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Monday nights' Kingdom of Kalamar' game recap

Posted: Tue Feb 03, 2015 11:21 pm
by Lurker
Cast of nare do wells

Aeschelon – Elf Mage/Fighter
Barlieg – Half-Orc Barbarian
Valrune Meltor – Human (Silver Dragon) Druid/Thief
Kelidor – Half-Elf(Fhokki as human side) Cleric/wizard
Chaktar – Hobgoblin Druid
Herald Bluetooth – Dwarf Cleric
Keh-El Noth – Hobgoblin Berserker/Shaman
Lupa-spadar Vinardi Renaarian(human) Swashbuckler

A nervous merchant looks across the common room of the inn the town guard had directed him too. Looking for a group to hire as guards for his small scale trade endeavor. A simple 2 wagons of iron works, tools and farming implements to be taken 2 weeks to the north to a farm village that, if he figured correctly, would be bringing in the areas early harvest and wool cutting.

A completely odd and surprising group catches his eyes. A youthful Ranniarian Bravo sets at a table with a dwarf, an elf, a half-elf, a surprisingly tall and slender human, 2 hobgoblins and a half-orc. Where there would normally be knives drawn and blood flowing, there was friendly, but barbed, banter joking and shared drink. A shrug of the shoulder and the merchant walks to the table and makes his offer. 6 weeks of work, guarding the wagons to the village and then back, plus a bonus for exceptional actions, for 10 gold a piece.

After 2 weeks of walking, with no surprises, the party finds themselves in a minor village in the hills next to the Krond Mountains. A few days of bartering, with the Ranarrian bravo quietly watching and taking mental notes on the trades and the discussions going on between the villagers and the merchant, and the merchant is starting to begin to turn a profit. 3 maybe 4 more days of trade and he will be ready to return to the south.

In the towns only inn, the Ranarian, named Lupa-spadar, or more simply Lupa by his friends, sets at a table continuing to joke with his 3 humanoid friends about needing a bath and the fact that "yes YOU can smell a soap clean body a half mile away, but I also can smell an unwashed brute from easily 2 or 3 miles away". But cuts off his joking as a cleric of The Valiant Swift Sword approaches the table. Over the next minutes an offer is made for the group to travel to a temple that some years past was over ran by an orc tribe and to clear the temple of the invaders. The payment will be 10 GP per orc head and fair price for all items recovered. Additionally, Lupa worked to contract a group of local guards to replace them with the original merchant, a task that was easily completed with the aid of the cleric

The party trots from the village as the sun rises above the horizon heading off into the wilds to the NE. As the sun reaches its zenith the party approaches the old abandoned temple complex. Looking they see a 2 + story square, bronze caped temple squatting on top of a hill and below it 2 out buildings and a 30 to 40 foot tall grain cylo. Nothing moves in the area but the party's 2 druids send their animal companions (one a hawk like bird, the other a wolf) down to verify.

As the party approaches the buildings, lead by the 2 druids and barbarian, they come to the first building. A quick search show an old dilapidated storage building with a collapsed roof. The party spreads out from there, Lupa watching the trail the party approached from, and others finding concealment etc. Barlieg & Keh approach the grain silo. The barbarian begins to carefully climb the stairs outside the silo as Keh works at forcing the ground floor level door open. The hobgoblin secedes first and finds the floor of the silo stacked with old molded bags of grain.

Keh muttering under his breath about "Lupa's cursed bath talks" grabs a bag of rotted moldy gran and rubs it all over himself. "Let him deal with that smell" followed by a dark chuckle *** which ended when the failed con roll results in the hobgoblin catching 'orc shingles' *** Barlieg finally completes his climb to the top of the silo and surveys the rest of the temple. More clearly seeing the temple and notices the pile of decayed bodies and skeletons piled in front of the temple. He then begins to descend.

Kelidor & Barlieg notice gruff voices from the last of the 3 buildings. Knowing it as Orc, but it being to muffled to be understood from 30 ft away. The half orc barbarian grins and begins to crawl up to the building, Lupa and Aeschelon go to different sides of the silo – the elf drawing his bow to cover the barbarian as he works his way up to the orc occupied building, & the swashbuckler preparing to run around to the opposite end of the building. Herald Bluetooth hiding behind a wood splitting log prepares his crossbow and the rest of the party prepares for combat in their specific ways.

Barlieg is now in ear range of the building and hears the 2 orcs inside talking about finishing making the building a work shop. However, as he gets within 10 ft of the building the voices hush. A second later he sees an beady eye squinting through a crack in the old battered door.

The orcs rush out to attack the barbarian who quickly leaps to his feet and prepares to engage the orcs, as they start yelling a warning in orcish. Lupa runs to the end of the building the orcs just came out from, and then into the door they exited to make sure there were no other orcs remaining to rush out.

Arrows, crossbow bolts, axe and hammer blows rain down on the orcs and quickly end their miserable lives. Lupa waive for everyone to get into the shade of the building, as he begins to make noise in what turns out to be a work shop, and Barlieg yells in orcish that it was a false alarm. Luckily, as the last of the party gets hidden, an orc in the temple looks out but quickly believes the party's ruse so returns to the temple, closing the door behind him.

A quick plan results in Lupa on one side of the temple's close double doors, Keh & Chaktar on the other, Barlieg in front of the door, and the rest of the party back off the temple but in spell, bow and crossbow range. When all is ready, Barlieg begins to again yell in orcish 'warning, they are here, they are attacking' nothing happen for a moment or 3 as Lupa waives for him to keep yelling and put some oomph into it. Then, the door opens.

Lupa sprints forward, as the door being open is facing where he can easily run in and keep the door from closing, as the orc opens it and is surprised to see the party prepared for the attack. Arrow and bolt wiss past, harmlessly as Lupa kicks the door further open, and then skewers the shocked orc. Barlieg following closely behind Lupa, swings at the falling orc, but trips himself up, nearly taking off Lupa's head with the missed swing, and barriers the axe head into the edged of the closed half of the temple door. As he yanks at the axe, the shaft break off leaving the barbarian unarmed. Lupa seeing an Orc charging his unarmed friend from the right , but being unable to turn to help as he had been running to the left, tosses the barbarian a short sword. Keh & Chaktar now run in for the other side of the door frame and are side by side with the barbarian (Who is muttering about having to use a 'human butter knife instead of a real weapon').

The remainder of the party begins to move up closer to the temple to better support those in the melee.

Lupa begins to run across the temple floor, but soon switches directions as javelins rain down from the balcony of the second floor - one coming close enough to graze him, but doing little damage. Once Lupa is back under cover from the orcs on the second floor, he yells for archers to move up to help. This hurries along the remainder of the party. Barlieg and Keh continue to trade blows with the orc by the door, unable to hit the orc but at the same time he missing his attacks too, and push him away from the door.

Before the missile weapon using members of the party make it into the temple, orc after orc drop down from the second floor and ready to attack the few party members in the temple before help arrives. An arrow (maybe a crossbow bolt, not sure which) fells one of the 7 orcs before it can turn to the fight. A sleep spell drops 2 more, and 3 orcs focus on Lupa, who chuckling and mocking the beasts, avoids their attacks and keeps them for turning to attack easier pray. The other orc drops (not sure who or how) as Chaktar charge across the temple to try and knock down one of the 3 orcs fighting the Ranarrian Bravo.

Unfortunately, the charge had little effect. The orcs continue to fight and one of the 3 turns and with a crashing blow fells the now winded hobgoblin. Lupa quickly runs the orc through and returns to keeping the remainder 2 orcs near him too busy to kill the fallen party member. Lupa begins to yell for a healer for Chaktar, as the remainder of the party make it into the temple and prepare to rain arrow, bolts and sling bullets onto the remaining orcs.

Then ... com outage ....

Great intro game with the new party. However, lots of low rolls a few fumbles and even a double fumble, plus being a party of 1st level characters made a simple fight with a few orcs a very dicey affair. Plus, some good 'role playing' and joking between us.

It was a great game and I needed it after the stress of the last few weeks. I can't wait till next week after next, but next time I will wait a bit before I sprint out from under a balcony ... ;-)

Re: Monday nights' Kingdom of Kalamar' game recap

Posted: Fri Feb 06, 2015 1:26 am
by Kayolan
Lurker wrote:Then ... com outage ....
You missed the part when Kelidor bravely (foolishly?) ran in and cast a command spell on one the orcs. It went something like this:

Kelidor: I say to you, "Die!"
Orc: (grunts)
Kelidor: Die?
Orc: ...
Kelidor: I take it you don't speak Common?...
Orc: ...
Kelidor: Oh, dear...

Re: Monday nights' Kingdom of Kalamar' game recap

Posted: Fri Feb 06, 2015 2:36 am
by Lurker
Kayolan wrote:
Lurker wrote:Then ... com outage ....
You missed the part when Kelidor bravely (foolishly?) ran in and cast a command spell on one the orcs. It went something like this:

Kelidor: I say to you, "Die!"
Orc: (grunts)
Kelidor: Die?
Orc: ...
Kelidor: I take it you don't speak Common?...
Orc: ...
Kelidor: Oh, dear...

Oh yeah, forgot that one ... you sure you want me to edit it in or just keep it between the 2 of us .... ;)

Re: Monday nights' Kingdom of Kalamar' game recap

Posted: Mon Feb 09, 2015 4:18 pm
by Kayolan

Re: Monday nights' Kingdom of Kalamar' game recap

Posted: Tue Feb 10, 2015 11:55 pm
by Lurker
Monday night 9 Feb‏

Swords, arrows, and bolts quickly fell the remaining standing orcs - leaving 2 snoring under the effect of a sleep spell.

Keh & Herald Bluetooth take the lead in interrogating the 2 bespelled sleeping orc. The dwarf gently bracing the haft of his mace across the 1st orcs throat while squatting behind the orc, and then easily waking him. Once he regains continuousness, and realizes his predicament he stops struggling and does his best to act/be compliant. Keh sees this, smiles and wakes the other orc by burying his axe in the sleeping orcs skull. Then says "You see, you next unless you talk" This ensures the remaining orc becomes completely compliant and as talkative and helpful as he can be.

The interrogation reveals that the orc can't count, but there is a good fist or 2 of 'brothers' down stairs, along with an orc shaman and orc leader (who is as strong as 5 -maybe 20, like I said the orc can't count - brothers combined. Also, there is 'the big temple' downstairs.

After the interrogation, Bluetooth inexplicitly feels compassion for the orc because he was so helpful. However, as he follows the Storm Lord, he then decides to sacrifice the orc to the master of lighting and wind. Keh shrugs and smiles as the dwarf finishes his prayer and brings his mace down on the surprised Orcs thick skull.

Curriative magic and ‘ditch medicin’ are used on the partymembers needing it and then Lupa checks the rest of the floor and scatters pebbles down the stairs to help give advanced warning if something decides to ascend from below.

The party decides to verify the top floor is clear but leaves Keh & Kelidor on the ground floor to watch and defend the floor from anything coming from below.

The remainder of the party begins clearing the rooms along the North wall, Valrune checking the door, opening it and one of the barbarians leaping through the door to check the room while Aeschelong and Lupa guard the unopened doors. Going smoothly and finding nothing except old moldy beds and dust covered clutter. That is, going smoothly until Barleg, one of the barbarians, gets bored with the careful procedures Valrune, Aeschelon, and Lupa were using. He then opens and leaps through 1, 2, 3 doors with Chaktar & Bluetooth quickly following him.

Unfortunately, with the majority of the party at the furthest corner from the stairs, Keh & Kelidor hear the slap of flat orc feet on the stones below and cursing grumbling orc voices. Keh thinks quickly and yells down - in orc - that there is a prisoner. send for help to bring him down. This confuses the below orcs for a few seconds and warns the remainder of the party on the second floor. One orc begins to ascend the stairs to see what was wrong and the other turns and runs to grab more of the tribe. At the same time Lupa turns and sprints down the balcony, the rest of the party trots behind, and Valrune and his wolf companion jogs along to the other side of the balcony, and the 2 reaming barbarians on the second floor to run back out the rooms they had just rushed through.

Barlieg in the heat of the moment, with his barbarian fervor, leaps over the balcony and amazingly gracefully lands on the ground floor and sprints across to reach the top of the stairs. Lupa seeing the barbarian leap cannot be out panached by a half orc, so leaps too - successfully but not quite as gracefully as the bull elk like jump and rush of his friend. The remainder of the party decides to more safely use the stairs so run the length of the balcony.

Keh hearing first Barleg and then Lupa running up behind pushes forward down the stairs enough to bottle neck the orc on the stairs. axe and sword blows are exchanged as the Hobgoblin holds off 1 and then 2 orcs. The half-orc Barbarian rushes down the stairs to stand next to the Hobgoblin and buries his axe (well the axe he picked up to replace the one he left stuck in the door) in the head of one orc. However, more orcs rush up the stairs to replace the fallen.

Lupa yells for Kelidor to gather javelins and tosses a dagger at the orc squaring off against the blood splattered barbarian - a throw that is harmless. The remainder of the party begins to arrive, Aeschelon leaping up on the pedestal overlooking the stairs, slowly followed by Valrune . Herald coming around the pedestal shoots Lupa an angry look when the Renarian Bravo yells to the dwarf to ask someone for help to climb up next to the elf. Chaktar runs to the other side of the stairwell opisate of the Bravo.

