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Posted: Fri Oct 05, 2007 8:00 pm
by cleaverthepit
Gerden woke to barking dogs. His head ached with dehydration. It took Gerden a moment to collect himself and when he did his anger was palapable. He heaved himself from the bed and with one swift kick shattered the chair by the table. Picking up the largest piece he stomped across the room, swung open the door and marched steadily to the dog tied to a post.

He proceeded to beat the dog to death.

Once done, he turned and looked coldy at the two shocked boys neaby. "Next time you pick out some swin to call a pet make sure it does not bark!"

He walked back to his room and sat on the edge of his bed. "Ahh well, I needed to gt up anyway."

Gerden grabbed his chain tunic and slipped it on then strapped his blade to his side. Gerden had a new job. He looked forward to regular pay and perhaps, if he played his cards right, a place to stay within the mansion.

He walked out and on to Count Dexter's Mansion.

Posted: Fri Oct 05, 2007 8:30 pm
by Julian Grimm
Julian choked back the gag from the taste of the herbs. Breathing slowly he noted that he felt better. The blackness had pushed away and was only in the edges of his mind. By tomorrow it would be gone. He thanked his god and proceeded to draw the sketch of the Dexter mansion grounds from memory.

From what his employers told him the best chance for entering was tonight with the second group of servents. Many got into the manor this way and it was how the Count had lost some of his treasures. A bribe and clothing was all he needed.

Noting the location of the room the will was in Julian relaxed, lit a crude hand rolled cigar that smelled of spice and looked over his plan again. In and out in under an hour and the fake will in place and the old will presumably destroyed. Julian was no fool, he knew he was expendable so keeping the original was insurance to his continued health. As he had these final thoughts Julian started when there was a knock at his door...
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Posted: Fri Oct 05, 2007 11:20 pm
by Lurker
This is great stuff!!!!

I'll add mine (if I finish painting my daughter's room early enough) tomorrow.
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Posted: Sat Oct 06, 2007 1:05 am
by Rhuvein
After a busy morning at the museum helping the Chief Curator verify and catalog some interesting artifacts, the Count invites him to lunch at the River Rat Tavern. After raising his eyebrow the curator accepts.

The food is good and youll enjoy the . . ah atmosphere!

When they arrive, Big Bob greets the Count and puts him at the best table in the corner. Joining them are Laroo (as always), the Lady Wilhelmina and Ilmond Fanrael.

As the group sits down, a group of trouble makers across the room - watch the Count and his guests.

Wot the hell. Do ya see that? says Piggy.

Cutes, whos drunk again, mumbles, Wot are they doin in our tavern, mates?

Who cares. Will ya look at that Ewe, drools Wall.

Alf turns to Wall, That aint just a Ewe, thats a Lady!

Look at the big nosed and giant eared little bugger! Loud gaffaws from the louts. I say lets go have some fun wit em

The thugs getup and start to walk over to the corner. The tavern suddenly goes dead silent.

Big Bob and the barmen quickly run over to stop the bullies in their tracks.

Are ye mad fools? says Bob.

What? replies Alf.

Thats Count Rhuveinus!


Out of yer league, come on Ill buy ya a round

No, we want the gnome out of here now!!, yells Tommy Boy

Clearly sweating and nervous, the barmen, Boats jabbers quickly, Tommy, Alf thats a grandfather! and an arch-illusionist.

Alf seeing the deadly seriousness of the barmen, holds his gut reaction and says, Grandfather? Do you really mean it?

Yggsburgh doesnt have a Grandfather . . .

Just then, Laroo suddenly appears floating in the air and holding a giant dagger at the throat of Alf, It does now!!! And the gnomish fellow cuts a nice slice into the cheek of Alf.

And then ~ army ants cover Tommy, Cute's pants fall down, Piggy actually turns into a pig, Wall grows thick hair all over his body.

The next second shows the bullies and thugs screaming in utter fear and running out the front door. The patrons stand and cheer while Bob mops his brow. Boats looks back at the Counts table.

Laroo is pouring wine at the table, and Ilmond laughs loudly.

Melanie is clearly pleased and amused as she takes their lunch order.
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Posted: Sat Oct 06, 2007 6:48 am
by Lurker
Young Sir Taslo, called Belial by his Noble father, rolls out of bed hours past the normal time to break fast. Silken shirt stained with last nights vino and smudged with grease form a tavern cooked duck. Faithful Pilard still snoring soundly and clutching a bit of perfumed lace. The lace a reminder of a young bar maid named Simone.

After the arduous task of waking good Pilard well as arduous as a thrown boot and emptied water pitcher can be, both make their way out into the court yard of one of the many rented apartments provided by his noble father. Not before Ald Nanel the house keeper and informant to the said noble father properly clucked her tongue to show the disdain for Taslo held by all the Lords servants. As Taslo buckles his sword belt and lazily shifted the weight to a proper position few would notice the half smile aimed at Nanel and her clucks.

