Fantasy Aritst Wanted

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Fantasy Aritst Wanted

Post by zacharythefirst »

Hey, I hope it's ok to put this in here. I've really enjoyed looking through the art threads here, and thought this might be as good a place as any to ask to see if anyone's interested:

I'm looking for a fantasy artist for a couple of upcoming projects I'll be working on. I'll be needing a some 1/4-page illustrations, and though I'm afraid I can't pay much, I can pay something, and will try to make it worth the artist's time. I have a few artists in mind, and I scoped out a lot of the usual artist forums and threads, but I definitely want to make the best-informed decision I can. In terms of style, I'm looking for something more in the vein of clean, classic black-and-white fantasy art over anything too "dungeonpunky".

If you're interested or know someone who is, or even have a recommendation, please send a sample of work to mail.rpgblog(at), or PM me with a link. If you know of someone looking to pick up a little work that might turn into a semi-regular gig, please send them this way. Thanks!
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