Keh's sound burst spell kills one orc and stuns the 4 others. all of which are quickly felled by sword, axe, bolt and arrow, as Kelidor tosses Lupa 2 javelins. The victory is short lived though. as soon as the orcs fall, and Keh backs up to the top of the stairs, Barlieg takes 2 steps forward and then is surrounded by 5 - 6 orcs. One of which wielding a great sword and is big enough to cower all the other brutes clambering to draw blood. Lupa screams orders, slipping back into his practice as an officer of the guard in Zoa, telling the barbarian to back up. An order that is ignored.

Aeschelon makes some amazing shots into the melee felling multiple orcs before they can swing at the surrounded barbarian. The dwarf drops another, Lupa injures one and Chaktar falls a 4th. Barlieg's barrowed axe fells the orc Lupa had injured and then .... the hulking brute swings the mighty sword and gruesomely drops the half orc barbarian.

Lupa curses and launches a javelin into the side of the below hulking orc. The orc shakes off the damage and moves forward up the stars. Aechelon fires an arrow into the orc's neck, and the orc gives a bloody gurgling war cry and continues forward pointing the massive sword at the elven archer. However, the dwarven cleric of the storm lord leap to the top of the stairs and smashes his mace into the side of the brute. Finally, a blow that halts the orc war leader. All sigh with relief as the beast tumbles backwards sown the stairs.

The relief is again short lived as Lupa calls out that Barlieg needs help, and though he is on deaths door may still be saved if they hurry. Devine healing energy slowly mends the grievous wounds as cure spell after cure spell engulf the now battle scared half orc.

After all are recovered, a quick war counsel is held. Lupa, along with one maybe 2 others, argue for caution, but the majority of the party - including the still injured barbarian - argue to throw caution to the wind and vote to explore the area below the temple.

Room after room is checked and found to be clear. Then, the party throws open a door to a room that is lit as if the sun's light was shining into it. A gold eye shaped disk, with words referring to the Valiant Sword's first lead cleric inscribed, on the north wall being the source of the light. Lupa smiles and relaxes a little at the sign of one of the 3 gods he pays homage too.

Re: Monday nights' Kingdom of Kalamar' game recap

Posted: Wed Feb 11, 2015 2:02 am
by Rhuvein
Nice. Thanks for doing the recap.

[Just be sure to mention Herald as much as possible and talk him up in big broad heroic terms ~ and I'll paypal mucho shekels yer way!!]


Re: Monday nights' Kingdom of Kalamar' game recap

Posted: Wed Feb 11, 2015 10:43 pm
by Lurker
Rhuvein wrote:Nice. Thanks for doing the recap.

[Just be sure to mention Herald as much as possible and talk him up in big broad heroic terms ~ and I'll paypal mucho shekels yer way!!]


I did give you credit for making the kill shot on Barlieg's killer so its a start

Honestly, I am trying to make this a well rounded report instead of the "Alywine centric" recaps from the FR campaign. So, if you (or anyone else here for that matter) does something & I forget. Let me know and I'll add it in ASAP !

Re: Monday nights' Kingdom of Kalamar' game recap

Posted: Fri Feb 13, 2015 1:19 am
by Rhuvein
No worries. Just kidding about trying to inflate Herald's meager contributions to the success of the party!! :)

Yer doing a great job!

Re: Monday nights' Kingdom of Kalamar' game recap

Posted: Thu Feb 19, 2015 3:13 am
by Lurker
The party spread out through the underground temple. As they enter they notice a mural on the wall showing a murdered knight, his injured mother, and the sorrowful murder, with words of forgiveness that refer to the God's first high cleric & his murder by a jealous cleric. The final lines being 'and death is negated'

Lupa, having noticed a prayer and sermon book on the pedestal next to the door in the temple and carefully wrapped it to protect it, went to the glowing holy symbol dominating the northern wall of the underground temple and kneeled to read and meditate a few moments while the rest of the party continued to search the side rooms. Going through a room that looked to be a cloak room or a room set aside for the temples priests to prepare for the service. They found multiple robes that appeared to be holy vestments used for the service, also a holy symbol made of semi precious stones, and a silver key. One of the searchers took the symbol to Lupa tossing it to him for safe keeping, and then returned to continue the search.

Barlieg & Keh approached the far, south wall of the temple and looked down a hall to the east. Looking and seeing an orc shaman and 2 other fighters crouching in the shadows. Noticing the one orc waiving his hands and before any could yell a warning, a bolt of magical energy streaks out to strike the half orc barbarian in the chest. Knocking him back on his heels and causing him to gasp from the damage. Barlieg - now again significantly injured, & The hobgoblin shamen yell and rush forward. The rest of the party turn and begin to run to the fray. Lupa being the furthest runs along the east wall and checks the alcove and sees nothing. Then sets guard on the hallway remaining unsearched while the rest of the party joins the melee.

As Barlieg and Keh sprint to the orcs, the shawman again sends magical energy streaking out to again strike the barbarian. This time not only knocking him back on his heels but dropping him in his tracks (for the 3rd time being on deaths door in a few short hours if I remember correctly). Kelidor answers spell for spell and sends magical sleep to blanket to orcs, 2 of which succumb to the spell. The 3rd, and only orc remaining standing, drops his axe and yells he surrenders. Keh answers with a killing blow from his own axe.

The party notices the orcs were standing in front of a 'iron maiden', - which is suprising concidering it is a temple to a good god - and then secures the 2 living, but asleep orcs. The remaining party searches the 3 rooms on this hallway. fining clutter and in each room a statue in a niche . One room having a statute of a knight, the second a statute of a lady mother, the final being a cleric.

The party woke the be spelled orcs. First talking to the orcish shaman - who being a spell caster was at least a little more intelligent than the others. 'How many of you are left' ... "You are here, so all others dead , means 3 left - then seeing the nearby orc and the gaping axe wound - no 2 left". "Where is the leader of your tribe" ... "He dead" - while pointing to the sword Barlieg took off the brute of an orc we killed on the stairs. A few more questions and answers, but nothing too helpful.

One of the party members decides "You know, I've never seen how one of these things works" - pointing to the Iron Maiden at the end of the hall. A shrug and the orc shaman is dragged toward the murderous thing. The orc screams "No, I shaman, I smart than others, I help you figure out riddle" ... 'Riddle what riddle' ... "We find all the doors, but can't open the one here" - pointing to the iron maiden. 'Door ?' ... "Yes, hall goes beyond wall, so must be door. Tribe not open door though. Leader not smart enough. I help you" ... A shrug and the orc is tossed back to the floor.

The other orc's turn. He is woke up, and questioned. But he is no smarter than the others killed on the first floor. This results in him being fed to the Iron Maiden. As the door is closed the beast screams and begs. Then ... gurgles as the spikes of the loving lady embrace him. The shaman shudders at the death of his tribe-member but can do nothing if he hopes to remain among the living.

After a quick discussion - regarding the mural in the main temple room and the story it tells, and the statuettes in the 3 nearby rooms. A quick check, yes the statues can be turned to face in different ways. Quickly the statues are turned so that they result in facing one another like the mural ... click.

Now what to do ... is the trap/riddle solved ??? is the Iron maiden now safe ??? 'Throw the orc into it' ... 'No that won't work, he might break something on the other side, or run away' ... 'So who goes through to see if it is safe?' ... Lupa shrugs and steps into the gruesome lady "Close it slowly, If I yell STOP!" ... The lid is closed slowly and just before it begins to stab the Swashbuckler, the spikes begin to recess ... Lupa screams and shakes the cabinet of death ... then laughs at the surprised friends ... who in turn slam the lid shut. Once the lid shuts the back of the Iron maiden pivots open. The Bravo steps through to the anteroom on the other side. Yells out it is safe, and watches as the party opened the Iron maiden (which closes the hidden door). One at a time Chaktar, Valrune, and Keh move through the now safe Iron Maiden.

The room they are in is 10 by 10 with another door on the east wall. Valrune checks to make sure there is no trap and that there is nothing alive on the other side ready to ambush them. All safe, so he steps back as the door is open.

A long 'L' shaped room with a feast table (long enough to set 12 +) runs the center of the room. An archway on the N end of the room and an alcove nook to the lower east end of the room. 8 piles of bones litter the floor. Lupa yells back to the remainder of the Party "Clerics, we need divine powers NOW" but knowing the room would be too small to hold the rest of the party, rushes into the room and leaps up on the table.

As Lupa sprints into the room, the bones shutter and form into skeletons. All 6 of which rush forward to surround the Bravo. Boney clawed hands swipe at the quick agile and defensively fighting Swashbuckler. Miss after miss, until one luckily swipes at Lupa's leg - causing him to stumble and drawing blood, but not being too grievous of a wound.

One after another, the party moves into the room - all except for Barlieg & Aeschelon who remain behind to watch the captured Orc shaman. Prayers are made and the power of gods intoned, one then another skeleton turns and runs away from the Bravo on the tabletop keeping the skeletons focused on him and drawing them further away from the party members. Then, Master Bluetooth steps forward and his Dwarves prayer booms out cowering all the other skeletons - half run to the north half run into the alcove to the far wall.

Keh smashes 1 before it can flee & he, followed by Lupa, sprint after the 2 others fleeing to the north, the rest of the party set to attack - with ranged weapons - the remaining skeletons. Sling bullets (be spelled and blessed to be more effective against the undead) and crossbow bolts rain into the skeletons and destroy one after another. Lupa and the Hobgoblin shaman corner the remaining skeletons and with axe and sword batter them to re-death.

Lupa and the Orc yell back to the remainder of the party that it is clear - which results in Barlieg & Aeschelon bringing the capture orc through the iron maiden to join the remainder of the party. Keh and Lupa look around the room. Another antechamber with a 10 ft diameter raised pool, with 6 - 8 inches of clear fresh water setting in it untouched by time and the surrounding grime. On the outside of the pool the words "Only those pure may travel further into the light of the Valiant one". On the Northern wall, a large bronze double door closed to the room.

Lupa took a long breath whispered a prayer and cupping his hand dipped out some of the water and took a sip. Cool refreshing, not water that had set stagnant for years untold. The remainder of the party did likewise ... hoping for curative effects - refreshing but not curative. Next Lupa, followed by the few other party members that leaned towards good, attempted to open the bronze doors. Attempts that were successful. Aeschelon was the first to properly guess the needed actions. Washing his hands and face in the water and then attempting to open the doors.

A room of sun like glowing warmth and peace with a 12ft tall statue of the Valiant knight stood before the Northern wall. Aeschelon, after the ceremoniously washing, easily entered the room. As Lupa followed, the light turned into a solid barrier halting the Swashbuckler before he could enter the room. Lupa followed the elf archer/mage's example and baited his hands and face and then he too could enter the room. One by one the party followed suit.

However, before Keh Chaktar & Barlieg attempted to enter, they looked at the now wide eyed captive Orc shaman. A mighty blow ended the evil spell caster's life and solved the issue of how to get such an evil creature into the god blessed room. They then followed the remainder of the party into the room and were surrounded by the peace and warmth filling the room.

The party wisely decided to stay and rest in the room, all easily sleeping the night through. Lupa, in his dreams sees the statue come to life, reach down and take his sword 'Dardo' lifting it and giving the blade a blessing kiss . The sword glowed a gentle blue light and returned to the Rannarian Swashbuckler. Similarly Keh dreamed of the statue approaching him and as the warm pure light covered him he felt the sickening disease beginning to attack his thick skin recoil and leave the diseased Hobgoblin. Eventually, all in the party awake well rested. Chaktar & Valrune set to work using their medical skills on those in the party injured. Returning Lupa and Barlieg to their full health.

The party begins to search the dining room where the skeletons had been and easily find a hallway hidden behind the wall. Herold Bluetooth with his dwarf stone skills teased out the way to open the hidden door. leading to a hall with a doorway to the left, and a stair case going doing into the gloom at the end of the hall.

A quick check at the door finds it untrapped, but a rank foul smell comes from the closed room. The door opens to a room with 8 beds along the northern wall, a table in the center of the room, a chest at the foot of the last bed, and various suits of armor and weapons - all rusted beyond use - on the racks along the closest wall. 4 corpses set up in the beds and begin to shuffle towards the party. Keh charges into the room around one end of the table, Barlieg charges around the other and Lupa leaps up on the table. The 3's weapons, supported by bolt arrow and sling stones make quick work of the zombies. A search finds silver, a gold covered statue, and scrolls of religious and historic note.

Lupa thinks for a moment and realizes the zombies and skeletons were at one time worshipers and lay servants of the temple, so instead of leaving the corpses, uses the sheets and blankets to carefully wrap them and gathering the remains (including the skeletons) in the dining room in order to give them a form of last rites and settle their souls trapped in the undead for years untold.

The party continued to search the hallway as Lupa finished his good deed, and found a leaver. Unsure of the reason for the leaver, and assuming it was to lock and unlock the hidden door, Bluetooth pulls the leaver and feels an click as the mechanics locks. But, none are sure of what it locked and what function it filled.

The party prepared to descend the stairs into the inky darkness below, smelling a foul odor from the depths below. Down they god eventual coming to an octagonal room. Bluetooth, still using his dwarves skills with stonework, notices tubes in the ceiling of the room. with a closer look, they are each filled with a spear Valrune checks to see if he can disarm the trap, and is unable to. Similar Bluetooth tries and is unable to ensure the trap is unarmed. Keh shrugs and sprints across the room. Lupa follows. No spears descend on the 2. One at a time the party runs across the room.

