The Krekingolg

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The Krekingolg

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Since the "real" Krekingolg, Agagolg, Pieces of Eight, etc... seem to be a long ways off in print, and since my characters are already poking around the Blacktooth Ridge, I am considering creating some of them myself. Krekingolg first, one of the Horned God's old treasure houses.
Spoilers follow.

For my own campaign, these are tied to Unguaith Kine; his skeletal body was left at Baleon Nakt, and I decided the Temple eventually resurrected him, in skeletal form. I also have a group of Orcs who have unsuccessfully tried to enter Vargolg and get work with Marglerod, and I think they'd find a place with Unguaith, who at this point might use Krekingolg for a base of operations as he prepares to begin recruiting for a new dark priesthood.

I guess I am going to use Vargolg for inspiration, but I think each of these fortifications has a different feel; for this one, I am taking the "Kreking" in "Krekingold" to mean "cracking", so maybe it sits on a volcanic fissure or something.

What sorts of things make sense to put in there for a 2nd-3rd level party? They have never encountered Ungern, but they seem to be the sort that wouldn't have much respect for a resurrected human. I thought of giving Unguaith the Black Libram, but I think he's more of a cleric type.

Is there any information about the Krekingolg from those who have been there?
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