Android App - GM Toolkit

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Android App - GM Toolkit

Post by alcyone »

I downloaded this yesterday:

It comes with one system "template" for free, and you have to purchase any additional. Since there is no C&C template, I got the B/X D&D module. I believe you can make your own templates as well.

Posting here because I emailed the author and requested a C&C template, and he said when he buys a PDF for it he will work on getting it into the next release.

The templates don't have much information in them; they just have the structures in place to type your own spells and whatnot, so I expect the C&C version might have a place to mark abilities as prime or non-prime for example. It has a little dice roller and lets you track characters.

You don't have to edit the templates on the device; you can write the .GMX files it uses in your favorite editor and put them on Google Drive.
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Re: Android App - GM Toolkit

Post by Arakor »

Yes, I have to agree that this is a brilliant tool.
I paid for the GURPS template some time ago and it saw a lot of use at our games table.

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Re: Android App - GM Toolkit

Post by Mikros45 »

Thanks for the tip, looks cool, I just got it and also chose the B/X D&D, need to work up a C&C template. Neat app. I'll email the author also and request it. :)

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