How big is the inner sea?

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How big is the inner sea?

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I was flipping through the Codex of Edre and stumbled onto something that made me wonder exactly how big is the inner sea? It was in the Northern Kingdoms section and referred to the legions being at sea for 2 months before the battle IVO Gotland.

Now by no means am I a nautical expert, but considering the trip would have been from South to North, and therefore in general perpendicular to the wind. Admittedly, it would be slower than best speed with the wind, and even more so as a fleet instead of singular ship, but still two months at open sea would be a HUGE voyage.

I looked up ancient voyage times and found this site ... hips*.html From it a trip form Carthage to Rome is 2-4 days and Alexandria to Byzantium is around 20 days. I think the Alexandra to Byz is fairly representative of the trip (having to sail along the coast and then crossing the inner sea). With that, it makes the inner sea about twice as wide as the Mediterranean. If it’s true then how long is the sea?
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