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The Venture into RavenLoft: C&C Style
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Author:  BudaZoa [ Tue Jul 16, 2013 7:51 pm ]
Post subject:  The Venture into RavenLoft: C&C Style

Our party is long past the Shadows of The Halfling Halls and on their road to Ravenloft.

Session Eight Summary:

We pick up with our group of adventurers spending their hard earned spoils from their success. Lolly having a metallic hand gauntlet made, Jingles learning a new skill of breathing fire, which he has discovered could be more useful than anticipated, Dreg continuing to have his war wagon modified, Vraska furthering her blacksmithing skills and Max discovering new exotic foods to enjoy.

The group is killing time until Lolly’s hand is finished which will take several days. During this time Max notices that he is being watched over several days by a robed individual who is not being discrete about watching Max. On the third day Max realized that this robed man has an elderly Asian man with him observing him. This arose his curiosity to the point of action. He confidently approached the two when Aiden guardedly stood to challenge Max in hand to hand combat. The Order of the Golden Fist wished to test Max’s mettle. The two pugilists strode outside the Pigs Ear to engage in a battle of honor.

The two prepared in the martial stance, before Aiden could react, Max leaped to land a killing blow to Aiden’s chest. Within moments, Max proved the superior standing alone in the circled gathering of townsfolk holding Aiden’s heart in his hand. Wei, the elderly Asian gentleman, escorted Max away from the combat scene to his Temple north east of town. Wei commended max for his skills in the martial arts and offered his hospitality. Max proclaimed himself Master of the Northern Iron Fist, and so it was written into the Order of the Golden Fist that this would be Max’s title. Wei asked Max if his group would partake in a quest for Order of the Golden Fist. An artifact stolen from the temple three generations ago has recently surfaced. Rumors of this artifact, a Brass Eagle Claw, was said to be resting as pirate booty on the isle of dead. Wei would offer 500 gold to each person who went with max that would successfully return the Brass Eagle Claw. Max countered the offer by humbly being initiated into the Order of the Golden Fist. Honored by this gesture, Wei presented Max with an opportunity to go through the trial of becoming a member of the Order.

Max went back to the Pig’s ear where Vraska was residing and presented the offer to her. He was greeted with honored by people who had won wages betting on him and drank free for the rest of the day. Vraska quickly accepted the quest. She sent a messenger to summon the rest of her companions to see if they were game. One by one the rest showed up at the Pig’s Ear and were presented with their new destiny. All accepted to begin this journey in two days once Lolly had her new prosthetic hand. Max returned to the Order to accept their condition as Wei would procure all accommodations for the parties travel to and from the Isle of the Dead. Meanwhile, back at the inn, Lolly was given some knock out poison from Jingles and attempted to secretly place it into Max’s drink… at the table… with the entire party watching…

Needless to say, everyone at the table (including a few watchers) saw her do this. The waitress seeing Lolly’s action, reacted by taking the poisoned drink to avoid bad publicity for the Pig’s Ear. One thousand gold wasted by mischief! The group prepared the next few days learning what they could about the Isled of the Dead before sailing off.. This island was a haven fro pirates centuries ago. Rumors of riches buried on the isle perked the interest for our adventurers. The party would leave their steeds behind as they were informed that the barge wouldn’t transport them to isle. The ship was to sail the adventurers to the isle and transport the party via rowboat to the isle where they would not risk transporting horse. Lolly was able to bring her war pony as Jingles was also able to procure passage for his war dog. It would be a 16 day journey each way.

It was relatively uneventful until the 14th day when the boat was attacked by a small group of great white sharks. The boat was under attack when max mentioned throwing the pony overboard. The crew took to this suggestion and rushed to throw the pony overboard, Vraska gashed the pony to create blood flow as it was tossed overboard. The distraction worked, all the sharks fed upon the pony as the boat escaped.