More stairs to descend and eventfully, a room behind a closed door. The party readies as it reaches the end of the stair, closer to the source of the stench filling the area. Once more, the door is checked for traps, and the party readies. The door is thrown open - a mid sized square room with 4 beds, trunks, and more armor racks (this time the weapons and armor are better protected from the elements so actually usable). As the door bangs open, 4 zombies begin to move. However, before their 3rd step, Master Bluetooth sets forward and again intones his god's power. All 4 zombies shutter and cower. Lupa, Barlieg Keh, & Chaktar enter the room, but instead of rushing in with murders glee, Lupa keeps the procession more solemn. Each stand behind a cowering zombie and deliver a quick clean blow to return the 4 to re-death. As they lay the corpses down to again wrap them in bedding to begin the long work of carrying them up the 100+ ft to the rest of the temple's former occupants It is noticed that the zombies wore good quality bronze "back and breast" armor. Armor - that with a good scrubbing - that will be usable. Barlieg quickly sets to work making one set usable.

As the Barbarian cleaned his armor, and Lupa -with assistance - began to carry the corpses to the temple level above - the remainder of the party searched the room. Finding a significant stack of gold and silver, 2 oiled and protected masterwork swords, a gilded scale mail armor, a historic map - dating over 200years which gives some idea on how long the temple had been lost and abandoned - and other items.

The party carries the loot to the upper floor of the underground section of the temple and continues to clear the remaining areas of the temple. Finding a hidden hallway with a false treasure room, and then find the real treasure room - more gold silver and mundane valuable items. Then spend the rest of the day clearing the 2nd floor of the upper temple. After that, they go through the work of beheading all of the orc corps - for the proof for payment - doing their best to give the temples occupants - that had spent numerous years as shambling dead - last rites, and pile the corps of the orc outside the temple.

The next day, they travel back to the town and begin the process of receiving payment from the Cleric of the 'Valiant Sword'. Lupa offers the cleric the prayer book and the holy symbol of semi precious stones for no cost - considering it a good offering of respect and thanks for the blessing he received on his sword. Furthermore, he resists the voice of his Bello's grandfather telling him to be a good merchant 's son and make a good profit of the remainder of the items.

Even without the dickering and bartering, the party made a surprising amount of gold. Additionally, the merchant they originally traveled with made a fair offer - a little low, but Lupa didn't argue knowing the merchant had to make a profit, for the bronze armor - Aeschelon & one other claimed the master work long swords as part of their share despite the merchants offer to buy them.

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Posted: Tue Mar 17, 2015 11:38 pm
by Lurker
The party is asked by the merchant – we find out he is the son of a minor Cosdolian noble – to deliver a message to an associate down in Yolden. From looking at the maps, the trip is estimated to take at least 6 weeks. There are 3 routs we can take, via boat, through the kingdom of Eldor, or along the foothills of Elenon Mountains – skirting the Lendelwood.

The boat rout, Lupa smiles at the tought of once again smelling the salty brine air from a ship, but pirates were expected to be operating out of the islands off the coast of Eldor. Plus the dwarf, shaman, druid and the barbarian were worried,. So Lupa was out voted.

Eldor, a country that hates anyone that isn’t Eldorian even other Brindosians. With the divers make up of the party, no one in the party would have been safe. Somehow, ending in a party hanging was not appealing to anyone, so that route was disregarded fairly quickly.

That leaves the route through the foothills. A slower route with long areas of complete wilderness. Plus, the elves – who were at war with Eldor, would not like the party’s orc and hobgoblin members, but may be appeased by having an elf in the party. The longest, slowest, most difficult route looks to be the least dangerous rout. … So, foot hills and 6+ weeks of trudging up and down broken foothills looking for orc/goblin/brigand/elf/Eldor ambushes at every turn and hoping something larger doesn’t decide to risk an attack.

Now that the route was decided, the party needs to prepair. With gold filling their money bags they head to the villages weapon smiths, armors, leather workers, and general supply store. Crossbows, maces, daggers, are bought – some silvered (which causes Lupa to blink twice and make a comment about “the elves should have cleared their woods from those problems. If not the boat will be safer”. But, the party ignores this and continues to buy supplies. Barlieg’s magical great sword receives a new leather wrap for the hilt, and his bearded axe – that broke the haft in the door from an exceptionaly poor swing – received an new one. Lupa attempts to find master work armor that would fit, and fails. However, he does find a master crafted buckler so discards his battered shield and feels a touch safer. Others find the arms and armor they were looking for and the party is better armed and defended than it was a week ago when it left to find and reclaim an old abandoned temple.

The party digresses into arguing how much water to carry – with multiple clerics druids and a barbarian, some think they can move lighter and faster while others want to carry extra and not overly rely on the divine prayers as the source of their needs. Others buy tents, rope, etc etc etc. Lupa argues water doesn’t need to be carried – with the streems rivers the party will cross and the prayers available, but good wine will be in short supply so that should be the focus of their pack. This is ignored, though he does slip in a few extra skins of wine when no one was looking. A mule is bought to carry the gear. Lupa shrugs when asked how to pack a mule’s pack so a little more gold is handed to the mule skinner so he would teach the party how to properly pack and care for the beast of burden.

Once the dickering is finished for the day. Lupa shrugs, head to the village’s best inn, spends a little coin on a hot bath, more on good wine, one last good civilized meal, fills a pipe with good tobacco, enjoys a few dances with any lass that would dance with him – none of which are half as skilled as his dance partners back at Zoa, but they are better than any he will see over the next long dusty dirty 6 weeks. So, despite a twinge of home sickness, he enjoys an evening of perfumed ladies (lady being loosely used, they are inns maids, serving wenches, shop owners daughters, none holding a candle to a true Reanaarian Lady of Zoa) music, and a good soft bed to rest in.

*** Not a lot of gaming last night but a great BS session. Plus getting all the planning and equipment bought will make next game go a lot smoother! I did take the liberty to add the last paragraph 'after' the game so we can avoid the mischief Lupa would have caused trying to get the barbarians and hobgoblins bathed, fed and try and find a local girl ugly enough to want to dance with them. ;)

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Posted: Thu Apr 16, 2015 2:30 am
by Lurker
The party trudged off to the south as the sun climbed over the mountains . Spreading out the Hobgoblins and Half-Orc lead the party off the beaten paths, followed by Master Bluetooth. In the middle the other party members who are more spell focused and less melee skilled. Lupa, knowing his lack of woodsman skills but having a keen eye and ready sword, fell in to the rear of the party to act as the rear guard. Someone in the middle dragging along the mule that shouldered the bulk of the party's gear.

The first day passed with no incidences, as did the first night and the following day.

The second sunset found the party deep into the wild lands and rolling hill woodlands. A clearing with intermittent trees, shrubs, and boulders provided an acceptable campsite. The group again set up a watch rotation - 2 members awake at all times - and curled up around a fire to sleep. Sometime after midnight clouds rolled in from the ocean to the distant west, followed by rain. Lupa mumbled "Oh no, it will be better to walk through the woods instead of sailing" rolled his eyes and wrapped the wool blanket tighter around himself to try and get a few more hours of sleep.

Sometime later, before the last watch, Kelidor the Half-Elf Mage & Bluetooth the Dwarven cleric hear movement in the rain soaked woods. Keldior, forgetting he is a spell user and weak in combat, moves around the edge of a boulder to the south of the clearing and sees 1, 2 3, no 4 goblins skulking toward the camp. He whistles out to wake the party and then is charged by all 4 goblins. The dwarf peers around another boulder to the north and sees movement. A prayer begins to form on his lips

The party in deep, but rain soaked, sleep hears a warning whistle from the Half-Elf to the south, followed by rushing feet, and then a deafening boom from the north as the dwarf finishes his prayer for a sound burst. All jump to their feet and ready for combat.

The 4 southernmost goblins charge and attack Kelidor . Miss, hit, hit, miss, and the half-elf slumps to the ground unconscious and in danger. Keh-El & the dwarf to the north sees 4 more goblins to the north and Keh-El prays to the woodland spirits and entangles 3 of the 4 in now animated vines and briers. The dwarf fires his crossbow and scares a poor rabbit in the woods nowhere near the goblin he aimed at.

Barlieg leaps from the tree he was sleeping in and charges 3 goblins sneaking around the SW of the clearing. Blows are traded but no damaged done. Aeschelon sees more goblins to the east and prepares a spell. Lupa seeing Kelidor crumpled on the ground and surrounded by goblins, grabs a fire brand to see with and charges the goblins. A well aimed slash dispatches one of the goblins with Lupa yelling out "First kill is mine, Barlieg I don't know where you are so be careful. It will be hard for me to save you in the dark!"

Aeschelon's spell completed and sleep descends on the goblins charging the camp from the east - a group including the war band's leader. One after another the goblins tumble to the ground in deep slumber. Barlieg and the 3 goblins to the west continue to trade ineffective blows. Lupa faces off against the 3 remaining goblins to the south. However, one goblin on the edge of the sleep spell stumbles, falls and snores. Bluetooth takes aim at one of the 3 struggling goblins entangled in the vines and briars and the brambles pulling against them. Now a squirrel is startled as another dwarf fired crossbow bolt misses the goblin. One goblin finally frees himself from the entanglement and hesitates to view the melees surrounding the camp and the goblins' failed ambush.

Aeschelon, turning and seeing Barlieg surrounded by the 3 goblins re-chants his sleep spell and all - including the Half-Orc barbarian - tumble to the ground. Chaktar, seeing Lupa fighting the 2 goblins - one trying to move behind the Bravo for an easy attack, charges around the bolder and intercepts the sneaking goblin. Valrune & his wolf rush over and begin to dispatch the sleeping foes to the east and then move to see if there were any goblins to the north. Unfortunately, they do not see the goblin freed from the entanglement. The skulking goblin grins evilly and sneaks forward to catch the silver haired human unawares. Bluetooth, tiring of scaring innocent woodland critters with his ill aimed bolts, moves to the center of the camp and calls out to his god for aid and blessing, which descends on the party. Lupa finally kills the goblin trading blows with him.

The sneak of a goblin move through the darkened woods and raises his axe to strike Valrune . Before the blow falls, Keh-el delivers a smashing blow to the foe and chuckles at the look of surprise on Valrune's face. Another goblin to the north finally frees himself from the vines and hesitates to see what is best for his survival.

Lupa now turns and grins as he puts the point of Dardo to the back of the goblin fighting Chaktar and says "Continue to fight and you Will die. Stop and you may live" the goblin surprised by the feel of the blessed sword pushing against his back drops his axe. Chaktar grins and with club and axe kill the unarmed foe. Lupa shrugs and comments "and maybe you won't" then reaches down to drag his unconscious friend to the other side of the boulder. 2 goblins from the north charge the dwarf cleric but he avoids their blows as he drops his thus far useless crossbow and hefts his mace. The remaining goblin entangled in the results of Keh-El's spell frees himself and moves out of the area of enspelled vines. Right into the waiting jaws of Valrune's wolf. His last few seconds of life and freedom ended in bloody jaws and snapping teeth.

Lupa, seeing the dwarf's fight rushes across the clearing and in mid stride strikes off one of the goblin's head. The other goblin, realizing the ambush was a complete and hopeless affair, turns and runs, followed by the last remaining conscious goblin. Bluetooth reaches down and grabs his cross bow, grumbling about the little beast escaping. Before he can take aim and fire, Aeschelon raises his bow and sends an arrow into one of the fleeing goblin's back. It stumbles but continues to flee into the dark rain soaked woods. Bluetooth raises his crossbow and fires, expecting another miss, he - with the entire party - is amazed when the bolt strikes the goblin's back and tumbles him to the ground.

Lupa begins to yell out to brag about his kills having the most flare and style. However, before he can begin to brag, Aeschelon, cursing that "No stinking goblin will run free this night" draws back his bow watches the goblin disappear into a ravine and then looses the arrow when he sees the goblin clambering up the other side. As the goblin reaches the top of the muddy ravine, and elfin crafted arrow strikes home. The goblin gurgles and tumbles backwards into the muddy ravine, dead before hitting the bottom. Lupa, rolls his eyes and mumbles 'Demandable lucky elf and his bow' as he leans back onto a tree trunk and begins to clean Dardo and watch the rest of the party do the grim work of killing the remaining bespelled goblins, and looting their corpses.

A few coins, a bag of semiprecious stones, a gold armband, and a weakly enchanted axe were found among the dead humanoids.

The next day, after the spell casters further rest and recover their spells, the party again sets off through the wild lands. Uphill and downhill, across rain swollen streams. A little time after lunch, they enter a larger & wider ravine, with a large stream, they largest they have thus far crossed. As the Barbarian and druids discussed how to best cross the stream, Lupa yelled from the rear guard of the party "Toss in the dwarf to see how deep it is" Bluetooth growled back "You can try, but you'll lose a head in the attempt" . The party chuckling at the banter began to get out ropes. Barlieg remembered he had a grappling hook and began to tie it to the end of a rope. However, Lupa began to have an uneasy feeling about the crossing. Seeing it as a perfect spot for an ambush so clambered up a nearby boulder to view the area. First looking across the creek peering into the brush and rocks but seeing nothing.