A slow 30 minuet walk brings Sir Taslo to Miss Mosolbys House of Baths and Comfort. For over an hour Taslo lazes around listening here & joking there. All here knowing the young knighted fop and therefore forgetting to quiet their talk when he strolls near. After good Pilard returns with new cleaned cloths and fresh bread with soft goat cheese, having eaten his fill before returning to the bath house, Taslo breakfasts and lunches at the same time.

Pilard didnt only retrieve a fresh set of silken cloths for his master but talked and listened for his own news. He also made a payment here and there to people that Sir Taslo, foppish as he may be, shouldnt be seen with.

An hour after lunch Taslo is seated in Ampres shop of coffee & tea. Slowly sipping a strong dark brew. Smiling to a few daughters of wealthy merchants and a knights daughter or 2 some of which smile back before their chaperone can put an end to the game.

Ismial my friend come sit with me. You look tired and worried beyond your years! Relax and see if you can get that Red head with the pale green ribbon to wink at you. Ive missed the mark on that one

Ismial the Elder son of the Merchant trader Erlas lowers himself into the seat next to Taslo like the world weight is pressing down on his slight shoulders. You popinjay, not all of us can laze around until noon bells sound and fewer still can get lady Indal to smile back much less wink! Especially with that Witch hag watching over her shoulder.. Any way Id prefer a tickle and tumble form Esmeralda than a flirty wink from a hundred well born lasses

That my friend is as true as this caff is dark. What is troubling you, not your fathers ill health still?

Yes, and he is getting worse. That puts the business on my shoulders and all the work involved. A sigh and a long slow sip of caff seamed to take a little weight of his shoulders but the worry was still there.

For 30 more minuets the two friends joke and talk, and quietly Pilard watched the two and all that surrounded them from across the street. None near by would have understood what was passed along between the two friends besides names of ladies, types of flirtations and other wastes of time. The friends on the other hand left the table after quietly passing word that Telctor the cloth merchant would receive a shipment f fine silk from the Far East, but Helnory the lace sellers supplier from the south had caught the red cough and wouldnt be able to fill any orders for at least 4 months. Both bits of news would help Ismial to turn a goodly profit.

Taslo was enlightened, from news previously passed from good Pilard and some from Ismial, to the fact that the bear bating and the following fight would be attended by more than the normal fops and merchant sons. There would be lots of wealthy fathers there along with the normal pick of rich sons. The fight was also squarely fixed to make sure one favored fighter ended up cold and dead and those that bet against him, despite his being heavily favored, would win and win well. Also the fight was close enough to a certain ally that Ivine the throat cutting thief haunted. It guaranteed he would be out hunting and plying his bloody trade. That alone added an extra little bit to Taslos smile. The reward for Ivine would be as much as any bet winnings and the fact he would take out his red hearted anger on any lady be she well born or street common if his night had gone poorly, made it a very worth while way to spend an evening.

As the friends parted Pilard noticed a man that was well dressed but out of place trying to not watch the fop and the merchants son. He had arrived before Iamil and taken a seat that nicely over looked Taslos set despite the lack of shade and heat of the afternoon sun. He sealed his fate when he got up, leaving an half cup of good tea, before the 2 friends had made it across the street and parted friendly joking. Two streets later the well dressed ruffian, still following Sir Taslo and slowly closing the distance between them, bumped into a common clothed nondescript anybody. It wasnt till 3 to 4 steps later the ruffian felt the pain in his side and then the shortness of breath quickly followed. A thin sharp pointed blade used just so between the ribs can bring down a man and it did so again toady.

Taslo whistled happily as he worked his way back to his fathers apartment to take an afternoon nap and ready himself and Pilard for the evenings work. Few would expect much from a knighted fop out side a quip and a shared glass of vino. Few thugs and cut throats would expect trouble on a night when they had cheat won money with in hunting distance of their favored alleys. They were all so so wrong
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Posted: Sat Oct 06, 2007 3:54 pm
by cleaverthepit
Eryn sat down to die. He sat on an empty crate cupping his side. Blood oozed between his fingers.

He stared at the ochre blood. "Not even a clean cut," he thought to himself. Eryn's mind was not racing. He was not reliving his life. He simply looked at his life slowly passing from him.

"The easy life was not, all in all, so easy. I knew I should have finished that tea." his sardonic wit trumping even his last thought.

Eryn died. His body sat there for a moment, then tumbled over like an old sack of potatoes.

Sometime later that evening, Eryn's younger brother and only survivig family, wept.

William of Stratford

Posted: Sat Oct 06, 2007 5:49 pm
by Rhuvein
That afternoon, riding in a coach through Yggsburgh on the way to residence of Sir Richard Albright, owner in fief of the Marvel Playhouse - Laroo says, Lord, have you heard of a certain Count Dexter?