The arrangement between Jingles and a lieutenant on the ship was for 50 gp, Jingles would be able to have his dog brought to the isle. Shortly after payment, in front of the entire party of adventurers and most of the crew above deck watching, Jungles decided he would take his payment back. Caught in the act of stealing, the lieutenant refused to bring the dog to the isle and Jungles wouldn’t get his money back. In the heat of anger, Jingles goes bellow deck and sets fire to the quarters he and his companions resided in. as the rowboats reached the island, a visage of a sinking ship set ablaze stood off in the distance. The small group of adventurers was then abandoned on the island.

Author:  BudaZoa [ Tue Jul 16, 2013 7:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Venture into ravenloft: C&C Style

With a uncharted map of the island, the group headed north to a known village who had dealings with pirates and merchants in the past in hopes of finding direction to the Brass Claw or a way off the island. Three days had past with no signs of life or encounters in the open plains when the party was attacked by a foreign breed of zombies. Four of these eight foot tall beasts seemed to be a handful for the party. The Dreg and Jingles both fell during this combat. But the party did prevail without any deaths. There was a little treasure found and kept by Vraska and Jingles. The Party finally reached the village to be approached by s small war party and their shaman who spoke broken common tongue. Some trading occurred for additional food as this became a high priority for the group neither skilled in survival nor hunting. The group continued on their way north around the village after being told outlanders wouldn’t be permitted inside. I think having two elves dressed in war paint might have had something to do with that decision (jester and a thief who uses the persona of a jester.)

Several days to the north west the group saw that they must pass through miles of swamp top get to their destination. With food starting to run low, everyone began to think of ways to stretch food for the group. Days past into the marshes before they came upon a shrine. The group saw a chance for brief shelter or a possibility to find the Brass Claw. Exploring the shrine took them to underground chambers where they were trapped by a specter. Combat seemed apprehensive from most of the group as they didn’t know how to fight the corporeal menace. Dreg almost turned the specter while Vraska and Max land some critical blow to weaken the specter. Overwhelmed by the flurry of blows from Vraska and Max, the specter fought in desperation. Lolly cowardly abandoned her comrades as she hid from combat, while Jingled decided to burn the specter with his newly found fire breathing skills, unfortunately the only people burned were Vraska and Max.

Dreg used his holy water to weaken the specter while Vraska and max landed the killing blows. Victory was theirs as was the spoiled of this specter that he had accumulated over the past one hundred and fifty years. Riches were theirs as many copper, silver and gold coins were found. Among the rubble of dead victims were six potions and figurine of a stone horse. Vraska , Jingles and Lolly each grabbed two potions before Dreg and max realized they were all gone. Max then picked up the figurine and placed it in his backpack.

Jingles immediately decided to steal the horse from Max’s back pack, with the rest of the party watching. Max struck Jingles unconscious with one pulverizing punch. A few seconds later Lolly threw a dagger at Max and missed badly. Combat ensued, Quicker to react, Max leaped with a flying kick that staggered Lolly backwards and she stood injured. Vraska quickly went to bind Jingles wounds as to prevent his death. Vraska and Dreg broke up combat between the two. Lolly demanded that Dreg heal Jingles. Dreg refused to and sided with Max, in the name of justice. Vraska gagged and bound Lolly and Jingles as Jingles was brought to stability. He wasn’t conscious yet but he wasn’t dying either..

My side notes to the player:

A tip to those using thieving skills, while die rolls determine successful use of a skill, it doesn't prevent others from noticing blatant acts. Roleplaying the skill will add to chance of not being detected as well as timing involved with actions.

Also, being stranded on an island will take extreme teamwork to get off of it. Unity within the group will detriment to survival once the main storyline of our campaign kicks in.

Once players find a way off the island, the mist will snatch then up and into my customized Ravenloft realm. It will not be a demiplane but and island concealed by the Ravenloft mist. I am taking several domains and placing them on a map. I am also modifying Night of the Walking dead as their intro into my RavenLoft Realm.

Should be a ton of fun with this group. I am using most of the Ravenloft rules and pentameters with the exception of magical weapons pluses changing as they will not be leaving the prime material plane. I found a boxset with fortune telling cards for Vistani as well as some future predicting dice. I think it will add a lot to the feel.