As Barlieg began to spin the rope to throw it across the flooded creek, Lupa looked down into the brush, rocks and driftwood on this side of the stream. Jumbled into a pile, bones and other signs of danger , just upstream around the crook in the stream.

"No! stop! don't get into the water it isn't ...' Before Lupa could say "safe", Barlieg looses the swinging grapple hook, and 2 giant frogs leap out of the water.

The Hobgoblins, the Half-Orc, and the dwarf at the stream's edge are scattered, Both frogs tongues snap out, one missing the dwarf, the other hitting and sticking to Barlieg Lupa yells to the rest of the party for help and slides down the face of the boulder. However, before he reaches the rocks below, axe, club, mace and arrow, kills one frog and then the other. One frog sliding harmlessly back into the water, but the other tongue still attached to the barbarian drags the half-orc towards the rushing water. Soon enough the tongue is loosened.

However, Lupa yells and grabs the bodies of the giant frogs before the sink out of sight or are swept downstream. Confused looks cross the faces of his friends, until he says "Help me and we will eat well tonight. That is if you know how to clean these beasts and can find some wild garlic or onions" . Soon enough the frogs are being cleaned and butchered, while the rest of the party search to bones laying at the foot of the boulder.

A little worth keeping was found. Chiefly a masterwork mace, good leather armor, and a ivory pipe being the most valuable.

*** I think I got all the spell casters with their spells but may be off a bit.

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Posted: Thu Apr 16, 2015 3:40 am
by Rigon
Damn, does my game sound fun. ;)


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Posted: Thu Apr 16, 2015 10:38 pm
by Lurker
Rigon wrote:Damn, does my game sound fun. ;)


If you think it sounds fun, you should play in it ... Oh wait then who would run it ???? :lol:

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Posted: Thu Apr 16, 2015 10:54 pm
by Rigon
Lurker wrote:
Rigon wrote:Damn, does my game sound fun. ;)


If you think it sounds fun, you should play in it ... Oh wait then who would run it ???? :lol:
Well, there is that other guy. ;)


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Posted: Wed Apr 29, 2015 9:27 pm
by Lurker
*** Sorry this isn't up to par, but with my connection issues and dropping 3 or 4 times, I missed exactly who did what. Here you go on at least a summary ****

After a good dinner of giant frog legs, and an uneventful night the party continued trudging southward toward the out skirts of the Lendelwoods. As they passed through the wild lands the terrain became more severe. Washes and steep box canyons became more common. One such wash funneled the party into what Lupa and the barbarians felt would be a perfect ambush site.

The barbarians looked at the steep, near vertical, walls and didn't think they could scale it. Valrune set to the task and after a few minutes was above the wash. Looking across the wash, nothing was seen hiding behind rock or bush. However, looking down the 40+ foot canyon wall and around a slight bend, 2 ogres.

A quick discussion results in Valrune tying off a rope and tossing it down to the party below. Unfortunately, the ogres, having seen the party traveling down the path already knew they were there. A deep gruff pair of voices yell out "You come here, you pay to use path, you go away, all ok, just you come and pay"

Lupa points up the rope and tries to hurry the party along. However, before anyone could begin to scale the cliff, the Ogres see the druid/thief onto of the ravine with the rope dangling below. A yell "No, you come and pay" and the 2 brutes rush forward.

As they run, a mumbled spell is cast and one ogre slows and crumples, to the ground fast asleep. The other continues to rush forward. Lupa steps out from behind the rock he had planned to use for cover, and begins to mock the brute. The ogre, unwisely, takes time to roar back at the Reanaarian bravo . This moment hesitation gives the rest of the party a chance to act. An arrow from the top of the ravine misses and clatters harmlessly in the rocks. However, a second spell is finished and the ogre joins his partner in crime and crumples into sleep. They then learn a lesson, the last lesson of their lives, a sleeping brute's throat is easily cut.

Another night and day pass without incidence. However late into the 5th (or 6th night, it all blurs together) before last watch the 2 party members on watch hear the rush of wings in the dark night skies above. A warning is passed along the party and all awake just as a wyvern descends with a roar. Kelidor runs into the night a good 40 to 50 ft to an outcropping of rock to have a little cover and protection. Bluetooth calls out to his god and his prayer is answered with a boom. Chaktar retreats to the north to get enough room for an entangle spell to be cast and yells for the party to make room.

The wyvern, with its ears ringing, roars and swipes at the 5 party members within its range. 1 claw misses, the bite also misses it's mark, but the last swipe at Barlieg finds it's mark - doing minimal damage. Lupa yells for everyone to get cover and the remainder of the party - a few were left busy dodging the wyvern so could not run - runs to the rocks that the half-elf mage/cleric used for cover.

Chaktar seeing that he could not use entangle without trapping Barlieg and Bluetooth there next to the wyvern, charged forward, and has to dodge the beast's tail. He follows the monster's attack with a javelin. One that strikes home. With the wyvern 's attention turned Barlieg is able to move back out of the range of claw and fang.

The party rains javelin, arrow, and spell into the wyvern. Finally, Bluetooth wielding his newly acquired masterwork mace makes a solid hit on the monster's skull, felling the beast. The party debates about what to do, butcher it for its poison sack in its tail, skin it for its hide. Eventually, it is decided that it won't be worth the time and effort. However, Lupa having a few ideas pulls out 4 of the monster's fangs.

A day and a night pass without incidence and the party finds itself across the river that marks the NE border of ... A debate about what path to take. Go into the woods and trust the hospitality of the elves. The 2 Hobgoblins and the Half-Orc look sideways at that thought. So it is decided to skirt the woods and travel along the forested foot hills along the eastern border of the elves' kingdom.

After noon, as the party travels through the wooded hills, the donkey carrying the party's baggage bulks. Setting down and refuses to move forward. Keildor cast's detect evil and surveys the surrounding woodlands. Seeing no evil lurking in the woods shrugs. However. the donkey goes from bulking to trying to turn and go back to the north. The party scatters to find cover in the surrounding woods, but Bluetooth finds himself stuck holding the reigns of the beast of burden.

From the south comes an odd sound a deep throated growl/hoot. The sound is followed by a huge brute of an owl bear. The beast charges forward, but as it runs Kelior finishes the spell he had prepared. A wave of sleep hits the beast, which has no effect. For once, Kelior 's favorite spell has failed him ... However, Bluetooth, despite holding the reigns of the panicking pack animal, finishes his prayer and a defining boom stuns the beast. With it momentarily stunned, the party's barbarians, hobgoblins, and Lupa charge in. Barlieg, being the first to arrive, delivers a massive blow with 'Elf Bane' - his magical sword. Following the Half-Orc's attack, the rest of the party rain blows down on the beast. Finally, one of the Hobgoblins also makes a devastating attack and fells the monster.

The party, relieved now that the owl-bear is dead, but what to do now ... track it back to its nest/layer and get its eggs? .... Don't they live in packs, we may have killed 1 but fighting 3 or 4 of them at once ... Eventually, the decision to move south and not waste more time is made. But before they leave, Lupa picks 4 of the beast's largest wing/arm feathers. Sticking one in the band of his hat and carefully packing the others with the wyvern's fangs in his pack.

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Posted: Wed May 06, 2015 9:45 pm
by Lurker
04 May recap

For 5 days, after the encounter with the owlbear, the party trekked southward through the wild lands bordering the wooded elf kingdom . Late in the morning on the 6th day, through the woods the party sees a wisp of smoke.

Closer inspection show them the ruins of a small keep squatting on top of a long finger of a hill. From the distances all that can be seen is a tumble of rocks on top of the steep sided and wooded hill. The overgrown remains of a cart path is fond and can be seen to follow an easier, but winding, path up to the top of the hill. A quick discussion followed ... "What should we do" "Is it worth it" "What could be up there". ... Finally, Lupa with a smirk says "We have 2 options. They are good and we may be able to share a good meal and spend a night under some sort of shelter besides the endless trees. Or, they are bad and we need to kill them before they ambush us or someone else. Either way we have to go up, scout it out, and see what is there". Finally all the party agreed.

Now who to scout ... Lupa looked around and shook his head at the forest. "I'm from Zoa and can scout out the best caf shops, inns, and dance halls, but these woods are out of my realm". Barlieg's time to smirk at the citified bravo. "What you afraid of being dirty and walking around in the woods". Everyone, including Lupa, laughs at the good natured banter between the friends.

Barlieg leads the party along the old path to where they can see the front and some of the sides of the ruins squatting on top of the hillock. the front, facing east, is little more than piles of rocks and collapsed outer walls exposing ruined rooms. Large boulders (to big to be giant thrown, they must have been slung by a catapult or other war machine)litter the area and can even be seen through collapsed gate in the court yard. The northern wall appears to be intact, but the southern wall has a middle section collapsed from what appears to be a boulder strike.

Lupa, having listened to his father's talks about cavalry fighting during Zoa's 'Orc plague' war, knew it would be a bad idea to have everyone rush the gate in mass. He points to the southern wall and trots back down the path with Chaktar following behind. At the base of the hill, about halfway to the end of the hill, Chaktar begins to easily climb the hill. Lupa grumbles at the ease the Hobgoblin can scale the steep incline, and then continues on the end of the hill so he can climb it and come up facing the southern wall. Lupa continues to mutter as he slips repeatedly in the thick wet loose leaves covering the steep slope "Oh yeas, it will be easier and safer to walk" ... slide back 10 ft ... "instead of sailing" ... move a little up the hill slide back more ... . "This blasted hill is so much easier than a good flat ship's deck".

While Lupa is fumbling his way up the side of the hill, Barlieg stalks up to the rubble and piles of rocks outside of the destroyed gate of the keep. He can see nothing in the keep but does hear muffled sounds. Also, from the top of the hill he sees a small out building possibly a guard house and an overgrown fenced in area that may have once been a pig pen. Eventually, at the southern end of the hill he see the Ranarian swashbuckler - grime, dirt, and leaf covered - finally make it to the woods edge, sees Chaktar ready in the woods in front of the guard house, and the rest of the party ready back where e left them. The half-orc barbarian then waves the party forward.

Aeschelon & Kelidor are the first to move running to one end of the guard house, as Chaktar moves to the other. As they near the outbuilding, from the shadows behind it, 3 gnolls lope out into view. Luckily they had not noticed the party approaching the ruins. Their presence answered Lupa's statement. No doubt, the inhabitants are bad, so the fight is on.

Aeschelon quickly casts a spell, and a wave of sleep descends on the 3 gnolls, 2 of which stumble and fall in their tracks. The third looks around in alarm and sees Barlieg as he stands from his hiding place and grinningly draws 'elf-bane' and prepares to start the melee. The gnoll howls out a warning to the rest of his pack and charges the barbarian. Barks, yelps, and growls echo from inside the ruined keep as the pack reacts to the one gnolls warnings. From the rooms left standing in and around the dirt floored courtyard, gnolls poor out of their hiding spots. The dwarven cleric calls out to his good and a clap of thunder slams the few gnolls that ran out into view in the open gate way.

Chaktar and Kelidor run around the north end of the out building and Aeschelon runs to the south. Lupa, making up for his inept attempt at climbing the hill, bounds up the pile of rubble and sees the gnolls pouring into the court yard. Easily over 10 - 12 of the beasts with 2 gnolls to the south of the group having their back to Lupa. A quick toss of a javelin ... misses the gnoll and alerts the 2 to his presence. They turn and charge toward the Bravo standing on the rubble around the hole in the curtain wall. He responds by raising is buckler and bringing his sword to a guard position and braces for the attack. Lupa then notices a new Gnoll that just emerged from a doorway. It is larger and more vicious looking than the others. It begins to bark orders to the rest of the pack.

Barlieg bats away the spear thrust from the first charging gnoll, and swings his magical sword in return, barely missing the flee bitten beast. Harold Bluetooth calls out again to the storm lord and a clap of thunder results in 6 maybe 8 of the gnolls to be hurt by the blast of sound - if you consider 1 hp damage as hurt ;-) -, a few even are stunned by it. Someone else in the group to the north finishes his spell and another wave of sleep descends on the gnolls in the court yard. 4 of them tumble to the ground fast asleep, but one gnoll quickly kicks one of them who fell at his feet awake, leaving 3 still asleep. Chaktar jogs up to the 2 sleeping gnolls outside the keep and dispatches them while Valrune slings in a stone that cracks the head of the gnoll that was going to awake another sleeping gnoll, head but does not drop him.

The gnolls in the courtyard seek cover and try to figure out what to do with their ears ringing, some stunned by the thunder clap, and others asleep. Again the pack leader growls orders and they prepare to rush out the gateway.

Aeschelon sees the 2 gnolls in the courtyard below Lupa and expertly fires an arrow into one's shoulder. This rocks the beast back and open it to an attack from the swashbuckler. Lupa swings Dardo – his magical/blessed cut and thrust sword - and easily lops off the brutes head. The other gnoll attempts to skewer the Bravo with its spear but Lupa easily blocks it with his buckler.

Barlieg raises "elf-bane" and brings it down with a mighty swing, nearly chopping the gnoll in half. Crossbow bolts and sling bullets begin to be shot at the gnolls. Then, Valrune completes his spell. In the middle of the pack, out of the dirt floor of the courtyard, vines, thorns and brambles erupt. Covering most of the northern half of the courtyard and entangling the vast majority of the pack. A few are able to avoid the vines, but they have a difficult time ahead of them trying to make it out of the area covered by the vines and grasping thorns. At the same time, Kelidor finishes his prayer for a blessing on the party and all of those around the destroyed gate feel the benefit of the divine blessing descend on them.

