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Re: Monday nights' Kingdom of Kalamar' game recap

Posted: Thu Dec 10, 2015 2:31 am
by Lurker
Place holder

Freeing the 6 elf maids, without firing a shot or casting a harmful spell ...

Had a guy walk out today. He may get fired and may have quit, if so the jog just went from swamped to insanity .... I'll do the write up .... when I come up for air ...

edit - 21 Dec, the guy was put on admin leave today pending an investigation ... then he without a word pack his desk and took his suite (we have to have one at work for when we go in front of the judge) sooooooo he may be quitting .

Either way, I was today given a full case load, in an office that needs 6 people doing my job and counting me we have 3 ...

I'll keep doing place holders, and hope to eventually fill in the gaps of the story. But I won't have much time at work.

Re: Monday nights' Kingdom of Kalamar' game recap

Posted: Wed Feb 08, 2017 4:03 am
by Lurker
Wow, it has been over a year since I posted a summery ... boy long year, lots going on in real life at work and at home (for me and all of us) ...

What has happened to the party of intrepid adventures and nare d wells ....

They rescued the elven princess and other elven maids, but not all the slaves the hobgoblins had in the valley
They tried, but failed, to raise an army to go back and free the slaves ... enough money to hire the men needed but not enough to arm them.
They sailed back to the duke's realm, but were blown off course to an island
on the island
they helped answer a prophesy, helped return the old king in the prophesy
they helped break up a hobgoblin invasion and returned lost arms armor
they raided a war lord / robber baron's keep - and Lupa marked him as a vendetta and one day will do his best to ruin the baron

They returned back to the duke's realm
they were sent to explore a tower with a strange green light
they cleared the tower
they found a link to an old evil cult
they cleared out the temple
they destroyed the cause of the light
They saved 4 adventures turned to stone in the temple (and possibly an evil cultist/wizard)

they lost a couple of players/characters but gained others
they have a human cleric of the traveler, and a ranger, and a dwarf fighter but have lost the hobgoblin shaman, the dwarf cleric and the half elf cleric/mage

They returned back to the duke's
Lupa - with help from the rest of the party - threw a party to celebrate his past birthday and the anniversary of his ostracism - and being one more year closer to being able to return home
Lupa's family has established ties and a trade house in the duke's realm - which keeps Lupa from causing problems with the local temple of the evil xenophobic god
They planned to go back and attack the hobgoblins/free the slaves and then got word that a group of villages at the edge of the east mark of the duke's realm were late in delivering their mined ore.

Master Sorley breathed, and prayed the last prayer he had energy for

Giants killed last village destroyed most villagers dead some saved they return to you ... the prayer sent word to the duke

The far traveling cleric surveyed the scene, hill giants and a stone giant dead scattered along the valley the village used to be nestled in. other giants dead scattered in the woods around - brought down by the elf's arrow and his spell to fly at speed to chase them down. One giant left alive, to leave a trail for the party to follow.

Lupa stretched and winched, his agility had offered him some protection, but against 3 giants one after another and with their clubs and thrown boulders it lasted him only so long and a club and boulder did eventually find their mark. He look over at his recent friend dwarf gravel beard and he too was battered. Fortunately, the cleric with his blessed staff had healed to greatest worst injuries of the two.

The rest of the party, safe in their magic tower, had suffered no injuries, but had done their share of giant slaying.

Now all set to work saving the worst of the injured villagers and readied them to travel back to the duke's nearest garrison and in the morning track down the giant.

However, the victory did bring trouble, the giant in passing 'the dark moon will bring vengeance' ... the dark moon, that echoes back to the hobgoblin valley and the dark god they prepared to offer the elven maids to nearly a year ago.