In the coach, watching attentively but remaining silent is a young man a lute at his feet but holding a sheaf of papers, to which he makes notations with his pencil and next to him, the good priest Roland.

Call me Rhuvein, my dear Laroo when were among friends. No I havent heard of him, should I? replies the Count.

Probably not. I just wanted to be sure that he wasnt necessarily a friend or acquaintance. His days may be numbered!

Roland looks up and remarks, Youve heard this from the guild here?

No my good, Reverend. The guild here is very well run, but as always, its easy to encourage loose lips from most members with a little coin. My network of contacts is much tighter and the information is generally solid.

Roland nods and squints at the gnome whilst subconsciously patting his cloak where his holy symbol hangs under his shirt, The Lord Mayor tells me that crime is on the rise here!

Along with wealth and prosperity, comes the criminal element, answers Rhuveinus.

Stroking his beard and looking out the window of the coach he continues, So much poverty and suffering from those who have nothing and here we are in this beautiful neighborhood which abounds with gold and fine living . . .

Arriving at the corner of Grand Avenue and Guild Street, the group enters a two story stone building where they are welcomed by a butler who leads them into the library office. Here they are greeted by Sir Richard Albright.

Sir Richard, let me present Will of Stratford, the bard who I wrote to you about, says the Count.

Indeed. Welcome to Yggsburgh, young Will. Hmm . . . Stratford, Stratford, where is that? says Sir Richard as he takes the young mans hand

The Count winks at Roland and says, Stratford on Hruesen, Richard near a town called Botkinburg!

Botkinburg?? I recall a Clement Botkin

Roland nods, Aye, that be the one, Sir Richard. His grandson, Volkmar is now Baron

Richard nods and turns to the bard, Is your play finished, young Will?

Yes, mlord. If I may . . . Will of Stratford gives a sheaf of papers to Richard.

The Count looking mighty pleased with himself, exclaims, Sir Richard, Will has granted me a part, playing as one of the nobleman!

Excellent, Count Rhuveinus. Which part?

A character called Macbeth!

Is he a goodly fellow?

The Pious Roland dArgent suddenly breaks out in laughter as does Laroo as Sir Richard looks at Will. Will only blushes and says nothing.

As good as any nobleman from the Land of the Scots says the Count.

Richard raises his eyebrow while looking at all his guests with much curiosity, Haha, I will read this tonight

He then pours some Fireamber into small glasses for his guests as the Counts lights his pipe and sits in the leather chair near the fireplace. The others sit as well clinking glasses while toasts commence.
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Posted: Sat Oct 06, 2007 8:31 pm
by Julian Grimm
The knock on the door was actually an employee of the city tacking a notice to the door. At first Julian thought it was an eviction notice but after reading it he found it was an announcement that the Empress was coming here.

What an empress was doing in a free city was beyond Julian. However this would distract some of the nobles for the night. Perhaps Count Dexter's estate would be emptier than expected.

Either way Julian finished his preparations. Servants clothing, tools for locks and such as well as the hidden weapons he hoped he wouldn't have to use. He glanced at the trunk in the corner. His heart panged to be in the open country again. The skills he learned here were useful but nothing like being a huntsman and tracker. After this he might be able to go back to it.

He also panged for his early days as a scout in the Yggsburgh militia again. Julian was released after an incident that was not his fault but one he was blamed for. Sighing Julian lit another crude cigar and left his home. Time was getting near for the shift change and he had to be ready.
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Posted: Sun Oct 07, 2007 12:07 pm
by cleaverthepit
Yggsburgh begins waking. It is a hot morning. Stifling, humid, ichy, just nasty.


A women screams, groans and lets out a final exhausted sigh. "Its a boy."


Jonas tugs on his pipe. He smiles. He has finally been promoted to head gardner. He and his family can move into an actual house on the grounds. He smiles.


A cat and dog play with another while a laughing family look on.


The collector of the dead pushes his wagon up to the far side of the guard tower. The guards pile corpses here every night and he gathers them in the morning. After that the man begins walking neighborhoods. Expecting to gather a few corpses from the previous night. He finds none.

"Not a one?"

The guard shakes his head. One never talks to the collector of the dead.

"Now you not sellin' 'em are ya?"

The guard smiles.

"Well, I guess there's a first time for everything." He begins his rounds.


The baker, a small wiry man with bulbous eyes rubbed his big hands together. Nibble (as he was commonly known), waited expectantly outside the kitchen' rear entry. The door opened and an older, well dressed man stepped out. With the imeprious nature only a high placed servant can muster he intnes, "One thousand."

Oh joy. Nibble thought of the money, the respect, the notoriety.... He had never baked one thousand at once. By the time Nibble reached his bakey he was sweating - and not from the heat.

Posted: Sun Oct 07, 2007 12:44 pm
by cleaverthepit
Yggsburgh never sleeps. The evenings, mornings and nights are simply miserable for both the living and the dead.