The gnolls, except for the pack leader, the 1 remaining fighting Lupa, and the one to the north that avoided the vines and was able to work his way clear, are all either asleep, stunned, of entangled by the vines and brambles. Some of which are effected by both sleep and the entanglement. Those that can try and free themselves, some do, but they now have to move 10, 15, or 20 feet through the grasping vines. A movement that will take multiple rounds and may even result in them being tangled again. The pack leader, standing a mere few feet from the edge of the vines, turns to see the headless corps fall from Lupa's attack and the rest of his pack trapped in the vines, turns and run into another room. The other gnoll fighting Lupa backs away to follow the leader, but does not turn and run - which would have opened up an easy attack for the swashbuckler.

Lupa, guessing at the layout of the rooms along the front of the keep and the amount of damage done to the outer wall guesses the pack leader will have a way out through the rubble yells a warning then hops down to fight the gnoll backing away. Another swing of Dardo and the gnoll falls to the ground eviscerated and dying. Lups dryly jokes, "See, dog, don't run from a fight. You just die more tired". Aeschelon fires an arrow into the pack entangled in the court yard.

The pack leader emerges from the rubble, but does not surprise any of the group because of Lupa's warning. Within moments, arrow, bolt, and sling bullets are fired at the hulking gnoll. Most miss but a few find their mark. Also, someone finishes their spell and glowing farie fire begins to dance on most of the gnolls entangled in the courtyard. A few more of the pack free themselves, momentarily, from the vines and begin to try and move toward freedom. Some of the ones that earlier broke free of the vines and attempted to move to the edge of the area are again entangled. However, 1 finally makes it to the northern edge of the area. It runs through a double door out of the courtyard, and soon jumps through a hole in the wall at the back edged of the courtyard - avoiding the vines. It sprints toward an open door to an inner building.

Aeschelon has a difficult shot through a ruined room at the back of the pack leader but fires anyway. Striking but doing little damage. However, the pack leader, seeing that his pack is overmatched, turns and sprints out toward the edge of the hill that gave Lupa so much trouble to scale. Barlieg, seeing it run, drops 'elf-bane' draws his bow and running after the gnoll notches an arrow. Bluetooth, runs after him as fast as his little dwarf legs can carry him, but is quickly left behind.

Lupa seeing the gnoll enter the building in the courtyard and seeing a door strait across the courtyard from him moves to block the hole in the curtain wall in case the gnoll tries to flee that way. The rest of the party fires at the entangled gnolls and Kelidor casts bane on them to further add to their woes.

The pack leader leap/slides down the hill and continues to sprint through the woods as Barlieg slides to a halt about halfway down the hill. With little thought he draws back the bow string and looses the arrow. It streaks through the woods and ... with a thump embed itself in the back of the fleeing gnoll's head. The pack leader tumbles and crashes to the ground twitching then dead. Barlieg and the dwarven cleric (Along with the rest of us) let out a yell of joy at the amazing shot.

A gnoll bursts through the door in front of Lupa but does not hesitate when it sees the Ranarian Bravo between it and freedom and safety through the hole in the southern wall. 2 running steps and a leap ... Lupa crouched and ready swings at the beast, and ..... misses .... The gnoll clears him in its leap, lands on the rubble, and the leaps out of the hole toward the woods. Another gnoll finally frees itself and following the previous gnoll to the north runs through the double doors.

Before Lupa can yell that one is escaping to the south, the fleeing gnoll leaps off the side of the hill. However, it is not as graceful or sure footed as the pack leader. The gnoll leapt down the steep hill, but slid and tripped on the layer of loose muddy leaves, and careened into a dead fall. Lupa heard the crashing of the underbrush, the thud, the gnolls howl and whimper of pain and then silence. The Ranarian Bravo shrugs and thinks to himself that I may have been lucky that his accent up the hill face resulted with him only being grime covered and muddy instead of laying at the foot of the hill with a broken neck.

Aeschelon and others rain death onto the entangled gnolls as Lupa runs back through the path the fleeing gnoll had taken and readies for the other gnoll to come out of the hole in the north wall after freeing itself. However, as it emerges from the hole in the north wall, a warning is yelled. The entangling vines twitch and retreat back into the dirt courtyard. 3 gnolls are freed, but in short order by Aeschelon's arrows, Bluetooth's mace, Keh-El's axe, Kelidor & Valrune's sling, are dispatched. That leaving the one gnoll facing Lupa.

The beast stabs at the Bravo with his spear, but trips and shatters it on the wall. Lupa grinning dances back and readies for a good duel. However Aeschelon decides to fire an arrow, barely grazing the gnoll. Valrune too fires a sling shot at the brute but misses and bounces it off a boulder, narrowly missing Lupa. The rest of the party sets back to enjoy the duel - Bluetooth even taking time to light his pipe and take a swig of brandy.

Lupa, in his overconfidence, dances in and swings at the lone remaining gnoll. A swing that over extends the swashbuckler and leaves him tripped up and ducking the gnoll's following attacks. Luckily, despite out of position, he is able to avoid the beasts attacks. However, before Lupa could turn and counterattack, and before the dwarven cleric could take a second swig, Valrune moved behind the gnoll and delivers a killing blow.

Lupa, annoyed - more at himself for tripping in such an easy 'dance' than at Valrune for interfering with the combat, looks around the ruined courtyard. Seeing all the carnage, and then at his friend. He begins to walk over to Harold Bluetooth to grab a swig of brandy. As he walks he bursts out laughing. "At least 14 gnolls, all dead, and not a scratch on any of us!"

Re: Monday nights' Kingdom of Kalamar' game recap

Posted: Fri May 15, 2015 12:01 am
by Lurker
After Lupa handed back Master Bluetooth's flask - now one swig lighter - He look around and said "Now for the boring work", gave a crooked smile and shrugged, and the party set off exploring the keep.

In the out building - what turned out to be a workman's shed not a guard out building as Lupa had assumed - they found old rusted tools and the like. They then searched the ruined guard room to the south of the destroyed gate, noting but dust, dirt and rubble. The next room was a mostly intact store room. Filled with half rotten bits of meat and ruined food stuffs. The worst, to Lupa, was finding a cask of excellent elven wine, and next to it a flask of good dark beer, both busted and spoiled.

Across the court yard the party finds what had once been a barracks room. Now a din for the pack of gnolls. Well it was until the party sent them to meet their demon god and the eternal punishment their evil lives had earned them. The room filled with old beds and clutter from the gnolls. To the north of the room was a dining area, mostly unspoiled. However, more interestingly, to the south a door to the first floor to the circular tower jutting above the keep. The room appeared to be used by the gnoll leader. The bed in it larger than the others, and slightly less flea infested, and the room less cluttered and filth covered. Along one wall a stairway circling up to the floor above, and at the foot of the bed a dirty rug.

Moving the rug, a trap door going down to the basement of the tower. No traps found and the door is open. Aeschelon goes down and sees a 10 by 15 ft room with 2 alcoves in the northern wall. In front of one, a skeleton. At the site of the pile of dusty bones he scurries back up the ladder ... Lupa. with a roll of his eyes at his friends bravery, climbs down into the dark basement and calls for someone to hand him a light. After lighting the lamp, Aeschelon hesitantly climbs back down the ladder but stops at the foot of it, one hand on the ladder ready to scramble back up at the drop of a hat. Kelidor climbs halfway down the ladder but can go no further with the elf bowman standing in the way. The rest of the party gathers around the maw of the trap door with Harlod Bluetooth smiling at the thought of 1 little skeleton and relighting his pipe.

Lupa yells to the dwarf "Save some for me I'll be up soon enough" and steps forward. With the step the bones rattle to life. Lupa in arrogant overconfidence gives his crooked smile and prepares to attack the skeleton. Kelidor calls out to his god and ... nothing. Aeschelon quickly fires off an arrow that barely nicks the skeleton. Lupa's smile broadens at the thought of an easy fight and as he raises Dardo for the strike, then hesitates.

The empty eye sockets of the skeleton glow a bright white, and before Lupa can complete his attack a bolt of lightning erupts from them striking Lupa, then Aeschelon, and finally Kelidor. Even Lupa's quick reflexes couldn't avoid the bolt at such close range.

The dwarven cleric jumps and nearly drops his pipe at the unexpected flash of blinding light and deafening boom from below. Looking down into the darkness below he sees the bodies of Aeschelon and Kelidor collapsed and unmoving at the foot of the ladder. At the edge of the square of light he sees the twitching foot of Lupa who was injured and knocked unconscious by the bolt - but despite being at point blank to the bolt is somehow in better shape than the other 2 struck by the bolt.

The dwarf cursed and scrambled down the ladder, calling out a prayer to turn the skeleton as he hurried down the ladder. To no avail. The skeleton hesitated for a moment at the dwarf's noises, then took another step toward the stunned and twitching Lupa. Raising its foot to stomp down on the Bravo. The Dwarf rushes forward with his morning star raised, and Keh-El , halfway down the ladder, calls out to his brutal god. Finally divine power reaches out and pushes back the skeleton.

With the animated, and electrified, bones cowering in the back corner of the basement, the dwarven cleric has no problem smashing it to dust. The remainder of the party crowds into the basement to give aid to the 3 downed friends. Lupa, suffering the least damage is easily awakened and able to function, though he continues to twitch from the shock from time to time for the next few hours. The other 2, after receiving aid and being moved to the gnoll pack leader's bed slowly, eventually, awoke. However, even awake the 2 were able to do little more than moan and twitch.

The remainder of the party searched the 2nd floor of the tower. Then Lupa and Bluetooth searched the stables and the remaining ruined guard room on the north side of the gate.

Then the party dragged the corpses of the gnolls out of the court yard. A debate of what to do with them ... burry them, tooooo much work digging a hole big enough for them, ... throw them in the out building ... to far to drag them, ... Finally, Master Bluetooth "Just stack them up here (pointing to the side of the path leading up to the gate). That will send a message to anyone or anything that comes this way!" A few more comments are made, but eventually the dwarf's idea wins the debate.

After the grisly work is done, the party sets down to survey the items recovered from the gnolls and the keep they had squatted on.
A few bags of coins - adding up to a fair amount of gold
3 gems
3 bronze masterwork elf made goblets
a masterwork broad sword - which Bluetooth offers to Lupa, who intern smiles at the dwarf and then tucks it into donkey pack ... The thought of trading Dardo for a random blade ... for shame ...
A magical wooden buckler (Eventually shown to be +1 - given to Valrune )
A magical steal medium shield (Eventually shown to be +1 - Given to Harold)
A flask of a magical potion (Eventually shown to be protection from arrows)
A scroll with 3 arcane spells ( I can't remember the spells)
A magical Periapt (Eventually shown to be 'wound closure' - given to Barleig, the party's 'Blood sponge')
The party then sets to making the keep (well the barracks room in the keep) more defendable. As they are going to have to spend a few nights in the ruined keep. At least one night so that those injured by the skeleton's lightning bolt, can recover and the party's clerics can gain access to the much needed curative magic. Another night so that the mages can identify the specifics of the magic items found.

The flee infested beds are piled in the hole in the wall of the room and doused with 2 flasks of oil to make a barricade. Then the northern door to the barracks room was spiked shut. Then all the doors in the keep were closed.

In the middle of the night, Lupa on watch leaned against the northern wall of the room next to the door hears scratching and rattling at the door. He begins to nudge Harold, who was asleep on the other side of the door, awake. At the same time Kah-el sees the door across the court yard open. In the darkness he can make out one, no 2 gnolls. Lupa quietly wakes Barlieg, who was sleeping in the abandoned dining room with the donkey tied to the table. Kah-el wakes Chaktar and Valrun. The 2 remainder party members are in no shape to fight so are left asleep in the 1st floor of the tower.

Lupa and Harold hear the pat of feet running from the spiked door. Valrune finishes his spell and 2 of the gnolls howl as they are engulfed in farie fire and begin to glow in the darkness. Kah-el tosses a javelin, but misses. Then chaos.

A rush of 4, 6, no 8 gnolls, 3 leaping over the make shift stop gap of beds and clutter, one of the 3 rushing forward to the rubble Chaktar and Kah-el were using as cover. The charge ends with a trusted spear that strikes one of the hobgoblins, but does little damage. 2 other gnolls leap on the beds and howl in anticipation of the fight. 2 or 3 other gnolls are still running through the court yard.

Valrune expertly launches a sling stone, striking the gnoll that had just stabbed the hobgoblin. Bluetooth fires his crossbow hitting the same gnoll. Lupa charges forward drawing Dardo, but missing his swing at the now injured gnoll.

Barlieg rushes to the shouldering fire and grabs a fire brand, tosses it at the pile of trash that is the make shift barricade. Unfortunately, he misses and hits the wall next to the makeshift barrier. Luckily, the firebrand breaks and one of the flaming splinters lands on an oil soaked rag. The flame erupts engulfing 4 of the gnolls. 3 of which respond by rolling around the floor inside the room to put out the fire. the 4th is out in the courtyard doing the same.

Kah-el smashes the injured gnoll with his great axe, finally felling the brute. Following his toss of the firebrand, the half-orc barbarian finishes his charge and nearly cuts the first burning gnoll in half with his magical great sword. Lupa steps up and stabs the second killing it too. Chaktar then dispatches the 3rd flaming gnoll.

