Haunted Highlands ~ Scale of the hex map?

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Haunted Highlands ~ Scale of the hex map?

Post by thwill »

I've downloaded the Haunted Highlands hex map:
http://www.trolllord.com/newsite/downlo ... maphex.pdf

And having been blithely referring to it for a couple of weeks I now find myself troubled by the scale.

In the bottom right hand of the map it says "1 inch = 10 miles"; clear enough you might think, but that rather depends on what size of paper you print the map on. The scale is written above a black line, should that line be an inch long if the map is printed on "correct" sized paper?

What would be more useful to know is what the size of each hex across is supposed to be.

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Post by Bowbe »

I believe that most standard hexes in the olden days were 1/4 inch, however I believe the ones on these maps are 1/2 inch as scale. Have to get Peter to verify for us on this one.


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I just went with one hex was 10 miles.
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