Starting a New Campaign & could use ideas.

The Worlds of Aihrde (Erde), Inzae, their history, game play and more.
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Starting a New Campaign & could use ideas.

Post by Harlock »

(X-posted from the CK advice forum, where I can't get much input as it turns out.)

So my group is currently in the A-series and we have almost reached the end (A11, 3rd gate). Once we finish A12 we plan to sort of press pause on this current campaign and run a concurrent campaign with a new party. The long and short of it is the old characters send a new party out from their base of operations to investigate some of Aihrde's mysteries. This will expose my group to more of the world, and give us a game until A13 comes out. In light of that, I have some mysteries in mind, but was wondering if anyone else could suggest some additional items.

So far I have:
Brass Sheets of the Dwarves with runes of creation (am I remembering that one correctly?)
The Eye of Ornduhl
The Mammoth Scrolls
The Lodestone of Anderoth
Tomb of Kayomar
Axe of the All Father
Pride of the Goblins
The Black Axe of Dognur the VII
Lost Dwarven Kingdom of Bogda-Rawd
Tatters of the Red Cloak of the Red God
The Cup of Jaren's Blood

First of all, do any of these come up in other official published adventures? I don't want to ruin my ability to run a published adventure at a later date. Secondly, should any of these be excluded because they aren't really lost and I just haven't remembered that? And lastly, my original question; have I missed any serious mysteries in my list? I am thinking the culmination of this campaign might be seeking the language of creation, the responsibility of that and the subsequent impact on the whole world. Thanks for any suggestions!
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Re: Starting a New Campaign & could use ideas.

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The Of Gods and Monsters book has a magic item for every deity, including those of Aihrde. So you could use them.

I had to finish the A series myself, and part of that revolved around recovering the bones of the All Father, all of which had been turned into very powerful magic items/artifacts/relics, and culminated in resurrecting the All Father from those bones, and then "destroying" Unklar by having the All Father re absorb Unklar back into himself (the All Father). I had also been fortunate enough to corner Davis at one of the Troll Cons, where he gave me a nice outline of what existed in Aufstrag.

Personally, I highly suspect my own version of the end of the A series ended up being far cooler than where the Trolls sounded like they were taking it. Still, assuming I like A 13, I will run it again, based upon what they have written, but I will defnitely be integrating things I did with my version into it.
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