The 2 uninjured gnolls out in the courtyard turn tale and run, disappearing into the night dark woods. Keh-el steps up and flings a javelin at the final injured and smoldering gnoll, skewering it. Bluetooth follows suite with a well placed crossbow bolt. However, the gnoll, despite its grievous injuries, is able to flee into the dark.

Barleig sprints up the stairs to the tower's second floor to try and get a final shot at the fleeing gnolls. Someone mentions chasing the fleeing gnolls, but Lupa - still smarting from the lightning bolt, and knowing all the spell casters are taped out and in need of significant rest replies "Somehow, running in the night dark woods after those gnolls just seems like a bad idea to me" The rest of the party agrees. Barleig slowly climbs down the stairs, disappointed that it was just to dark and the woods too thick to see the gnolls.

Mid morning, the party rested enough begins the process of healing the injuries and the mages begin to magically identify the found items. However, after all is done, it is too late to begin to travel so another night will be spent in the ruins.

More beds and debris are piled up to make a barricade. However, with only limited oil available, Harold begins to poor some of his brandy on the beds. At this Lupa jumps up and begins to draw Dardo. "Friend dwarf, that I cannot allow you to do! A cask of good elf vintage ruined is bad enough, but good brandy ... poured on this trash .... Never! We will have words and cross blades if 1 drop of that blessed liquid is spilled!" Before blood is spilled, someone hesitantly pours 2 more flasks of oil onto the debris. Satisfied, Lupa smiles at the dwarf, "there now no need to waste it, but you can share it along with a pipe full of tobac"

The party sets to watch and rest. Just after nightfall, Kelidor sees the door across the courtyard once again slowly open. The party readies for another melee. However, instead of a gnoll crouching in the shadows, an elf with cautious eyes and notched arrow - but not drawn bow - stands purposely where it can be seen & in turn see the party members on the southern end of the barracks.

After a few tense seconds of questions and answers, but then Aeschelon calls out to his elfin kin. His voice recognized by the elf marshal calms the situation. 8 elves step out of surrounding shadows and approach the party in peace - peace, but cautious watchfulness of the party's 2 hobgoblins, the half-orc, and Valrune (the elves not knowing what to make of a nearly 7 ft tall whip thin human). Talk is made between the groups. In the talks, Lupa shows the masterwork goblets and is told of the noble family that once stood watch at the keep. He smiles and gives the elf leader the goblets and tells him to return them to their rightful owners. The elf, surprised slightly by the Ranarian's act, saying "We carry no coin with us so, they can't be paid for now, but ..." Lupa cuts him off, at the mention of payment and coin ... "No worry on payment. A kind though for us and a whispered prayer to 'The Bright Eyed Traveler' for me is payment enough"

The talk turned to Aeschelon and his family. The party new some of his history but apparently not all of it. The words sister and slavery were prominent in the conversation. Then the fact came out that it had been reported that an elf maid meeting his sister's description had been seen being taken into Pal Brolenon.

At the word of slavery Lupa's face turned dark ... he remembering the rival family of Niawee. Their long standing hatred and the Niawee's blatant ties to slavery. On top of that the thought of an innocent elf maid, especially one that is kin to a friend of Lupa, being taken to the slave market ... A growled "Dardo, my beauty, It looks like we are going to soon be traveling to Pel Brolenon" escapes his lips as he inches the magical sword from its sheath and rubs his thumb along the blessed blue glowing blade.

Re: Monday nights' Kingdom of Kalamar' game recap

Posted: Thu May 28, 2015 2:33 am
by Lurker
I hate that this is such a weak/short recap. However, with my com issues & only being able to hear about 1/3rd of the game in 2 - 5 minute spurts ....

We traveled 6ish more days - making it to the southern edge of the woods.

Were attacked one night by 4 Keches. 2 of the 4 were entangled by someone's entangle spell. 1 was able to knock Aeschelon down and out with a claw claw bite combo. We killed the second one, the 3rd got free and helped the 1st one try and drag the unconscious elf bowman into the woods while we focused on killing the 4th. We (by we I mean you all, I was coms dead for the end of the fight) finally killed the 1st and 3rd kech and rescued the elf.

A few nights later, we were attacked by 4 giant spiders. I was on watch during the attack and readied for them, using a bolder as cover. The spiders charged, and some of the hobgoblins (or maybe Balrog) counter charged them. One spider scrambled up the bolder I was behind and with one well place swing from Dardo, I was able to bisect the critter. Someone was able to knock out 2 others with a well placed sleep spell. That left 5 adventures struggling to kill the last spider - I and ??? Aeschelon ??? dispatched the 2 sleeping spiders. The 5 on 1 fight took a bit longer than you'd expect as the night's trend of rolling higher for damage than the to hit roll continued. Giving the spider a few rounds of life before the inevitable outcome .

Another night resulted in Etercaps attacking us. Again, the party's go to spells of entangle and sleep are cast. Entangle works trapping 2 of them and slowing the 3rd as it had to move out of the spell's effected area. The sleep spell washed over them with no effect. I opened combat with a well thrown javelin then backed up to where the rest of the party was. I stood shoulder to shoulder with Chaktar (I think) as the more spell focused members of the party moved behind the cover we gave. Then .... coms out ... the battle was over by the time I came back up (I may have gotten an attack in there as the coms came up and went back down ...)

Once we make it out of the woods, Lupa argues for the team to speed up. "We have a chance to free his sister - pointing to Aechelon - A maid being sold into slavery and the sister of one of our own. How can we do nothing!" Eventually, the party agrees to try, so the remaining 3 week trip will be hurried and cut down to 2.

The problem, we will have to cut through open country on a strait route through an area that does not like foreigners and hates demi-humans and is heavily patrolled.

Speed will be of the essence! Belts are tightened, packs are checked for proper fit and off we go. eyes looking for the tell tale dust of a patrol and hoping to see horses that can be 'bought' to speed us along through the area.

Re: Monday nights' Kingdom of Kalamar' game recap

Posted: Thu May 28, 2015 2:35 am
by Lurker
I hate that this is such a weak/short recap. However, with my com issues & only being able to hear about 1/3rd of the game in 2 - 5 minute spurts ....

We traveled 6ish more days - making it to the southern edge of the woods.

Were attacked one night by 4 Keches. 2 of the 4 were entangled by someone's entangle spell. 1 was able to knock Aeschelon down and out with a claw claw bite combo. We killed the second one, the 3rd got free and helped the 1st one try and drag the unconscious elf bowman into the woods while we focused on killing the 4th. We (by we I mean you all, I was coms dead for the end of the fight) finally killed the 1st and 3rd kech and rescued the elf.

A few nights later, we were attacked by 4 giant spiders. I was on watch during the attack and readied for them, using a bolder as cover. The spiders charged, and some of the hobgoblins (or maybe Balrog) counter charged them. One spider scrambled up the bolder I was behind and with one well place swing from Dardo, I was able to bisect the critter. Someone was able to knock out 2 others with a well placed sleep spell. That left 5 adventures struggling to kill the last spider - I and ??? Aeschelon ??? dispatched the 2 sleeping spiders. The 5 on 1 fight took a bit longer than you'd expect as the night's trend of rolling higher for damage than the to hit roll continued. Giving the spider a few rounds of life before the inevitable outcome .

Another night resulted in Etercaps attacking us. Again, the party's go to spells of entangle and sleep are cast. Entangle works trapping 2 of them and slowing the 3rd as it had to move out of the spell's effected area. The sleep spell washed over them with no effect. I opened combat with a well thrown javelin then backed up to where the rest of the party was. I stood shoulder to shoulder with Chaktar (I think) as the more spell focused members of the party moved behind the cover we gave. Then .... coms out ... the battle was over by the time I came back up (I may have gotten an attack in there as the coms came up and went back down ...)

Once we make it out of the woods, Lupa argues for the team to speed up. "We have a chance to free his sister - pointing to Aechelon - A maid being sold into slavery and the sister of one of our own. How can we do nothing!" Eventually, the party agrees to try, so the remaining 3 week trip will be hurried and cut down to 2.

The problem, we will have to cut through open country on a strait route through an area that does not like foreigners and hates demi-humans and is heavily patrolled.

Speed will be of the essence! Belts are tightened, packs are checked for proper fit and off we go. eyes looking for the tell tale dust of a patrol and hoping to see horses that can be 'bought' to speed us along through the area.

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Posted: Tue Jun 23, 2015 2:24 pm
by Lurker
Worked through an hour of com issues before we could start playing ….

Horses, we need horses. However, the land around was controlled by an oppressive xenophobic society. As such, any non human would be killed on site. That leaves Lupa to try and find and acquire the needed mounts

Lupa, knowing the rumors of the attitudes of the area's inhabitants, isn't hopeful but head off. He saunters into town smiling and nodding – a good merchant's best tool is his smile echoes in his head from hearing it time and time again from his mother's father. Sadly, the smiles are met with frowns and thinly veiled hatred.

Lupa makes it to the town's furrier but before he can finish a sentence, the local spits into the dust between Lupa's feet. Knowing that the horse master's next action would be to grab a hammer or a whip – which would force Lupa to kill him – Lupa turns and walks back out of town. However, he still hopes to find the needed mounts. This leads him to approach a larger farm he passed as he walked into town.

He is greeted by the farmer and his 4 sons. All with weapons in hand, but not drawn and ready. Lupa again takes the merchant's manor and nicely talks to the farmer. Again hostility. Sadly, repeatedly being called 'boy' wears on Lupa, so he drops the veneer of niceness and begins to trade barb for barb. Eventually threats and warning of death are traded. Thus guaranteed that no horses will be purchased.

Lupa takes and extra 3 hours to return to the party to make a trail that leads any one following on an long wandering route.

The party begins to make plans on how to acquire the horses … sneak into the farm and steal the horses … payment should be left … burn the barn down … what, why … don't forget the saddle etc, …. However, none want to attempt the heist this night and expecting trouble the party moves to the east into the near by foothills.

Late that night, 2 on watch see a lone person walking toward the camp, but head down looking for tracks. A quick sleep spell drops him in his tracks. The rest of the party is woken and Barlieg runs out and grabs the sleeping scout. Soon the sounds of a large horse patrol are heard approaching from the west.

As the party prepares the patrol comes into view of the torch the scout dropped (and the half orc barbarian left in the open). The patrol’s officer halts his men and orders a squad to circle to the south while he and the other squat continues following the trail.

Quickly, 2 spells are cast and over half of the soldiers nod and drop from their mounts – 3 or 4 horses also succumb to the spell effects – as sleep descends on them. Confusion descends on the patrol as the officer looks around and begins to yell orders.

Barlieg yells out to halt and show themselves or the scout would die. At the same time another spell is cast and the officer and his remain patrol is engulfed in an area of entangling and grasping plants. Horses and men are tripped grasped and some pulled down.

From the south, the patrol sgt yells for a charge and rides toward the stand of trees the party is camped in. He fails to look behind and see that all but 1 of his men were be-spelled His remaining follower hesitates but then rids behind his sgt. Barlieg shrugs and plunges his dagger in the neck of the sleeping scout.

Lupa raises his buckler and easily ducks the sgt's attack as he rides by into the camp. Valrune's wolf charges forward and causes the horse to kick and leap. This throws off the rider and he lands hard but quickly gains his feet and draws his short sword ready to fight. Aeschelon launches an arrow into the chest of the soldier before he can ride into the camp, tumbling him off the back of the horse.

Lupa grabs the reigns of the horse and pulls it away from the melee, going to grab the horse of the second rider. The half-orc barbarian, the dwarf cleric, and the druid's wolf attack the sgt – taking longer than expected to finish the foe. Meanwhile Kelidor Valrune and others move to the entangled group. The rest go around and begin to dispatch the be-spelled patrol men.

The blood work is quickly finished, but with Lupa sadly shaking his head.

What now, ride hard ride fast get out of this country … what of the bodies … leave them … move them and hide them … make them look like it was an orc party from the mountains … strip them of all valuables …

2 days of hard riding sees the party leaving the country and in more friendly lands. Soon, a traveling merchant train is seen, and before a sleep spell can be cast, Lupa rides out and greats the merchant and his guards and retainers.

The party talks and deals with the merchant to sell the loot from the patrol, the extra horses. Money that Lupa's conscious will not let him take.

As the bantering, horse trading, and haggling continues Lupa asks and gets info about the local area and the best route to take to get to Yelden. travel to Ospolen then take a boat along the coast down around to Yelden. After 3 days of easier riding, the party finds itself in the Mendarian capitol. Lupa easily finds an honest captain with a sturdy ship and hires the party onto the ship for the 4 days it will take to sail to the southern village.

Lupa smiles as the ship sets sail. It may not be a family ship, but being on deck was better than walking mile after mile.

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Posted: Wed Sep 02, 2015 12:56 am
by Lurker
Wow I can't believe how long it has been since I updated this.

Lets catch up real quick

Sailed to the village with no issue. However, some didn't pay the extra to take their horses (this comes into play later)

Wondered around the village a bit, was refused admittance to the best inn (Lupa was almost ready to fight for that). Found out there was a temple to a zenophobic god in town (Lupa wanted to go pick a fight so he can get a real duel there too, but got out voted) While everyone went to a tailor to get cloths good enough to go to the castle in (Lupa smirked at the common wool and cotton offered) Lupa went to the temple of the bright eyed traveler (one of the 2 god/goddesses) he worships.

