser imaginations.
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Re: Happy Birthday!

Post by Rhuvein »

God Bless Gary!

Skol and L'Chaim!!

Thanks for everything!

Game on!

Fight on!

Happy Birthday . . . *waves to Heaven*

Peace Frog,

Rhu. :D
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Re: Happy Birthday!

Post by tylermo »

Definitely remember his appearance at GC 2007. Got the late 70's/early 80's cores signed by him. I wish I could go back to that year for a variety of reasons, but I digress...Missed as always, Gary.

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Re: Happy Birthday!

Post by Go0gleplex »

The party just ain't the same without ya big guy.
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Re: Happy Birthday!

Post by ArgoForg »

Never had the pleasure of meeting him... but that sure as heck doesn't mean he had no influence on my life.

Sahlute, sir.
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Re: Happy Birthday!

Post by Pilgrim »

Before I discovered Dragonsfoot or Gary answering tons of questions there or here, back in the day I tracked down an email address to Gary and sent him a question concerning some rule in AD&D that my group had. He was kind enough to respond with his ruling and told me if I had any further issues to let him know. That email meant a lot to me and I've never forgotten it.
I think he is and always will be missed in our community, he was a great guy.
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