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Lore Drake
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Troll Con 2015

Post by TheMetal1 »

Hey is Troll Con taking place this year? If so what's the date? Any info?

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Re: Troll Con 2015

Post by Dorien »

I second that question!

When and what is the venue?

And, will there be a chest of beer?

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Re: Troll Con 2015

Post by Treebore »

When I last talked to Steve about it, at NTRPGCon, they were looking at maybe doing it in November, the weekend before Thanksgiving. Still, I would not expect the Trolls to get a Convention together that soon, so I am thinking next year.
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Re: Troll Con 2015

Post by maasenstodt »

Here's hoping that they can pull it together this year. I'd love to attend.

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Re: Troll Con 2015

Post by Rhuvein »

It's one of the best CONs I've been to!!

Hope they can start doing them again!!

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Re: Troll Con 2015

Post by tylermo »

Just have to get it on the right dates. I'm willing to give of my time to make TrollCon a yearly occurrence again.

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