What RPG did you cut your teeth on?

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What RPG did you cut your teeth on?

Post by TheMetal1 »

We've got a lot o' gamers here, and I was curious to see how you all got started in this grand hobby of ours.

I was first introduced to RPGs by my cousin. I'm pretty sure it was D&D Basic with the Earl Otus cover and I was utterly amazed. I remember calling him up on our rotary phone and getting the equipment list from him to show my friends and trying the game out in a fort behing my house in the woods - though no one was really interested. Green Army men and Kenner Star Wars action figures took prescendece. A few days later, I had enough money saved up to get the boxed set myself - save a dollar. I was rather crestfallen as I'd have to wait another two weeks, along with chores for my $2.00 allowance. My mom took pity on me though and was kind enough to give me the dollar and my dad took me to the store to get it. As my cousins lived several miles away, I didn't really get to play all that much until a few months later, I ran into a kid up the street that I didn't really known in my neighborhood. He was a big fan of it and didn't really have anyone to try the game out so we just started playing - he DMing and I running characters and slowly our group grew.

I say "I pretty sure" only because my cousin also had a WWF RPG game with premade characters like Jimmy 'Super Fly' Snuka and Andre the Giant that you could play. He sent away for it and it came in a plain carboard box coming with dice and the rules. Never been able to find anything about it anywhere though. I'm not sure if he had that before or after D&D Basic.
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Post by Dagger »

It all started for me when one of my friends got Star Frontiers for his birthday. We taught ourselves to play and it was a blast. Not too long afterward, a new kid started at our school, overheard us talking about it, and joined in too. After a couple of sessions, the new kid told me there was an even better game called Dungeons and Dragons and he offered to run it for me. And the rest is history...

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Post by Go0gleplex »

The original chainmail + 3 little books D&D. My fighter fell to a pair of kobold brigands shortly after setting out...waaaaay back in 1978.
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Post by alcyone »

I got the red box basic D&D game for my birthday, and I knew someone with the Moldvay book, and we played together. All the kids in school had AD&D, so I was jealous. A friend of mine got the AD&D PHB and MM from a neighbor who didn't want them, and we ended up putting it all together into one game.

I then bought Star Frontiers, so I'd run that, my friend ran D&D, and we would go to a place that had open gaming once a week and played D&D and Twilight 2000 with them. Met a couple of other people who played that, got into their T2000 campaign, and then moved into Traveller.

For quite a while we gamed almost every day, switching between Top Secret, James Bond, Star Frontiers, D&D, Twilight 2000, Traveller, and whatever other games we ran across. Good times!
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Post by Breakdaddy »

Moldvay Basic set was where I got my start. I only played it once back then and then immediately aimed my sights on AD&D 1st edition. From there I branched out: back and forth from moldvay to mentzer to AD&D and then discovered the 3lbbs. Eventually went to 3e and 3.5e. Burnout set in. Jumped to C&C. Still enjoy the 3lbbs and Rules Cyclopedia or Moldvay, but mostly C&C lately.
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Post by serleran »

I started having only the original AD&D DMG. Nothing else, not even the PHB, so I had to create the classes that used the tables and try to figure out what all that stuff meant for the monster listings. So, in a sense, I had to build my own RPG.
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Post by angelius »

Marvel Superheroes! by TSR
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Post by seskis281 »

The Moldvay/Cook Basic/Expert sets was my 1st D&D game

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Post by tylermo »

Erol Otus early 80's box was one of the first, as well as AD&D, 2nd ed. Gamma World, and Star Frontiers. Won't go into the full history, but my friends, and I would also enjoy James Bond, Doctor Who and Star Trek(Fasa), Marvel Supes, Indiana Jones(TSR), Champions 2nd?, and later WEG Star Wars, etc. Yep. Children of the 70's who were SW, ST,DW, Indy Jones,comic book, and rpg crazy! I miss the 70's and 80's.

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Post by Kayolan »

Basic Set (Mentzer version).

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Post by Deogolf »

Holmes Basic and AD&D - it was so long ago I can't remember which, probably AD&D - some time in 1979.
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Post by Secret Skeleton »

I actually had to make my own DnD-based game from what I could remember from the rules whenever I went to my older brothers. DnD was banned in my house so I pretty much had to just wing what I could remember. I actually got searched when I came home for DnD stuff by my mom.

It was sort of 1st Edition.

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Post by Rigon »

I started out with BECMI and then switched to AD&D very quickly.

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Post by Traveller »

Moldvay Basic for the appetizer.

AD&D for the main course, with side dishes of Gamma World and Traveller.
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Post by Sir Ironside »

Read Tom Moldvay Basic set first, but never played. First rpg played was AD&D.
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Post by ThrorII »

Started with Holmes D&D, around 1980. Played that through the summer, then learned of AD&D when 6th grade started, and quickly switched.

