Favorite campaign setting

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Favorite campaign setting

Post by slimykuotoan »

I know this topic has been beaten to death, but it's worth it to start it up again as new C&Cers arrive on these boards.

I'm probably gonna floor some people in the lines that follow, as Greyhawk has been my favorite setting for years...

...and is still a great love.

But, as I've found it a tad 'overdone' lately, I've been shopping around.

And I can say with honesty, that currently, the free online setting 'The Keepers of Lingusia' is my new fav.

It's extremely well written and is as interesting as Stygian pie...if there is such a thing.

And thou?
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Post by Treebore »

I don't have just one. I like too many things about too many settings to put one above the other.
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Post by Lord Dynel »

Hmm. A tough choice for me. A few years ago, I would've said Greyhawk, hands down. Now, I'm not 100% sure.

I really like the Wilderlands, but for some reason I can't get into the pantheon.

I like Forgoten Realms also, but after the original, Grey Box, it gets way too overworked.

So I suppose I'd still say Greyhawk, but FR (original) is a close second and the Wilderlands is a very close third.
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Post by Omote »

Beaten to death, of course. But I will assume that I am forced to choose at this point so I will say...

The East Mark

Of course there are many others that I love, and some that I love more then others but only at certain times. It's a slippery slope, but being forced to choose, I have selected the best currently available.

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Post by Birthright »

The Birthright setting (written for AD&D 2e) is my favourite.

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Post by Frost »

The Wilderlands is my current favorite. I really like the Scarred Lands setting and plan on working in some of the various city/region books into the Wilderlands.
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Post by DaveyB »

Not currently playing at the moment, but some of my favorites are:

Buck Rogers XXVc

Forgotten Realms (just the original grey box)

The Silver Marches


Warhammer's Olde World


I guess if I had to pick one, I'd probably pick Buck Rogers' XXVc setting. It was probably one of the best TSR produced. You had slavery, genetic manipulation, exploitation, mega-corps, etc. Definitely not based on the TV show, thankfully.

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Post by serleran »

Homebrew with goodness stolen from other settings, since none of them do everything right.

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Post by shadoes »

If I had to choose a printed setting it is Greyhawk.

But my own world takes bits and pieces for lots of different worlds, greyhawk, FR, ebberon,talislanta,etc, etc...etc

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Forgotten realms

Post by Thegreenman »

Forgotten Realms is my favorite, because it was my first...

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Post by GameOgre »

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Post by Egg of Coot »

Depending on my mood it's one of the following: Planescape, Greyhawk, Wilderlands, Blackmoor.

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Post by Harry Joy »

Wilderlands, Greyhawk, and a couple of homebrews, Maissen and Allishondria. The author of the former is thinking about releasing it for free [alsih2o of ENWorld Ceramic DM fame], and the latter by Wes Yahola. Parts of it have been released, as adventures published by Silven and 12 to Midnight.

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Post by The Highway Man »

This is so hard for me...


The East Mark

Forgotten Realms








It's just too hard. Too many good settings out there.

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Post by The Highway Man »

Birthright wrote:
The Birthright setting (written for AD&D 2e) is my favourite.

Man, that one too is awesome.

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Post by SirClarence »


I've recently bought the World of Aereth game setting from Goodman Games. Great stuff! It has good chances to replace Greyhawk as my default setting.

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Post by Jerm »

Birthright for me.

But getting very interested in Greyhawk and CZ

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Post by DangerDwarf »

A few years back I would have said Greyhawk, hands down. Now?

Dragonlance moved up to tie with Greyhawk in my estimation.

The Known World is a close second.

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Post by Jyrdan Fairblade »

Man, Birthright is the last of the great 2e settings that I've yet to track down.

For my part:

Forgotten Realms

Warhammer Fantasy (sometimes I think that the very best settings are the ones that are intricately tied to the rules like this)



Nevere (my homebrew, and the last 2e campaign I ran)

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Post by cuchulainkevin »

Greyhawk, Iron Kingdoms, and Mars of Space 1889
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Post by Rhuvein »

For me:

1. Aihrde/Greyhawk

2. WHRP Old World

3. Krynn - DragonLance

4. Barovia - Ravenloft

Other worlds that I know a little about, but would like to buy more stuff for:

Known World


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Count Rhuveinus - Lejendary Keeper of Castle Franqueforte

"Enjoy a 'world' where the fantastic is fact and magic really works!" ~ Gary Gygax

"By the pricking of my thumbs, Something wicked this way comes:" - Macbeth

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Post by Fiffergrund »

1) Homebrew

2) Greyhawk

3) Dragonlance

4) Planescape
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Post by concobar »

1) Greyhawk

2) WHFRP Old world

3) L5R Rokugan

4) WH40k Dark heresy

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Post by mordrene »

1) greyhalk

2) scarred lands

3) known world

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Post by Rigon »

Man, it's hard to just pick one.

Forgotten Realms (Grey Box)

DragonLance (As presented in the DL modules)

Dark Sun


But the more I read the Kingdom of Kalamar (pre-3e), the more it moves up the list.

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Post by AGNKim »

1. Greyhawk

2. Everything else

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Post by Julian Grimm »

There so much I like about a lot of settings it's hard to choose. I'd say hands down it's Yggsburgh and the Eastmark and the Haunted Highlands. Mainly because they can be dropped into any world and have found spots in my homebrew. Which is probably going to be my default since I can't decide on a published world to use.
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Post by Jackal »

My favorite would have to be my homebrew but, of the published settings, original Forgotten Realms would it. Not only was that my first real campaign setting but I liked almost everything about it.

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Post by Indigo Rose »

Sieg's homebrew world of Aedenne (available for free download at Dragonsfoot!--plug, plug) is my favorite fantasy setting, followed closely by Greyhawk. Never could get into Forgotten Realms, really.
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Post by adaen »

Lord Dynel wrote:

I like Forgoten Realms also, but after the original, Grey Box, it gets way too overworked.

That's an excellent frame for the goodness of the FR's. Unfortunately, many players find it difficult to separate the "Canon that Came After"

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