Heart of Glass page 67?

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Heart of Glass page 67?

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So, I had posted this question above (in the printed product forum), but haven't received an answer yet. Maybe someone here has an idea?

The module seems to be missing a page. The Rings of Brass are described, but there's no end to the description.

Page 66 ends thus: "Travel in the Halls is timeless. Though travelers are actually"[sic].

That's it. Obviously, there's some text missing. Any help as to where it might have gone?

Thanks for any insight!

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Ill let steve know about your post
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anything on this?

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I have the D20 version but I can't seem to find anything that matches that text.

There is a Ring of Brass description located in the Kreutzmark tower. It does say that the actual travel time in this ring is two weeks.

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