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PrimEvil Studios - Commission for Joe

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Hey all,

Here are some shots of some Secret Skeleton pieces I've done for Joe. I was my first time working with miniatures from this manufacturer, and my feelings toward the figs are mixed. While some of the figs are nice pieces, there are some glaring issues with engineering and scale consistency evident in the line.

The first two shots are of some Bullywugs. These are nicely detailed sculpts of some monsters which are under represented as miniatures. Very cool. My only criticism is the lack of variation in the figs' poses - hence the little froggy chorus line I assembled . . .

The invisible stalker. I like this concept - strictly a base with two footprints to represent the monster - very clever. The piece does beg the question though - should the invisible stalker wear shoes?

Two shots of some Sea Devils. While these miniatures are nicely sculpted, they seem really underscale to me - especially when compared to the bullywugs above and the wardogs below. I think both would make short work of these anemic little fishmen. Also, the miniatures' rather frail builds make their construction tricky, and I cursed a blue streak trying to get their arms attached.

Some wardogs. These are some nice pieces again - robust, realistic, and naturally posed. My only critique lies in the fact that two of the legs (one fore and one hind) are cast as separate pieces. While the hind legs are easy to attach, the forelegs need a lot of work in order to have them sit right. A bit of needless complication simply to accommodate a slotta base, which the pieces doesn't sit particularly well on. I would have just cast the dogs in one piece on an integral stand - like the bullywugs. As an aside, sorry for the shine on the wardogs - I've blasted them with an additional matt coat.

My nitpicking aside, I think the Secret Skeleton figs are worth checking out - especially if they continue to fill in those holes in the monster rosters that the larger companies are ignoring.


The Egg

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