A women stares at her newborn. "Another mouth to feed." She looks on at a beeming father, "And its not eveen yours!"

A father, feigning pride, looks on and devises a method of ridding himself of the bastard child and cheating wife.

A midwife, sensing the undercurrent of emotions, scratches a ward into the babies back. Giving it some small protection. "Perhaps enought to see you through the next few days," she hopes.


Old Milner's worldy possesions were moved by wagon, to the cheap townshouse. He was replaced and would no longer occupy the house and care for the gardens he tended for 45 years. Aged and infirm. Old Milner and his wife entered the stinking, fetid, cramped room that they woud occupy until they died.


After a time, the panting dog lie down. The cat scurries off. A small scratch on the dog, given by the cat, will fester with some infectious disease. The dog will be dead in less than 48 hours.


"Who buys the dead?" The guardsman thought to himself. All five guardsmen on duty were well paid for the three corpses. Each is well aware that should they be found out, they each will be quartered and their remanants hanged from the walls.

The youngest planned to leave Yggsburgh that very evening. He always wanted a life of adventure, he now had the gold necessary to buy weapons, armor and some other goods. "Where to?"

Another looked over at the his compatrios. He knew one would betray them. He intended to give the gold to his wife and kids and keep up the ruse as long as possible. He had no choice.

Another mulled over what he was going to do with his gold. Beer, feeds, tobacco, women, cards, dice!!!! Finally.

Another dared to hope he would never be found out and thought that maybe, just maybe, this could be a regular thing.

In order to protect himself, another decided to have the other four killed. "No lose ends."


Nibbler stepped into hsi small, hot kitchen. He kicked the young boy sleeping on the steps. "Up, go get 5 sacks of flour from Nestor."

Nibbler grabbed his paddle and smacked the girl who was, with increasing speed, was cleaning the oven. "Quickly, quickly or I sahll dump you at the house with all those painted faces."

"Work you little miscreants" he shouted "WORK OR ITS BACK TO THE ORPHANAGE!"

Posted: Sun Oct 07, 2007 7:02 pm
by Julian Grimm
Julian could help himself no longer. Ducking into an alley he read the forged will and saw that the new benificaries were the same corrupt nobles that hired him. The corruption here was suffocating the goodness he knew with his family and community on the farms was not even present here.

A thought took him. A friend owed him a favor and he could think of no better good than making life better for someone that deserved it, a truly selfless act uncharacteristic of this place.

A name came to mind. Julian made a visit to the one that owed him the favor. The fake will destroyed and a new flawless forgery in place one person was about to see a change in their luck.
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Posted: Sun Oct 07, 2007 7:48 pm
by cleaverthepit
Count Dexter is an exceedingly ugly old man. Years of avararice and greed have taken there hold on this man. He is not onlz uglz to behold, but uglz in soul. His ugliness is so deep that he exudes it.

He is a wealthz man though. Wealthy, wealthy wealthy. And he knows where every platinum, gold, silver and copper coin is. He knws how much he has and where it is.

He stares at his will. Then proceeds to throw it inot the fire. Are zou sure Simone believes she is in the will....

uhh mz daughter has reset mz kezboard such that y is z and vice versa, the question mark is -

can anzone help me lol

Posted: Sun Oct 07, 2007 8:16 pm
by Lurker
Yggsburgh begins waking. It is a hot morning. Stifling, humid, ichy, just nasty.


A women screams, groans and lets out a final exhausted sigh. "Its a boy."
Yggsburgh never sleeps. The evenings, mornings and nights are simply miserable for both the living and the dead.


A women stares at her newborn. "Another mouth to feed." She looks on at a beeming father, "And its not eveen yours!"

Wow talk about a darkly reflecting mirror!!!
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Posted: Sun Oct 07, 2007 9:38 pm
by Lurker
Morgan awoke next to his loving wife of the last 15 years. It was a soldiers waking his hand on one of the many near by hidden daggers. After a few moments he heard the swaddling baby, his third son out of 5 children, yawn and cry out. With in moments foot fall on the floor and the voice of Dalmore, a boy/man and Morgans eldest child, tried to quiet the youngest child. The cries didnt lessen. A few heart beets later Rawsons soft sweet voice added to the childs crying and slowly both quieted. It wasnt for a few more minuets until Dalmore returned to bed. Not until after assuring all was safe and well. Morgan proudly smiled, all children a credit to an old soldier, even the brother and sister twins who had slept through the babys late night protest.

It took a good 10 -15 minuets for the noise that woke Morgan was repeated. The hand on the dagger relaxed, but the dagger wasnt returned to its hiding place. Again the slight squeak of the last stare on the stairway leading to Morgans loft apartment. It was followed by a quiet knock on the outer door to the family common room. Morgans wife tossed slightly as he slowly rolled from bed.

