Thinking of running the Umbrage Saga

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Thinking of running the Umbrage Saga

Post by moriarty777 »

As the title says, I'm thinking of running this. After pulling back from gaming in general and taking a break, I'm getting ready to roll some dice again and start up a new campaign.

I'm considering the Umbrage Saga though the only stuff I've only ever run from it in the past was the Rising Knight and portions of the Assault of Blacktooth Ridge.

My first question was how many, if any, of you have actually run or in the process of running this as a continued saga?

If you haven't but run a few of these A-Series module, what can you suggest or caution with trying to run this as one big campaign?

Feel free to comment on some of your experiences on ANY of the modules. I've got the box set... and the modules separately owned up to A6. I still need to order A7 but at the rate this campaign will be going (I'm playing every 2-3 weeks for up to 4 hours a session), I won't run out of material before more of the series is published....

Anything to help a long term fellow crusader would be appreciated.


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Post by Treebore »

Our Sunday on line group has played this form the beginning, I forget which module we are up to, I think it is A5.
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Post by Kos »

I've been running the A series for my group, they're somewhere around A3/A4. I would advise to run the campaign with a 'sandbox' style (eg. not strictly linear). The Umbrage box set is ideal for this approach as it provides a lot of side quests and locations for variety. The reason I suggest this is because of certain quirks in the adventures: My group has uncovered and put down the plot in Ludenshiem (Neferrous and Dietbold escaped though) and explored most of the cauldron but, they haven't been able to defeat the Witch Queen. The Witch Queen is one of these quirks, while A3 is for 3rd level characters the WQ (and particularly her staff of frost) is just to tough for 3rd level parties (near TPK on 3 4th level characters). So expect lots of back and forth between modules.

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Post by alcyone »

I have done A0 and am doing A1 (and all of the back to, return to, escape to, really really really back to blacktooth ridge modules), and hopefully will run all of them. Here's my approach so far:

I read across every available module and cross reference important characters, so I am comfortable when one of them gets killed or something, I know the impact.

The players in this style of game tend to be wandering and looking for stuff a lot, so it helps to come up with some interesting flavor to the random encounters. Stuff like Band of Orcs has been helpful, as well as stuff like 100 1st Level Encounters for C&C from RPGNow. Lots of my random encounters tie into the characters personal backstory, which helps keep them from looking utterly random.
I write up a list of places and how they'd ever know about them. That's the key for me, my brain can't hold all of these links. Madge in town is friends with a ghoul in the woods whose hairdresser knows about a fairy ring in the next module. It's really frustrating when you miss those links, once you finally find out you did, you have to invent a new way to get them there.

I copy and paste all of the stat blocks to index cards to print, especially those that may be willing to adventure with the party. Haven't used these much yet but I think they will be helpful.
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Post by tylermo »

Shouldn't that be Assault on Blacktooth Ridge, Beneath BTR, Escape to BTR, Conquest of BTR, and Battle for BTR?? Admittedly, I'm a big Planet of the Apes geek.

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