Atomic Clock Enterprises [tm] Sneak Peek -- Nathan Nada

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Atomic Clock Enterprises [tm] Sneak Peek -- Nathan Nada

Post by serleran »

Here are some sample illustrations from an artist I am most pleased to be working with for the upcoming Lexicon of the Weird. His name is Nathan Nada and I believe he has great talent and has a future in this business. The stuff he draws is done without reference to other pictures or models, and he had these turned over very quickly after being requested, which for a non-artist like me makes it even more amazing.

Nathan will be allowed to use these images after publication, but I get fist crack at them... so, I figured I should try and whet the appetite of some potential customers, and also get him a little more exposure in the process.



Nathan will be doing all the interiors for this product as I find his style very fitting. It will not be all "dark" stuff, either -- though, that is what I asked for first, as I wanted to make sure it would "be right."

Anyway, thanks for looking, and please comment.
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Post by Frost »

I think it looks excellent. Very evocative.
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Post by Luther »

Dagnabbit, that's just the kind of stuff in just the kind of style I've been looking for! How much does this guy charge?

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Post by Go0gleplex »

Wonderful work! You're right Serl. He could carve himself quite the niche artistically speaking.
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Post by jaybird216 »

That is great work! I hope he's getting what he's worth. Which is more than Nada. Hey-yoooooo!!!!
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Post by DangerDwarf »

Yes, I definitely love this art work. Very appropriate for gaming.

Good stuff.

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Post by cuchulainkevin »

Very cool stuff! Good find Robert
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Post by Rigon »

Very good work.

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Post by Treebore »

Very nicely done. Goes to show why I prefer good black and white art over fantastic color work.
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