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New to C&C

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I'm not necessarily new to C&C, I bought the first edition of it. Played it once, had a TPK and while I liked it, I didn't have an opportunity to play again. Last year at Gencon, I got a deal on a bunch of C&C books from Troll Lord Games. Now, those books have sat on the floor by my desk mocking me until recently when I got to GM a session or two. My new group seems to like and we will continue playing it for a while...

They've basically finished off module A0 and I envision them heading to the Blacktooth Ridge region as they found a map...

Which leaves me some questions:

- What would the map in module A0 be? The location of Vargolg? A bit of a map of The Vargolg, something else for me to create?

- In A1, it mentions convincing Nargulf to tell them the location of Vargolg, but I can't seem to find any other reference. Is it just a typo and a referencde to future modules?

- They have the opportunity in A1 to find a map of the area. I presume this is the map I downloaded of the A series Map #1. Is there a non-GM version of this map or is it supposed to be a copy of this map?

I had a couple of other questions, but they have slipped my mind...


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