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Codex of Aihrde deities compared to Folio

Posted: Fri Jan 08, 2016 9:13 pm
by Kayolan
There appears to be a few new deities as well as some that have had their names changed in the new Codex as compared to the Folio. The bolded names are deities that I couldn't find in the Folio (If I've made any mistakes please let me know).

Val Eahrakun (The Eternals):
Amenut, The Frog God
Burol, Stone God
Corthain, The Justice Maker, Slayer of Gods, and Shatterer of Worlds
Ealor (formerly known as Poseidon), Lord of the Seas, The Deep Quiet, Guardian of the Shadows, Master of the Green Halls
Ea-Raena, The Moon, Dunareu, Mailahm; Sister of Ea-Vette
Ea-Vette, The Sun, Haydareu, Mailuhm
Firthnach, Moridain, The Cobbler
Frafnog, Lord of Dragons, The First, Earth Lord, The Great Wyrm
Grotvedt, Clan Lord, Black Earth God
Heth, The Crow God
Hroth, The Earth Mother, Rooted Maiden
Imbrisius, The Mistress of Our Pain, She Who Wears the World
Kamat, The Wolf God
Kekki, The Snake God
Let, The Hart
Lythe, The Farsighted Handmaiden of Mordius
Mordius, Mordius the Green, Our Lady of the Lake
Narrheit, The Abyssal Lord, Lord of Chaos, The All Seeing, Unburdened One
Nunt, The Fish God
Ornduhl (formerly known as Thorax), The Red God, The Bull-Hound, The Red Duke, Lord of Chaos, The Bull, Rot of the Dwarves
Pe-Besat, The Boar God
Tefnut, Hand Maiden of the All Father, The Lady of Pain
Toth, Master of the Path, Death, Shadow of the All Father
Tuatheal, The Voice, Handmaiden of Mordius, Sword Maiden
Unklar, The Horned One, The Dark God, Darkness, The Marsh Lord, Lord of the Winter Dark
Wenafar, The Faerie Queen, Mother
Ynul, Handmaiden of Mordius

Val Austlich (The Spirits):
Aenouth, Mistbane, Willow Wind
Amenexl, The Red Thorn
Athria, The Birth Mother, The Fates
Krateus (Crateus, formerly listed as one of the Val Tulmiph), The Sword Ruler, Beast God
Durendale, The Avenger
Glorianna, Mistress of War and Battle, Lady of the Stone Fields
The Holy Twins, Adrius/Zernius, Toda/Virda
Ogoltay, The Fat One, Our Mother, The Mouther
Ore-Tsar, The House Lord, Daimatar
Rhealth, Blackheart, Scourge of the Dead
Wulfad, First Walker

Val Tulmiph (Immortals):
Angrim the Black, The Black Dwarf
Aristobulus, The Counselor, The White Mage, Ar-Drauk (Dwarf for the White Dragon)
Augustus, The Warlord
Daladon Lothian, Lord Protector of the Forest, Keeper of the Great Oak
Dolgan, The Forge King, The Undaunted, First Born
Falkenjagger, The Hanging God
Kain, The Abysal Duke, The Red Duke, Duke of Altengrund
Nulak Kiz Din, Mongroul, The Troll Lord, The Walker
St. Luther, The Gallant, The Confessor, Dreaming Paladin, Lord of Dreams
Utumno, Horse Lord of Nightmares
Urnus Gregaria, The Minstrel

Re: Codex of Aihrde deities compared to Folio

Posted: Sat Jan 09, 2016 5:28 am
by Treebore
So the All Father and Inzae don't get a deity stat block? I never noticed that before. Shows how important its been to me. :lol:

Re: Codex of Aihrde deities compared to Folio

Posted: Mon Jan 11, 2016 1:33 am
by Kayolan
Treebore wrote:So the All Father and Inzae don't get a deity stat block?
They are too awesome to have stat blocks? :D

That actually makes sense the more I think about it.