While there runs into the guy the party was going to the castle to meet. Finds out that he needs help freeing a friend from jail, and finds out the guy that can help them free him hangs out in one of the village's 3 inns/public houses. Lupa tells the party, so they pay for their cloths (they will eventually need them any way, though they are still subpar according to Lupa) and head to that in for dinner.

The party goes into the in a few at a time and spreads out. Lupa and 1 other sees the guy and head over to talk to him (telling enough half truths and half lies to keep him talking and interested, but not enough to condemn them if he is going to betray them). However, the head cleric of the evil church and 5 or 6 of his followers are there. Harold decides to not only start a bar fight, but pulls out his mace and goes to bashing heads (Lupa yells to remind him no bloodshed in the bar, so he stops when he has stunned his first target). Spells are cast and that convinces the cleric's followers to run away when the cleric can't counter the spells)

Lupa grumbles about he not being able to duel because it will cause problems, but everyone will start a bar fight with the people he wanted to duel and not bat an eye. Then the plan is made to break the guy out of jail.

It goes off with little problem. One of the prisoners starts yelling to be freed so Lupa throws him a wine skin to shut him up before the guards hear.

I missed the next game, so only know the party had to break into the castle and looked for clues to where their patron's father was (in the woods to the SW a day ot 2 away).

The party tries to leave quickly, but discovers they have only 3 horses (Lupa mocks the ones without ) so their patron has to spend most of the day getting horses for everyone. Lupa wants to start a duel again, but again is out voted.

The next day they start off and reach the woods mid afternoon. Just in time to be ambushed by a juvenile green dragon. The fight is back and forth, but eventually the party is victorious (Lupa's precision with the javelin finally brings the beast down) and the party camps for the night.

The next day they begin to search the area and are approached by a dragonet. It tells the party that it has information about the guy they are looking for, but we have to help him first. A tribe of goblins have moved into an old cave/dwarf keep and were polluting the mini-dragon's favorite fishing stream. We have to clear out the cave and kill or chase off the goblins before the dragonet will give them the clue it has.

Re: Monday nights' Kingdom of Kalamar' game recap

Posted: Wed Sep 02, 2015 1:08 am
by Lurker
The dragonet Zen fluttered off as the party surveyed the stream and the trail leading up to the dwarven outpost now occupied by the goblin war band. Lupa, remembering his father’s talks about the skirmishes he and his men fought against the goblins and orcs that raided Zoa’s outlying lands. And a plan is formed

The party spread out around the cave entrance and in front of the stream. Lupa nods and a glamor is cast. The sounds of a distant caravan echo through the woods. This is enhanced by a few members of the party adding their voices to the spell created din. Not surprising, a few goblins leave the cave to spy out the source of the noise, in hopes of an easy ambush.

2 goblins stand out in the clearing, with one or 2 more in the shadow of the cave. Lupa holds his breath hoping the rest of the party would hold till more of the nasty little goblins came out of the cave. Sadly, Barleg and one of the hobgoblins did not wait, but charged out to attack the goblins. The goblins scream at the onrush and the fist of goblins in the cave mouth retreat back into the darkness. A quick spell puts the 2 goblins in the clearing to sleep. Then arrows begin to rain down out of the cave mouth. Lupa cursing the barbarian and hobgoblin’s impatience tries to think of a way to entice more of the goblins out of the cave.

Lupa grabs a spear that the goblins had dropped and dodges the falling arrows. A few seconds later one of the goblins is pined to the ground like the bug it was. The goblin screams out as the pain crashes through the sleep spell. Lupa taking no joy in the suffering, but knowing this would be nothing compared to the torchers they would receive if he and his party fails to win the day. Barleg, seeing Lupa follows suite and grabs another dropped spear and skewers the other goblin. However, he is less careful on the placement of the spear. This goblin gurgled and dies from the wound.

Lupa, and then the hobgoblins and the half orc barbarian begin to yell insults into the cave to try and get the goblins to charge out. Sadly, only harsh goblin voices, and numerous unaimed arrows, are the answers to the party’s taunts. However, after a few minutes barks and growls are heard coming from the cave. Then, 2 war dogs leap form the cave mouth charging out to the party. A quick spell puts the charging dogs to sleep.

The party breaks down into a debate, what to do, charge in, the fight will be tight and dangerous. Wait outside the cave and hold the goblins in the cave until they starved and came out to fight, no telling how long the goblins would hold out. Build a fire and smoke the goblins out. The smoke would be pleasant compared to the stench coming from the cave. Also, what to do with the dogs. The decision to tie them up a few moments before they awaken was finally decided on. However, the decision on what to do with the goblin filled cave was not easy to come to. Soon, Lupa was the one impatient …

Lupa grits his teeth unsheathes Dardo and leaps into the cave mouth. The goblins jump back in surprise at the unexpected attack and the magic blessed blade’s blue glow. A few arrows and javelins are shot at the Zoan bravo, who easily bats them aside with his steel buckler. Barleg seeing his friend and rival jump into the fray follows the swashbuckler into the gloom of the cave and the 2 easily dispatch 4 of the goblins in the first chamber of the dwarven cave. The remainder retreat back down a passage into another deeper room of the cave. The rest of the party blinks in surprise and then follows the bravo and the barbarian into the cave to fight the goblins in the tight dark cave complex. A dangerous fight it became.

Lupa carefully moves forward down the passage yelling out when he saw danger. Arrows would streak through the gloom and the goblins would fall. This lasted for the first few minutes. However, soon the front section of the cave was cleared and the goblins retreated past the section of the cave that was filled with the stench of the rotting carcus of a long dead cave bear.

However, Barleg eventually grew more daring and tired of Lupa’s carful advancement, and being a half-orc did not need the glowing light of Dardo, so he rushed forward. 4, 5, 6 javelins rain down on the barbarian as he runs headlong into an ambush set up in a Y in the passage. Most of them fall harmlessly around the hulking barbarian but 3 find their mark. Injuring the half orc. Lupa, followed by the ranger the party had freed from jail, rush forward to support the injured barbarian. The fighting is harsh and dangerous, with the barbarian and the ranger falling to their injuries. Soon arrows streak out from the remainder of the party and a spell is cast causing a handful of the goblins to tumble to sleep. Soon, more spells are cast to return the 2 injured party members to full health.

The party again began to advance more slowly, finding the goblins and then holding them at bay as arrows and spells dispatched the nasty little beasts. One spell used repeatedly, and to great effect, was sound clap. Killing and stunning the goblins making them easier opponants for those fighting at the front of the party. Unfortunately, even moving more carefully, Barleg again finds himself as the target of an ambush, and is again injured. However, this time Lupa was near at hand to help defend and deflect some of the javelins. As the barbarian stumbles back Lupa pushes forward to keep the goblins from storming into a wide chamber in the hall. And bottlenecks the goblins in a far hall. The fighting is dangerous, but Lupa using Dardo and his buckler with great defensive effect avoids the goblins numerous sword thrusts. The party again rains arrows into the goblins, but this time comes painfully close to sticking the bravo with some of the arrows.

The goblins soon fall to the arrows and then Lupa’s blue glowing blade of Dardo. Those that remain retreat into the further reaches of the cave. Lupa holds the passage but tells the remainder of the party to search the area to make sure there were no goblins hiding in the side passages and alcoves in this section of the cave complex. A barracks room and storage, along with a disgusting pile of trash were the only things found.

Lupa nods and moves forward down the passage. This time it is the Zoaarian Bravo that finds himself the target of an expertly laid goblin ambush. 8 javelins streak out of the gloom! Most clatter harmlessly along the floor and off the cave wall, but 2 come painfully close to hitting the swashbuckler. Then 6 goblins rush forward to try and overwhelm the bravo. A curse and yell alert the rest of the party to Lupa’s danger and they quickly support their friend. Arrow, spell – the last sound burst of the party, and sword lay waste to the stinking little vermin. As the last of them fall, lupa sees a bigger gobbling and 3 others retreat into another room. Lupa and Barleg quickly follow.

Only to find an empty room. They yell back for assistance and Valrunae comes forward. The over tall silver skinned man soon finds a hidden door in a pile of rubble. The door leads to a painfully narrow passage that snakes off into the darkness. The party soon discuses who should lead into the tunnel. However, the discussion is only half hearted, as Lupa is the only one with the fighting skills balanced by the small frame needed to more easily navigate the tight passage. Lupa prays to the valiant sword, thank the god for his skill and the blessed blade, and wiggles into the dark passage. The going is tight and gets tighter, and long. Minute after minute the bravo works his way forward. Eventually finding a small 10 by 10 room. A room with cloths hung on the wall and a chest in the corner, but otherwise empty. Lupa sends Aeschelon back to bring up the party, and to get Valrune up to search for a door way or hidden passage.

As the party makes their way through the tunnel, Lupa brushes against a tripwire that sends out a clattering alarm. Soon, as the party emerges from the tunnel, a hidden door is thrown open and 2 more war dogs leap at the startled party members. Lupa and Barleg hold off the snarling biting beasts and soon arrow, sling stone, and sword /axe blow dispatch the wardogs. Keh-El, to the rest of the party’s horror, slices off a big chunk of the dog’s rear leg and begins to gleefully eat the raw dog meat.

Lupa, as much to get away from the site of the feasting hobgoblin as to bring the fight to the goblins, pushes into the room behind the now open hidden door. A room that looks to be a bed room but with 2 more regular goblins, 3 goblins of greater size and strength, and behind them a goblin stronger, and better armed and armored, than all the rest. Finally, the war band leader –and the end to the fighting in the darkness.

The 2 common goblins fall easily to Lupa’s Dardo and Barleg’s swrd elf bane. The rest of the party enters the room and all go to work on the remainder of the stronger goblins. A sleep spell is cast, but only 2 of the goblins tumble to sleep. Lupa curses and calls out a warning that these are not easy foes and then pushes forward to attack. He avoids the first blows but is pushed back and the goblin leader’s blade finally bites home – doing some small damage to the thus far lucky swashbuckler. Barleg and Keh-El. combined forces and fell the goblin warrior, leaving Lupa and the war leader. The fight goes back and forth for a few minutes with neither getting the upper hand. A few scratches and near hits are exchanged, and Lupa smiles at the thought of a real opponent and good duel. Another attack and the goblin retreats back into a final room. However, other party members, as the mopped up the remainder of the goblins and cleared the side passage, were in the room. Before Lupa could attack again, Aeschelon’ arrow streaks out and fells the goblin warlord.

For the next day, the party binds its wounds and heals the injuries, and searches the once dwarven cave complex. Finding a small amount of coin, a few potions and scrolls, but no great treasure.

Re: Monday nights' Kingdom of Kalamar' game recap

Posted: Fri Sep 04, 2015 1:54 am
by Lurker
I just re-read the recap. it is heavily Lupa a Barleg focused. I know everyone had critical moments in clearing the goblins out of the cave. Pleas post additions or remind me where and when your moment in the spot light was & I'll edit them in.

Re: Monday nights' Kingdom of Kalamar' game recap

Posted: Fri Sep 04, 2015 6:25 pm
by Kayolan
Don't mind the Lupa and Barleig focus at all, and considering how the two have a friendly sort of rivalry it makes sense. Thanks for posting these recaps Lurker.

Re: Monday nights' Kingdom of Kalamar' game recap

Posted: Sat Oct 03, 2015 2:35 am
by Lurker
I missed a week so there is a gap that covers the action killing all of the slavers. Here is what I know:

The quasi dragon told the party that the duke and some of his men were captured and taken to a keep in the woods that was controlled by slavers.

The party found the keep and planed the assault.

The plan worked and they were able to take over the keep, kill all of the slavers, free all the slaves –without them being injured – and suffered little harm.

Part of the assault resulted in a group of slavers were trapped in a building and the building was set ablaze. The slavers broke out of the burning building into the ambush the party had set up for them.

The freed slaves were 3 elfs, they know Aeschelon and his abducted sister, the duke, 5 of his followers.

The elves told the party that up till 10 days ago they had been together with the abducted sister. However, then a band of hobgoblins had met the slavers and they bought the elf maid. One elf, that understood the harsh language, overheard that she would be an offering for a special ceremony for one of their dark gods on the upcoming ‘dark moon’.

And that is the summary.

The party helped the newly freed slaves mount the horses they could round up, some needing to ride 2 to a horse, and hurried the rag tag group through the woods and back to the town of Yelden. News of Aescholon’s sister putting urgency in the group.

Arriving back at the town, the party easily brushed aside the duke’s opponents and ensured he would claim his title and gain control of the region. Additionally, Lupa, behind in good standing with the temple to the traveler and reader of the stars, inquired about the hobgoblins’ “dark moon”. A worried look crossed the priests’ faces and they told how it is a dark and evil night. But that as it was special to an evil power, they don’t normally track the triple lunar eclipse. However, given some small time, and a few spells, the temple will gladly find the next occurrence of the “Dark Moon”.

As Lupa finished talking with the priests of the far traveler, the party gathered to visit the various craftsman smiths and merchants. Gold changed hands and various master works items were purchased. Additionally, Valrun took the green dragon skin to a tanner and commissioned a set of armor to be made for the youngling dragon’s hide.

Within a few days, the duke had solidified his hold on power and called for a ceremony to begin his reign and to bestow the title of “Master of the Eastern Mark” on each of the party members. That night a few of the party left the town, leading a band of men-at-arms and sergeants to occupy the keep and begin to protect the far holdings of Yelden from the rampaging slavers.

