Chill RPG 3rd Edition KS

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Litzen Tallister
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Chill RPG 3rd Edition KS

Post by Litzen Tallister »

The Chill RPG is (potentially) making a return. This Kickstarter looks to revisit the supernatural world of SAVE. I have very fond memories of the 2nd edition from Mayfair Games. But, it may just the Halloween speaking as I've been combing over the horror-genre RPGs as of late. ;)

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Re: Chill RPG 3rd Edition KS

Post by serleran »

I always find it funny when one of the big "perks" is sitting down to a game with the designer. Not sure why I find that funny.

CHILL, the original, was OK. Not as good as Call of Cthulhu, though, but different enough to be fun. At least the monster design was more original... sort of.

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Re: Chill RPG 3rd Edition KS

Post by magick3six »

I have the original still. Used to run it at conventions in the 80s. Loved it. Wish it was in better condition though.

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Jyrdan Fairblade
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Re: Chill RPG 3rd Edition KS

Post by Jyrdan Fairblade »

I go back and forth on Chill vs. CoC. Sometimes I think being tied to an existing intellectual property ends up hamstringing GMs into having to worry about matching the books/movies/comics rather than worrying about running a good adventure. Other times I think that the Lovecraft mythos is too good to pass on.

Ultimately, I have fond memories of playing both games. I'd be glad to see Chill return.

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