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Post by Rikitiki »

Worked swing-shift and remarked to a co-worker that I'd seen some 3X5 card at a hobby shop saying: "12th LVL Fgtr looking for DM and gamers" and I wondered what the heck that was.

Turned out he was a DM - that night after work, I followed him home and he had me roll-up two characters and ran me through a short game.

Let me borrow his OD&D 3-book set and within a week I'd graph-papered out 3 levels and then, (magic) found the AD&D 1st Edition books in the window-display at the local library, checked them out then bought my own.

He and I got 4 others at work into a game...he DM'd twice and then I tried my hand at it.

After my first DMing session, all the folks hung around until he left and then told me I was such a better DM than he was...


Other than a few here-and-there games I've played that someone else ran, it's been 1st Ed. all the way for me (never saw the need to "upgrade") until I found C&C on the web.

Now that I've the C&C PHB and M&T, that's gonna be IT, using all them wonderful early-TSR modules and my own AD&D stuff cobbled-up over the years.

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Post by Treebore »

I didn't start until I was in the Navy, in May of 1985. I even know the day, because I still have the character sheet. I started with AD&D 1E. Soon thereafter I backed up to the boxed sets, and even branched out to Paladium Fantasy. The closest I have ever gotten to playing the LBB's is Swords and Wizardry.

1E was my dominant RPG until 1989. Much to my surprise I liked 2E better, so I switched to it as my primary RPG until 2001 when I finally got talked into running 3E. I finally regained my senses in 2005 and switched to C&C as my primary RPG.

All along I have played a lot of other RPG's, usually Shadowrun, RIFTS, Paladium Fantasy, Synnibar, L5R, GURPS, or Traveller, but a few sessions here and there of a lot of other RPG's like Chivalry and Sorcery, Rolemaster/Spacemaster, MERP, Boot Hill, Marvel Supers, Twilight 2000, Aftermath, Pendragon etc...

The only "popular" RPG I have never, ever played is CoC.
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Post by Lord Dynel »

I started my gaming career with the Mentzer Bed Box Basic Dungeons & Dragons. I actually bought the Mentzer Expert (Blue) rules first, but I was, literally, just getting into the hobby and the kid at school didn't tell me I needed the Basic books firts. It wasn't until I cracked the book for the first time did I realize it. I promptly started saving chore and lunch money to buy it at a local hobby and game shop in Kisimmee. That was back in 1986.
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Post by Philotomy Jurament »

Holmes Basic, for me.
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Post by Egg of Coot »

Started with the D&D red box in 1983.

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Post by Coleston the Cavalier »

AD&D and FASA Star Trek.

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Post by cinderblock »

Played one game of Holmes basic with a bunch of kids at school. Got Red box for Christmas and my brother and I set about clearing dungeons. Bought 1st Ed. DMG cause it looked cool and had D&D in the title. Cobbled a bunch of stuff together with those two things. Played 1st Ed. and Star Frontiers after that.
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Post by S.Baldrick »

The Moldvay red box Basic Set.
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Post by Relaxo »

Short answer: AD&D 2nd ed. This was freshman year of high school, so that would be 1990.

It's a little vague because the first group I played with was transitioning between some flavor or Oed/1st ed and the then-brand-spanking new (or new to them, at least) 2nd ed. But between sessions I kicked around a red box game. But basically 2nd ed. (To illustrate my point, the party had an assassin from 1st ed, a "cuisinart" which was the Kensai from Oriental Adventures, Tim the Enchanter, who if memory serves was sort of a mishmash of 1st and 2nd ed rules, a 2nd ed Bard and Druid (I think the 1st ed players were psyched to play these as 1st level characters) and a 2nd ed ranger played by yours truly (Kotex Stewart was his name, a character flaw I inherited with the character. Kotex wore full plate armor... stealthy!)

Years before, I played in a free-form dice-less off the cuff game on a long car ride home from a boy scouts camping trip, no character sheets, no dice... total wingage by the DM. It worked out ok, actually. We played the characters from the Cartoon, and had a blast making it all up as we went.
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Post by Omote »

Mentzer Basic D&D. The ole' red box was how I came to this crazy hobby.

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Post by anglefish »

Started with the red box, but I most of my developmental years was with 2nd Gamma World and Palladium's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

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Post by danbuter »

Moldvay Basic/Expert.

Marvel Super Heroes.


Combination of the three. I got lucky .

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Post by Sir Osis of Liver »

Red box

Marvel Super Heroes

Indiana Jones

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Post by bloodymage »

A&D 1e, 1981.
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