The door opened slowly and Morgan could see into the court yard and barn owned by his father. A bearded man of average height and none descript cloths stood on the landing. He slowly raised one had to show he was, though armed, not holding a weapon. Normally the other hand would have been raised in the same manner, but the sling tightly tied around an apparent wounded arm kept the second hand in place.

Morgan looked again down the stairs and into the court yard. He could see three of his men in the yard. All three asleep.. The same was probably true of the last 2 in the barn. They would regret the laps in discipline tomorrow. That thought brought a smile to Morgans face. It was what his wife called the dark imp smile.

Sergeant of the First Class said the whispering voice I heard the baby cry after my fist knock. Forgive me if I woke your young ones

Come in, my youngest seems to be a better watch than my soldiers are currently. What word do you bring and what has injured you? This must be the first time in 5 years Ive seen you wounded

Morgan moved from the door way allowing the other man to inter the room. As normal his foot falls as soft as a mouse in the cat watched River Shrine. The dagger finally returned to it sheath and Morgan Sergeant of the First class relaxed for the first time since waking.

After a single candle sputtered to life the hushed conversation began again. Pilard, again what or more to the point the death of whom brings you tonight and what harm have you and your fake fop of a master fallen into?

Pilard smiled and tried to shrug his shoulders, only one moved properly the other only inched up slightly. Ivines corps will be found in the normal place, it and three thugs. His corps is a little more messy than my normal. He fought with the strength of a bull and the ferocity of a cornered boar. Master Taslo fan steal through him 3 times front to back & side to side but he kept fighting and was able to bear Taslo to the ground. After finishing the other three cut throats I had to bludgeon Iven in the back of his hell spawned thick skull twice before he finally quit this life. He even kicked me heard enough to knock me back into a house corner before it was over. That good Morgan is how this as the shoulder inched up again became mine.

After a few moments of silence Morgan smiled at the thought of the Foppish knight rolling in an ally with a bleeding monster trying to crush the life out of him. Again the Dark imp smile returns.

If you are so injured what condition is Sir Taslo and where is he now?

Oh he is as scratched as a Tom fighting for a cast of fish and at least 3 ribs are cracked. He also has a burse from ear to mouth not as handsome as he is used to being and it will be easily a month before the burse turns back to a normal color.

This I will have to see. Which bath house of coffee shop will you visit in the following days?

A half shrug is the only answer Pilard could give. Sir Taslo has gone to pay a friendly stable master for the beginning of a story. Can you provide the key to the story proof?

Let me hear the story & Ill see if I can.

The tale Taslo would like spread around is that he heard of a half wild horse for sail. It would be a sure winner in the nest open race if it could be tamed. Taslo bought said hoarse after the nights bear baiting and not feeling like sleep took it to a quiet pastor beyond the Outs Inn. There he rode for a bit until the hoarse brew tired and decided it had had enough riding in a circle. As it passed the stand of Hawthorns it bucked like a night demon throwing Taslo into the thorny trees and giving him a kick in the ribs for good measure.

That is a good story but the night guards at the gate would have seen him and reported it to the watchs corporal of the gate.. Oh there is the proof your master needs. A few moments of silence followed by slow scraping on 2 separate papers provided the proof.

The monies will be sent to the normal factors. I know not the worth of the other three but the price for Ivan will feed you and your master well for more than a few months Morgan pulls a rope and a small bell rings below. If there arent foot steps on the stairs within the count of ten the snoozing soldiers will pay for longer than a single day. The count was to 8 before the first step creaked and only every third step answered with it following creak.

Four soldiers ran of into the predawn darkness. 2 running to a certain shed behind a certain inn. One to the main gates watch corporal and the last to the watches Quartermaster. The 5th soldier, wide awake now, stood in the shadows watching the court yard.

Morgan crawled back into bed to enjoy an hour or 2 more time next to his wife before the days true start came.
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Posted: Mon Oct 08, 2007 9:09 pm
by cleaverthepit
He was in a hurry. So, young Mann decided to take a shortcut. He slipped between to row houses, cimbed a fence, jumped a dilapidated wall and started to cross the grounds of an abandoned manse.

He fell into hole. All that remained of poor Mann is a small bolt of blue silk beside a black hole.

Posted: Mon Oct 08, 2007 9:39 pm
by Rhuvein
The coach turns quickly on to Moat Avenue down by the canal, as the sun is still shining brightly but beginning its descent.

The coachman pulls over in front of a boarding house. Sir Alec raises an eyebrow as if to inquire of their location but instead remarks, Say, where is Laroo, isnt he is usually with you?

Not always and sometimes hes with us but you dont know it. Ho, he likes to play this game where he changes himself into another creature so he can watch out for our enemies, inconspicuously! replies the Count. Lets see if we can spot him

The Count and Sir Alec exit the hansom and Rhuveinus stops and then spots a rodent near the alley and quietly points.