Author:  BudaZoa [ Mon Aug 05, 2013 12:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Venture into RavenLoft: C&C Style

Session Nine Summary :

Our Motley crew picks up in the dungeon level of a shrine after beating down Moniere, the accursed specter damned to roam these unholy ground. With the two jesters bound and gagged the party decided their fate. The jesters were disarmed and informed that they will either conform to the group’s need of survival and stop the chaos or they will be sentenced to final judgment of death by the party. Rebelliously the jesters agreed. On their journey storm clouds began to brew as if a pending thunder storm was coming. Two nights into their swamp trek, the group was attacked by small group of wights. Dregs powers over the undead would not prevail in this encounter. The battles lasted a bit with the wights being destroyed but not before sucking a bit of life force out of Jingles.

The group followed a path in which they thought would lead them to the Brass Claw, Days past as a thunder storm was brewing in the air overhead. Minor encounters with alligators pave their way into a dense purple fog that began to roll over the watery swamp surface. Days past as the fog grew deeper and more frequent until it consumed all that could be seen. When the misty fog dissipated, the realization that the swamp they are traveling in, doesn’t seem to be the swamp they have been traveling in.. The constellations appear completely different, the trees are of a different type and the water is much deeper and feels different as well. The misty fog was gone.

The group stumbles upon a raft that can allow them to travel quicker through the swamp. The adventurers traveled cautiously through the uncharted swamp. Our monk notices a greenish tone to one of the logs approaching the raft, preparing the group for the unknown, a large alligator decided elves would make a fine dinner. Defense was their offense, the alligator attempted to swallow Vraska, but she was having none of that. A few others struck the reptile before a leaping blow to the gators head ended the battle before it begun. This night, this motley crew ate like kings on gator meat.

After a few hours, the rest of the group caught up with Jingles and spent the night with the safety of numbers. The group was informed that they were about four hours south of a small village called Whitestone. Some bartering for food took place and all went to sleep. Morning arose with gypsy family long gone but leaving behind a nice sized kettle of stew for our adventurers to feast upon.

The days were becoming as dim as the night grew gloomy. A storm brewing waiting to break has the group preparing for foul weather. Our group journeyed a few hours until they came upon a house built elevated into the trees ahead. Lights flickering from a shadow filled window. Max was elected to investigate. As Max stood almost directly under the house above a rope ladder came dangling toward him. Max climbed into the house and was greeted by Luc Tarascon. Max quickly learned how offbeat Luc was. Luc would start to babble verses to Max in mid sentence. Max became apprehensive of Luc as the other enters the tree house and made themselves at Home. Vraska attempted to communicate with Luc but none were able to understand Luc. Vraska had enough for one journey was ready for civilization again. She knocked Luc out for a moment of peace. The group decided to rest here and head to the village in the morning.

The group arrived in Whitestone, to arrive at a funeral proceeding. Jingles with his keenly tones thief awareness noticed a sound coming from the coffin as if someone was banging trying to get out. The group did some investigation throughout the town to discover they were not in Kansas anymore but in a realm that drew in out landers and trapped them for the rest of their days. Bits and pieces of random information were discovered. Some detailed information about dead coming back to life was given from the church of Thor. This is where Lolly decided to desecrate the temple of Thor by giving praise and saying a prayer to Loki at the alter of Thor. Needless to say Thor wasn’t please. And Lolly felt some divine retribution as she was banished from the temple.

Author:  BudaZoa [ Mon Aug 05, 2013 12:37 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Venture into RavenLoft: C&C Style

The next day, a murder took place with Whitestone and the group went to investigate. A crowd had gathered around the murder scene. Jingles overheard some of the towns people saying this was the sixth murder in past month. He strayed off with these town folk to further question these mysterious events to discover that towns people were disappearing and murdered. One of the people who had died was Luc’s older brother Marcel. The following day, the party witnesses a cloaked figure attempting to murder one of the towns folk. In hot pursue, the figure mysteriously disappears into the shadows.

