Rising Knight starting level?

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Rising Knight starting level?

Post by caedrus »

I'm getting ready to start the Rising Knight and was wondering if I should start the PCs at level 1 or 2. I recently TPK'd a level 1 party a little too easily. Here is the party makeup:

Human cleric
Human ranger/wizard multi-class
Elf rogue
Half-orc fighter
Half-orc druid

Any thoughts or tips on running the adventure would be appreciated as well.

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Re: Rising Knight starting level?

Post by Rhuvein »

With that group, I should think level 1 will be OK. If you think your players are not very experienced at RPG'ing, perhaps you can utilize one or 2 of the NPCs. I did that with my group of 4 players (who were newbies to the game and youngsters) and they were able to get through the module quite well.


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Re: Rising Knight starting level?

Post by Go0gleplex »

You could also allow your druid character to have several goodberries already cast/enchanted. This gives them the effect of a healing potion on hand, albeit only one hp at a time and usable once per day per person (at max 8 hp cured)
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Re: Rising Knight starting level?

Post by CKDad »

The dungeon in the Rising Knight can be a problem even for a group of experienced players, if things go just a little badly, or they don't frequently hole up or withdraw to heal up. I wouldn't chalk it up to just inexperience at RPGs, though perhaps "inexperience with non-pushover scenarios, in which victory is not assured" may apply. ;)

As far as things to do - sprinkle a few healing potions (or perhaps goodberries) about on creatures. Include a healing scroll or two in the document room. Have a "blessed spring" near a campsite outside the dungeon that has a chance to heal 1d4 HP. Perhaps they could encounter another goblin raiding party outside, who have taken prisoner a low-level cleric, that offers to join the party as an NPC to seek vengeance once freed.
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