Sir Alec looks and then stares while his face becomes a mask of horror, What is name of Corthain is that??

The rodent is a somewhat large furry but blotchy rat with a long tail, but instead of a rats head, its has a miniature head of Count Rhuvein atop the rats body.

The Count laughs and shakes his head, Dont be alarmed. Our friend Laroo is quite skilled at polymorphing himself and enjoys a wicked gnomish sense of humor!

Sir Alec shivers but says nothing and follows the Count into the establishment in front of them. As the enter they see a man yelling at the women behind the desk about the bill presented. A young girl stands nervously in the corner.

There were bugs in my bed, Im not paying, shouts the threatening man.

Then you brought em with ya. We clean the rooms everyday and fresh sheets and towels are supplied, says the proprietor in a firm voice.

The man, looking agitated suddenly takes a swing at the women.

Sir Alec starts to walk over, but more quickly, the women swings a rolling pin at the mans head and deals a stunning blow. The man topples over and the women looks over at Sir Alec and the Count and grins.

Hello Count Rhuvein!

Ma, so good to see you again. And I see youre as fast as ever, ha hah ha, the Count says while chuckling.

Margie, go get the bailiff, to another girl who suddenly appears from the back room.

Ma goes over to the unconscious man and pulls out his purse and takes her coins for the bill and puts his purse back.

She then disappears into the back room and returns shortly with a bundle tied up nicely. A beautiful half-elven girl brought this at high noon. She gives the bundle to the Count. The Count takes it and gives Ma a hug while passing her a small bag of coins. The bag disappears quickly.

My regards to Lady Wilhelmina, dear Count

Thanks Ma, says the Count as the Bailiff enters and drags the man out the door.

Sir Alec and the Count return to the coach where Laroo is waiting patiently. Sir Alec looks at the gnome who only winks while Rhuvein opens the bundle.

He pulls out a beautiful silver medallion in the shape of a beetle.

For the Lady Wilhelmina?

No, she gets baubles all the time. This is a great magic scarab that will be a gift to my friend Stanton Aldwark, remarks the Count while fingering the scarab.

Hes on the Yggsburgh Council, yes?

Indeed, and helping us reform the Mystic Enclave.

The Count signals the coachman who flicks the horses and they trot off.
Count Rhuveinus - Lejendary Keeper of Castle Franqueforte

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Posted: Tue Oct 09, 2007 7:35 pm
by cleaverthepit
Pit drags himself from underneath a pile of old rags. He looks around at the heaps of rags, blankets and torn clothing piled around him. The stench is unbearable and he gags. He realizes he is behind a house of the dead.

He stands up and staggers down the alley to the street. Day is about to give way to night. He makes his way down the street. Others avoid him. He dips into alley and sits down for a few minutes. The headache and parched throat are really wearing him down. After a few minutes he finds and old barrel with water in and drinks despite the dead rodents floating atop the water.

He waits.

Night falls.

Pit wanders aimlessly for a few hours then finds a good spot near a bar and rests and waits. It is not long before two men exit. An older man, smiling nervously heads off. A younger man takes looks at the older man then turns and heads in the direction of pit.

As he passes Pit reaches out from the side of the building and drags the young man into the alley. UNlike many of his prey, this one fights back. Ferociously.

The fight is quick. Pit has fought on these streets and others for many years. He is familiar with many weapons and showed no fear when the long knife came out. He grabbed the mans armed and snapped it. Picked up the long knife and thrust it cleanly up through his mouth and into his brain.

He pulled th knife out and threw it to the side. Checked the man's goods, found a few coin and a piece of vellum. He started to throw it away but stopped at the last second.


He opened the rolled up vellum. Glanced at it for a moment and smiled to himself. He then wandered off to another bar.

Pit woke up with a headache and dehydrated.

Posted: Tue Oct 09, 2007 10:55 pm
by Lurker
Ismial sat sipping tea and waiting.

The watchman call out the time "Three bell past noon...... Count Dexter is dead.... " The call echoed as the watchman continued down the street. In is wake momentary silence.

Ismial could wait for Young Mann no longer. Where was he? He's never late especially when he had a sample of good eastern silk to sell. All stolen more likely but it sell as well as properly taxed, better actually. No tax better price.

Ismial left the Caff shope as the whispers started again. There would be changes with Count Dexter's passing. Some good, some bad. A good merchant must plan and prepare for changes so young Mann was quickly forgotten.
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Posted: Tue Oct 09, 2007 11:17 pm
by Julian Grimm
Julian felt his luck was running out fast. Almost as soon as he had entered the estate alarms were raised. Count Dexter's body had been found. He was dead and whisperings among the staff suggested assassination. The servants were being questioned and he was running out of places to hide.