The group diced to head to Luc’s mansion to investigate for clues. The house keys were given from the constable to max in trust of Luc. The group looked around and discovered a hidden library that Luc never knew existed. This library had some books concerning preparing the dead for the other world journey and lycanthropy. Max also discovered a Jesters Wand (wand of wonder, home brew style) which was given to Lolly. Max and Lolly decided to make nice N nice by spending most the night in master bedroom getting to know each other a little better. The group began to make dinner as they prepared for a good nights rest.

Little did they know that the servants of this estate had been turned into ghouls that were hungry for human flesh. Dreg turned one of the ghouls as the others attacked; Vraska was quickly paralyzed by the chilling touch . but the other put these vile cheaters of death to their final resting place.

Most of the group decided to go back to the longhouse of Thor to seek assistance for Vraska who remained paralyzed. The group was introduced to Brucian Brosworth, the highest ranking cleric in his order. Vraska was revived but had many questions that needed answering. Brucian embraced Luc as if he hasn’t seen him in years. Brucian told a tale of how Luc had his fortune read by some Vistani Gypsies and this lead Luc to the cemetery where he found a scroll. Upon reading verses from the scroll, the dead came to life and killed his oldest brother Marcel. Luc’s brother Jean carried him to the church of Thor where Brucian attempted to raise him. This attempt failed. Since then, Jean has taken control of their families plantation but no one has seen Jean in two weeks. Jingles, realizing that the survival depends on everyone working together made a formal apology to Max for his actions and vowed to not steal from the party but to work together as a group.

Meanwhile, Lolly was unable to partake in this discovery due to her desecration of the table, so she sent her time dancing at the inn which was empty except for the barkeep. The curious adventurers regrouped at the inn to plan their next move…

The current roster:

5th level Dark Elf Jester - female- Lolly (Wendy)
3th level wood Elf thief -Male- Jingles (Glen)
(since glen was playing his character as a thief posing as a jester, I allowed him to change his class. He is now 3rd level due to level drain by wights.)
5th level Half Elf Fighter-Female- Vraska (Tanya)
5rd level Human Monk- Male -Max (Mike)
3rd level Human Knight- Male- Atticus (Robert)
4rd level Dwarf Cleric-Male- Dreg (Dave)

The adventures continue in the Realm of Ravenloft !

I have created a home brew realm of Ravenloft, It is not the Demi-Plane typical existence, but it is James' Realm of Horror !

Our cleric, Dave, has asked for much of the pdf errata I have for CnC and is starting to teach a new group of role players to play CnC. he enjoys the systems due to the ease of the siege and less rule intensive game play.

Corrupting even more in Texas to the way of the Siege !

Author:  BudaZoa [ Tue Oct 28, 2014 8:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Venture into RavenLoft: C&C Style

I am proud to say my Ravenloft campaign is coming upon its two year anniversary this December.

I am actually planning a two year reunion session where I am inviting all the players who have passed through it. should be a fun session as I have something special planned for that session

The Crusade is strong in Texas !


Author:  Aergraith [ Tue Oct 28, 2014 8:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Venture into RavenLoft: C&C Style

BudaZoa wrote:
I am proud to say my Ravenloft campaign is coming upon its two year anniversary this December.

I am actually planning a two year reunion session where I am inviting all the players who have passed through it. should be a fun session as I have something special planned for that session

The Crusade is strong in Texas !


Can I assume from your handle you are in Buda?

Author:  BudaZoa [ Thu Oct 30, 2014 11:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Venture into RavenLoft: C&C Style

Arlington Texas

My handle is a basketball nick from the jungles of New Yawk City, where I was born and raised. Only been in Texas for a few years now.

Author:  utfifas09 [ Fri Feb 06, 2015 1:07 am ]
Post subject:  Re: The Venture into RavenLoft: C&C Style

Via manner in which property setup components.

Author:  BudaZoa [ Wed Sep 30, 2015 7:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: The Venture into RavenLoft: C&C Style

Coming up on my three year anniversary of this campaign in December !

We took some time off from it for a few months to play Call of Cthulhu 1920's (great system) and got back into our C&C Ravenloft game.

It is still my groups favorite system to play. Our group has decided to get a table and run some C&C at the next NTRPG con in 2016.

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