Kingdom of Karameikos

Within are to be writ the tales of daring and adventure of those who have placed themselves on the path of glory. Share your exploits with other Castlers & Crusaders!
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Kingdom of Karameikos

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One of the things that I love about C&C is that its so easy to dust off all my old 1E and 2E D&D modules and just get into it.

When my daughters both expressed a desire to try D&D, I immediately decided to start off with the classic, "Caves of Chaos". I invited two
of my long time buddies from high school, and with four solid players we began.

That was about 6 months ago, though we did have a bit of a break due to the holidays, but things are still going strong.

My youngest plays a halfling rogue, and is quite amazing at it... though she's a big fan of LOTR. Early on, she found a 'cloak of elvenkind' and since then
has been the defacto party scout... sending her in to the dangerous areas first to 'see what's up.' Usually, the dwarven cleric adding an amuzingly gruff, "Alright burglar, Burgle!"

A duty she was all to happy to do, as it got her into the thick of the adventure quickly... that is, until... she happened upon a corridor with 'floating gold pieces'
in it. The rest of the party was safe behind a secret passage, as they sent her forward to scout out the next room. The older players in my group,
to their credit bit their lips and said nothing... and the hapless rogue walked headlong into a gelatinous cube, which almost immediately engulfed the poor thing.

Fortunately, she got off a bit of a scream before she was suddenly engulfed! The party managed to kill the thing, and pull her from its innards at the last moment (1 HP left!), and ever since then, she has been a lot more reluctant to embrace scouting duties.... my daughter actually screamed when I described how the almost invisible, gelatinous creature enveloped her, its touch burning as acidic like juices began to digest her alive! She had managed to make her save versus paralysis.

Really, a classic moment, which really illustrates how much fun it can be to introduce new people to the game.. and live vicariously through their new discovery of things that are old hat to us veterans.

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Re: Kingdom of Karameikos

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I LOVE the old Karameikos setting as well. So grounded into "historical" fantasy, with wild untamed lands, evil lords and mages, good rulers....Feels very robin Hood-esque to me, especially if you look at it through the Traladarians vs Thyatians (Saxons vs Normans) angle.

Good stuff
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Re: Kingdom of Karameikos

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I too love the old Known World/Karameikos setting. I really love the feel presented from the GAZ1: The Grand Duchy of Karameikos with the material from the AD&D 2nd edition Karameikos box set. That's really a nice, compact, full setting to adventure in for many adventures! The rest of the Mystara setting is hit and miss, but I like this one most.

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