The job was a bust. Julian knew his only choice was to escape, gather his things and wait for things to blow over. The petty nobles that hired him would want him dead for knowing what they had planned. Finding his way into an unused room Julian considered his options. As few as they were all seemed to work in some way. Locking the door Julian opened a window and checked for onlookers.

Satisfied there were none he shed hid servants clothes to the ones underneath. Looking for his footing Julian climbed to the roof hoping for a way off the grounds
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Posted: Wed Oct 10, 2007 11:30 am
by cleaverthepit
There is but one window in Count Dexter's study. It is set high and near the ceiling. During the day a single shaft of light cuts straight down and across the room and directly onto Dexter's desk. If the night is clear and the moon full, a similar, though less bright, shaft crosses the room.

Dexter sits at his desk pondering.

If there was one thing in the world dexter liked more than money, it was being alive. Not living mind you - being alive. A proper understanding of Dexter's greed must begin here. Dexter wanted to live and knew of no other manner to continue his life than buying buying years.

He had managed this. Priests and wizards and unsavory pacts with creatures from regions unspeakable had given him years. Count dexter was well into his 151st year of life on this night.

He had also, quite recently, managed a deal whereby he could gain a few extra years. He only needed someone to freely marry him, enjoin him in a conjugal visit, and who could be sacrificed that night. Count Dexter believed he had arrangd this.

Buying years required lots of gold.

Count Dexter sat behind his desk. It is a dark and cloudy night so little light comes into the room. Count Dexter smiled, not that any other living being would notice it as such.

At this point, a small piece of plaque in an artery in his neck broke free from the wall. It traveled quickly to the brain, lodging right beside another piece of plaque. This artery began to swell.

Count Dexter really did not want to kill Simone. But, he really never wanted to kill Gertrude, Danielle, Margret, Janice, Ariel.... He could not remember the many names.

Dexter reached up and stroked his forehead. It began to hurt. The artery burst and Count Dexter's brain began to fill with blood. The pressure from all this blood caused the weakend wall of another artery to burst.

Count Dexter died. He never noted the quiet footfalls coming into his chamber much later that evening. Never saw the bat sitting on the window sill that seemed to be looking at him.

No one knows Count Dexter's last thought. He knew he was dying. He knew it was not preventable. He was not smiling.

Posted: Wed Oct 10, 2007 1:09 pm
by cleaverthepit
A young man looks out a boarding house window. A slight breeze keep his hair tassled. He strokes the stubble on on his chin and grins. He is excited and nervous at the same time.

He watches as Count Rhuvein's coach pulls up out front. Eyeing the finery he feels not a certain pang of envy. He pays no attention to the exchange below but simply absorbs the scene.

Then he turns and goes back inside. He wanders over to a table, grabs a piece paper with a cude map drawn onto it. He sticks it in a sachel, straps on a sword and hedas out and downstairs.

"The Blacktooth Ridge!" He says it once, then twice, then a third time. He is building up the courage for the hard road a ahead.

Posted: Wed Oct 10, 2007 2:11 pm
by cleaverthepit
A man with two stunted legs sat by the side of the lane. He held his hands out.


Four little girls held hands encircling an even younger boy. The girls were singing a song.

"black pie and a jack in the eye

sing a song of a blue blue sky



The workman was mixing lime and sand. He was paying great attention to his work and the mixture. A wall was going up around a new Manse.

A very proud and happy engineer looked around.


A young woman walked down the street whistlig happily. A new shawl wrappeed around her shoulders.


Two elegently dressed men sipped tea. They were laughing and joking.

Posted: Wed Oct 10, 2007 2:56 pm
by serleran
As the jagged knife called the sun pierced his eyes, the young man disheveled the bedsheets and crawled to his feet, stretching with a long yawn. His eyes adjusted to the slowly awakened display, and he nodded when he realized his companion was no longer present. Smiling, he peeked under the bed, pulled out a boot, and swiveled the heel, revealing a small pouch containing a single black gem. "They never look," he thought. He hurriedly put his clothes on, what was left of them, not ripped or torn through bar fight of passion, and headed downstairs.

Posted: Wed Oct 10, 2007 3:21 pm
by cleaverthepit
The worker, angry at the engineer for some imagined slight, wa mixing far less lime than required for making a strong wall. It would , he knew collapse within the year. He smiled.

The engineer (a prideful and conceited man) was not paying close attention to his workers but simply marveled at his design knowing that success here would mean bigger jobs in the future.


The boy's eyes were white from end to end. He was blind and had the Jack eye. Upon his back a bllod engorged boil was spreading to his entire body.


cuz it won't be long before you die die die....

The boy had the plague.


The laziest of men sat beside the road. He was an expert at disguise and to all it appeared as if his legs were stumpy. Only a few knew the truth. Healthy and increasingly better off, Stumpy made gold from pity.


The young girl felt a little guilt. The shawl rightfully belonged to the lady she was nursing. However, she thought, the old lady is dying and it would be a shame to see such a nice shawl go to waste.


