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Message for all C&CS and KOTC members

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As a long time C&CS and TLG Forum member, we've all seen the attempts to build this organization and I think I speak for everyone when I say, we're all tired of seeing nothing come from our efforts and have a hard time believing anything ever will. Our members have made valiant individual efforts only to become overwhelmed and feel that each time they lacked backing. Why? Because we went about it all wrong. It was never about TLG backing us. It's about giving people the chance to join us. That's how you build a network.

I know we're all busy with life and don't have time to do more than post on the forums. I was in the same boat. But the truth is, to make this self-supporting all we really need to get things rolling is for those who are running events at conventions or hobby shops to register your public games on an online site so gamers can find out where we are running events and what we're running so they can register for them as GMs or players. Then they will know who we are and have a reason to join us. Until then we're just a bunch of disorganized gamers doing our own thing and frustrated that's it's not making a difference and blaming TLG for not making it magically work. That's what we've seen so far. Time for something better that rewards our efforts.

Pathfinder Society organized 44,000 events and DM's Guild who just began has 7,000 events already. That's a lot of competition, but our numbers ARE out there. We can match that or better if we just give people a chance to sign up for our games. Then they'll join us and add their events and conventions.

I found an easy way to do that that doesn't cost a penny. I've set things in motion so that soon we'll have our own site to track our games nationally and internationally. is just the beginning of what will become a full scale gaming social network with far more functions than it has right now so don't count it out just yet. TLG is helping it grow with much bigger plans in the long run. So don't judge by what you see now. The site is designed for expansion which is already in the works so it's just a matter of time.

For now, I encourage you all to go to
It's a free site that allows us to register all our games and open them up for GMs and players and lets us see where Pathfinder Society and DMs Guild are running events so we can show up there too. Time to show people that we can do anything they can. And nobody has to do any more than they're already doing. Just let us know when and where you game.

You're already on the TLG forum, but there's no way to register your events here. So go where you CAN and this time we can make a difference.

Brian Miller
Promoting C&C at Gary Con and LGGC since 2005.

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