How many play characters of a different gender?

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How many play characters of a different gender?

Post by slimykuotoan »

Just curious...
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Post by Harry Joy »

Are you suggesting that She-Ra was played by a man?

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Post by Go0gleplex »

I have on the rare occasion...a couple times unintentionally (thanks to that cursed gender bender girdle)
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Post by serleran »

I used to do so for the majority of my characters, simply because I wanted to be something I am not -- at the time, that was what I thought roleplaying was... but, I have since changed and play anything that seems interesting or amusing. I've been tending toward gnomes of late, so I will have to play something different the next time.

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Post by Fiffergrund »

I have. I play characters of both genders equally as often.

Of course, I'm not trying to be particularly accurate in my portrayals. They are just playing pieces that happen to be female. I just like the variety, and ass-kicking female characters are cool.
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Post by Deogolf »

Can't say that I ever have. If I did, it was a long time ago.
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Post by ssfsx17 »

I can't do it anymore. It was so much easier when my chemicals hadn't settled down yet. Now, it's nearly impossible for me to not think of fine steak, fine women, or bloody battle.
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Post by Treebore »

Jesmond, Callis, Ailanon and Jade are the only ones I remember playing.
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Post by Jackal »

I can't recall doing so but I've been the GM for the past 22 years so I've never had much of a chance. All of the players in my gaming group have at one time or another though.

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Post by Omote »

I have played female characters on occassion, but not too often. probably about 20% or less of the characters I've played were female. My very first D&D Character was female though. That i will never forget.

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Post by sieg »

If you don't count NPC female characters that (as a CK) I have to play....well, maybe about 30% or so are female. But they're not the "vampy" sort. Not lesbian or anything, just competent adventurers who happen to have different plumbing.
Ok...with one exception. One character was an elven Magic User who had a bag of holding packed to capacity with nothing in it but a pavillion, pillows, sweetmeats, etc. and when the party would camp she'd get her unseen servants to set up this huge encampment for her personal comfort. Every night.

...and no, she didn't share with other members of the party. Which really got on their nerves, as you can imagine.
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Post by FASAfan »

I've probably played 50/50 over the years.

I'm a guy and my "guy friends" when we were younger thought it a bit strange that I played female characters. However, a few years later my friends and I had a real enlightening conversation about PCs and roleplaying.

To make a long story short, my two friends saw themselves as their player characters. I always saw my player character as a character in a story and I was helping to write that story. I never saw myself _as_ that character.

I'll never forget that moment of realization. It may not seem like much to you, gentle reader, but it was really an epiphany to me and my friends- very interesting insight into all of us.

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Post by cinderblock »

Gender doesn't matter to me in my choice of a character, I just wanna play a cool character.

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Post by Indigo Rose »

I do have a few male characters which I've played, but I must say I play females about 85% of the time. One of my few male characters I created with the express intention of picking on one of Sieg's characters, the others were just to try something different for a change.
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