The tea was good. The crumpets as well. The dandy's had just hatched a plan to have their man killed. The humour and ease of the doublecross was too much for them. They really thought they were smart.

They aren't.

Posted: Wed Oct 10, 2007 4:53 pm
by Prince of Happiness
"Welcome to Yggsburgh. Please do the residents a favor and just kill yourself so we can get it over with."

Posted: Wed Oct 10, 2007 5:25 pm
by cleaverthepit
"There's a nice welcome for ya'" Hurley commented sarcastily.

Meseriam looks at the note scrawled on the paper and tacked to post outside Moatgate. "I knew Yggsburgh was dangerous place, but this, this is somewhat a grim humour."

"Well, we came here to get some information and equipment. So lets get on with it and get out of here as quickly as possible. I hate these cities anyway." The surly dwarf virtually barked at his companions.

The three went forward.

Only two would leave on the morrow.

In the Tower

Posted: Wed Oct 10, 2007 11:54 pm
by Rhuvein
That evening a small gathering takes place in the penthouse of the Tower of the Striped Mage, a five story tower along the river. Its a large high ceiling room in an octagonal shape with a roaring fire on one wall. The other walls have large windows with a spectacular view of the city and the river. A spiral staircase ascends to the turret on top.

The host, Cerdamont Tasjornivand pours an amber liquid into glasses, to which Rodrigo his assistant offers to each of those assembled.

Present are the Wizard Lord Uvoll Darkturn, The Right Honorable Counselor of Yggsburgh, Stanton Aldwark and his nephew Geoffrey Eldritch, Aldadius of Botkinburg, Laroo and several other aged wizards and illusionists.

So, what of Castle Zagyg, Count Rhuveinus? It is said the fog is lifting, asks Uvoll Darkturn.

It begins, but very little can be seen just yet. It appears some sections of the Castle are in ruins! replies the Count.

Swallowing the amber liquid, Stanton coughs for a moment and says to his glass, Now that is fine malted whiskey, to be sure. Turning to the Count, he continues, Does this mean Zagyg is dead?

Unknown, but I very much doubt it.

Stanton nods and begins again, And what of your party of adventures who explore Zagygs old mansion?

They still alive! chuckles the Count and all present laugh as well. They have only found tidbits of information and met Zagygs brother as a ghost. They will next investigate the basement there. Its rumored to have a passage directly to the castle, but if the fog lifts, perhaps there wont be a need to go that way. Besides, if there is tunnel, its sure to be extremely dangerous.

One old mage in the corner nods and smokes his pipe. His eyes are black as coals but clear and he is lucid. He takes a small drink but says nothing.
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Posted: Thu Oct 11, 2007 2:12 am
by Rhuvein
Just then the door opens and Rodrigo allows a strikingly beautiful, Oriental women to enter the room. She wears a fine silk kimono with an unusual sword across her back which the Count notices immediately. All present stand up except for the aged wizard in the corner who sits with his hand on his staff watching intently.

She smiles and has eyes for the Count and walks over to greet him warmly. Ive missed you Rhuvein, she whispers as they hug. The wizards all watch, its clear that they have shared some intimacies.

And I as well, my lovely lotus flower! replies the Count as he stares into her eyes.

Turning to the assemble group, the Count says, Gentleman, this is Shu-Lien, a sorceress from the ancient island kingdom in the southeast. The men express their greetings and welcomes. They all bow slightly as does the young women.

She then takes the scabbard from behind her back and in front of all, pulls out the sword inside. It glows blue and clearly radiates magic. The Count raises an eyebrow and smiles.

This is The Blue Fate, brother of The Green Destiny, remarks Shu-Lien. She swings the sword lightly to show the group who are clearly impressed. Deftly she pushes the sword back into its finely crafted holder.

Another artifact! says the Count looking at Laroo as he escorts the Lady to her chair next to his.
Count Rhuveinus - Lejendary Keeper of Castle Franqueforte

"Enjoy a 'world' where the fantastic is fact and magic really works!" ~ Gary Gygax

"By the pricking of my thumbs, Something wicked this way comes:" - Macbeth

Posted: Thu Oct 11, 2007 12:59 pm
by serleran
His nose flared and his eyes watered, as scruffy black hair was pulled and greased down, fat fingers running through unwashed strands. The glint of a previous era, reflected in the signet ring still snugly affixed to the index finger, danced at the possibility of a better future... but for Danib, that future had slipped away like all the spirits he now kept as friends.

Sniff. Sniff. Off toward the kitchen where the wafting odor of hops and barley meshed with the fermenting blueberry called his name. It was time to gorge.

Nothing made the gnome more happy.

Posted: Thu Oct 11, 2007 5:15 pm
by cleaverthepit
She looked through the peephole.

After a moment, her eye twinkled, "that's where he hides it.'" She waited until he left, closed the peephole and made plans for later that evening.