Open Call For Fast Artists

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Open Call For Fast Artists

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From the Society of Torch, Pole, and Rope: ... tists.html

I just received an email from Matt Finch of Mythmere Games. As some of you are no doubt aware, Lulu is currently running a contest to determine who their top-sellers of "print on demand" items are. Both Fight On! and Swords & Wizardry are in the top 10 titles.

To help edge both Fight On! and S&W over the top, Matt is proposing a very special joint publication that will highlight the works of artists involved in the Old School Renaissance - with the goal to do so in a very short 72 hours. If you are an artist and wish to contribute to this special publication, please visit either of the following two links for more details:

Swords & Wizardry Forum ... ?f=9&t=836

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GLAD and I are already on it. Just waiting for a response from Matt as to what email we should send them to.
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