Lupa penning 3 letters – one to his father’s family, one to his mother’s family, and the last to his aunt’s raven haired maid (the maid that had delivered him the gift of Dardo and a kiss when he boarded and left his beloved city) – told them of the adventures and all he had seen and done over the last 6 months after leaving the Bello trade cog. Also he told Bondone family of the political information they family can use from this distant west land. Furthermore, He told the Bello family of the critical trade ties and alliances he had began in Cosdal and now in the Mendarnian town of Yelden. After paying a trustworthy merchant to make sure the letters were sent of the next trade vessel that would travel towards Zoa.

A meeting with the Duke, specific lower nobles, and important traders and merchants, and Lupa set out ides to bring the town into a favorable trade position with Zoa in general specifically with the Bello family. This excited the new duke and his subjects as it will bring gold into the coffers, improve their standing in the area, and force the kingdom to provide more men-at-arms and guards to push back the incursion of the slavers.

The next day as Lupa and Barleg wandered through the town, Laughing and joking and commenting on being newly minted “Masters of the East March” they found themselves outside of the temple to the scorn lord. (A temple that had annoyed the swashbuckler, and one that the duke had admitted that he dislike having in his realm) One of the accolades heard the Zoan bravo and the half orc barbarian, and screamed in fury and charged the swashbuckler. Lupa easily avoided the wild swings of the mace, and waved off his friend and rival. Lupa continued to bat away the attacks of the xenophobic priest, and began to mock his attacks, his temple, and his dark evil beliefs. Finally
“So, you want to trade passes, that is more than fine with me. I look forward to showing just how pathetic you and your ill-advised and dark beliefs are. What are your rules, first blood, until mercy is called for, or to the final breath? I call for no magic and will” before the bravo could finish his sentence the priest smirked and gave a bespelled command of “Run” before Lupa knew what was happening he was running down the muddy street.

The half-orc barbarian, seeing his friend bespelled and running growled and then roared at the cheating priest. The result being the priest nearly fainting and wetting himself at the site of the brutal barbarian. Lupa, freed from the spell, turns and sprints back now not wanting to just trade blows be wanting blood. Before the swashbuckler could return, the temple’s high priest stepped out on the stoa of the temple and shook his head saying simply “pathetic” before he shut the door. Just in time to keep the half orc barbarian from peeing into the temple.

The cowering priest was too fearful to do anything, especially duel the furious Renarian. Angry as he was, Lupa could not bring himself to murder the priest. SO he grabs him by the scruff of the neck and drags him to the center of town. Telling how he was so cowardly that he would use a spell in a duel he had started, how he had started a duel and failed to land even one blow, how he had wet himself by being yelled at, and how the temple’s head priest had abandoned one of his priests, and allowed his temple door to be peed on. “What kind of belief can allow that, support that!” “Good men and women of Yelden, why do you allow such to stay among you?”

The crowd yells agreement and begins to pelt the priest with rotten food. Soon, the town guards arrive to break up the crowd, but are surprised to see 2 of the new “Masters of the East March” in the crowd instigating the riot. The sergeant, worried that he would be involved with more than he could handle, was relieved when Lupa signaled for the crowd to calm and then explained how the priest had started the fight, swung his weapon first, and had used a spell in a duel against an opponent that had no spells of his own. The sergeant’s face darkened at hearing the priest had attacked, without provocation, not one but 2 officers of the realm and then took the priest to the jail until the duke could pass sentence.

That evening, priest of the far traveler sought out Lupa and his friends with news. The ‘Dark Moon’ would happen soon – in 24 evenings to be exact. Also, their scrying spells had found the tribe of hobgoblins in their general location.(In a large valley 14 days total travel and to the NNE above the head waters of the Cronder River). Also, that the elf maid was alive and relatively unharmed.

The next morning, the party road north as fast as they could ride without wearing out their horses. Soon the party had left the lands of Yelden and were riding through the foot hills of the Yan Elenon Mountains. Day after day the party traveled and after a week reached the town of Narnolen, on the banks of the Cronder River. There the party turned to the east and traveled into the mountains. The following afternoon, the party sees a fist of hobgoblins stalking through the rocks ahead. Both parties see each other at the same time …

Lupa run up beside Barleg “You take left and me right, or do we fight together…” before he could finish arrows rained down on the 2 friends. The Barbarian (in his new magic armor) laughs as the arrows miss or bounce off the half orc’s armor as he draws his magic great sword. Lupa smirks as he draws Dardo, but then gasps as a hobgoblin marksman gets an arrow past the swashbuckler’s buckler and pierces the bravo’s shoulder. The barbarian smirks at his injured friend ad says something about “your turn to keep up” as he runs to the Hobgoblins to the north of the trail. Lupa, after pulling out the arrow, runs toward the ones to the south.

Spells are cast and the vegetation around the attacking hobgoblins comes to life, Thunder crashes and a berserker roar bursts out and sleep descends on the brutes. Aeschelon’s bow brings down at least 2, Barleg finishes hic charge and in one swipe with his great sword fells the archer that had shot his friend. Seconds later Lupa’s charge ends with him eviscerating one of the few hobgoblins that had avoided the spells and was still standing. More spells fell more of the goblinoids, 2 of the brutes to the north escape the grasping vines and Barleg charges after them, killing one then the other.

As the barbarian fed his blood lust, Lupa and Aeschelon began to tie the hands of the hobgoblins that were bespelled and asleep. But before they could stop him, Barleg killed the last of the sleeping hobgoblins. However, that still left 2 hobgoblins to interrogate.

Spells and a smile resulted in the party having more information than they had hoped for. After the questioning, Lupa smiles at the hobgoblin “What weapon do you prefer?” “Grrr, sword, why you ask” The bravo doesn’t answer but simply tosses him a sword and steps back and allows the brute to cut free his hands. “What this, what you do” Lupa smiles at Barleg and say “What about you” The half orc shrugs

Aeschelon Smiles at the 2 hobgoblins, “Apparently, if you fight and live, you can go free” Lupa nods and flexes his recently injured (and more recently healed) shoulder.

The first Hobgoblin roars and charges the Ranarian bravo. The goblinoid’s attack was too high and the swashbuckler easily slides Dardo into the surprised brute’s heart. Lupa lies the brute down and ceramonisily crosses his arms and give a prayer to the Valiant swordsman.

The second hobgoblin roars and charges the half orc barbarian. Blows rain down on the 2 as the hobgoblin cannot get past the barbarian’s armor but is too nimble for the half orc to land a decisive blow. Soon Lupa is yelling out “You can run around roaring and loping off head, but you can’t hit a single foe in a one on one fight … Hurry up my shoulder still aches and I need a splash of brandy to get the dust out of my throat” Finally, with a mighty swing, Barleg barriers ‘Elf Bane’ in the hobgoblin’s skull. “This is stupid, fighting shouldn’t be like this, there is no roaring in this fight. You can keep your fancy duel … “ and he stops grumbling when the bravo tosses a wine skin to the barbarian.

“Ok, now to plan and then to ride, we have what 3 more days of travel before we get to the valley. Then 10 to 15 miles (depending on how we enter the valley) of riding through hobgoblin infested and patrolled terority, then a ziggurat with the elf maid and other prisoners to save”. Lupa shrugs and says “All I know is that when we get out of the cursed temple, we are going to have to ride as hard as we can and make sure that no matter what your (looking at Aeschelon) sister must make it out alive to freedom. The rest of us ….” A shrug of the shoulders finishes the thought.

Re: Monday nights' Kingdom of Kalamar' game recap

Posted: Sun Oct 04, 2015 2:52 am
by Rigon
Man, do you make my games sound so much cooler than I think they are. Thanks.


Re: Monday nights' Kingdom of Kalamar' game recap

Posted: Sun Oct 04, 2015 3:16 am
by Lurker
Well, I'll say the only thing that wasn't cool in your game ..... was that command spell ! ;)

I may put words in the characters' mouths here and there - for dramatic effect of course - but the game itself is all you and yes it is that cool!

Glad you all enjoy the write ups though.

Re: Monday nights' Kingdom of Kalamar' game recap

Posted: Sat Oct 31, 2015 1:17 am
by Lurker
The party rode into the hill lands for 2 more day, balancing the need for speed against the caution required to travel through the wild foot hills and rough lands that lead to the mountain valley that the hobgoblin tribe had made as their home.

Barlieg, Keh-El and at times Valrune led the party acting as scouts and doing their best to find a clear and moderately safe path through to the N side of the Hobgoblin valley (still some days away). The rest of the party traveling a good 100 yards behind but ready to ride to the others aid when needed.

Late in the morning, Lupa, looking through the shrubs and the stunted oak trees, sees his half orc barbarian friend stop moving and pear intently through a pass between 2 steep ridge/hills that flanked the route they were headed. The party slides off their horses as quietly as possible and begins to move to the east as quickly as they can without making too much noise.

Barlieg, not liking the feel of the path in front of him searches the rocky path in front of them. 2 steep cliff sided hills that stretch to the south and north ensure they party can’t attempt to go around or find a safer path. However, the barbarian, and the hobgoblin berserker/shaman next to him, know this is a perfect place for an ambush. “It is where I way lay us from” … a grunt and nod was all the answer needed. A quick glance behind showed the party was moving through the brush and all had bow/crossbows/slings out and ready. The barbarian staled forward and finally saw what he feared. Ambush … and worse still it was a giant crouched behind a boulder.

The half orc smiled and began moving into the path between the 2 cliff faces. A boulder whizzing out from showed path showed the giant had finally seen the half orc. However, the giant’s aim was faulty, and the rock bounced harmlessly into the shrub. The half-orc yelled out a battle cry and rushed into the path. Lupa sighed and ran forward to the rocks in the mouth of the pass. As he slid behind the cover of the rocks, he fired a crossbow bolt into the hulking giant now standing up from behind pile of rocks it had crouched behind. The bolt flew true, but did little damage. The sigh became a curse when 3 more giants stood up and chunked more boulders at the barbarian, again missing their mark. Arrows and sling stones rained down onto the giants. Most finding their mark, but doing little damage.

Barlieg, looks into the showed filled pass and seeing 4 giants hefting clubs and grinning as they prepared to throw more rocks at the only target they could see … namely the half orc barbarian. Normally, over confident, the barbarian would have charged forward into the fray leaving the Rannarian bravo and the rest of the party to follow. However, for once he has a plan. Barlieg scrambled up the rock face to a ledge 40 ft up the side of the northern cliff. Lupa stood up from behind the rock pile he had slid behind and fired another bolt into the shoulder of the closest giant. Aeschelon fired an arrow into the back of the same giant and then scrambled up the southern cliff. To find a ledge like the barbarian. Keh-El scrambled up after the elf, but in his haste missed a hand hold and tumbled back down the clif. To end in a dazed dust covered and bruised lump at the base of the cliff. The giants threw their rocks, but luckily missed their marks again. Then they turned to focus on the lone barbarian .

Barlieg pulled his bow string back and fired down into the giants below, followed by the elf on the other cliff. Kelidor stood up and prepared a spell and held its final word on his lips ready for the giants to charge. Keh-El stumbled out of the pass and took cover behind rocks as he prayed for healing power. Moments later his scrapes and bruises faded as the storm lord answered his prayer. Lupa shuttered at the thought of 4 giants, then drew Dardo, taped it’s magic blade on his buckler 4 times for luck and stepped into the path. Yelling to get the giants attention. One, arrow pierced giant after another turns. Looking at the swashbuckler making rude gestures at the mouth of the path. 2 giants turn to rush the lone swordsman.

As they closed the gap, Kelidor finished his spell and the pass is filled with a shapr crack, the spell knocked the giants back on their heels. Lupa darted forward and sunk the blessed blade of Dardo into the thigh of the giant, severing the artery and felling the beast.

More spells and arrows streak down onto the remaining giants. One more wobbles and falls in its tracks. The last 2 again throw rocks at the barbarian on the ledge, but they bounse off the clif faces around him. Barlieg answers as he fires another arrow into the giant below him and it crumples. The last giant, having been hit only a few times by the rain off arrows, was still in good shape, but seeing the corpses of his 3 comrades, turns and runs into the hills. Aeschelon and Barlieg grin at each other from the opposite cliff faces and pul back their bow strings. Aiming at the fleeing giant they loose the arrows. The arrows arch up and then descend. Barlieg’s arrow clatter into the rocks but the elf’s aim is truer. However, the arrow is little more than a pin prick to the giant. Who without halting his stride reaches back and plucks it out of his shoulder like a man pulling out the stinger of a bee from his shoulder. In contempt of the wound bee, he snaps the elf arrow and trots into the hills.

Lupa, leaned against the giant he fell, smirks at the party as then gather around the giants’ dead bodies. “If only the valley we head to will be this easy to clear. But somehow I doubt it will be …” Then lifts his blessed cut and thrust sword, and lops off the head of the giant brute.

Re: Monday nights' Kingdom of Kalamar' game recap

Posted: Fri Nov 13, 2015 2:39 am
by Lurker
The party gathered at the end of the pass, after giving Lupa a sidelong glance because of the bag full of decapitated giant heads laying at his feet, and began to debate.

How do we make it into the valley, and have a chance at making it out alive, with all of the Hobgoblins.

Abandon Aeschelon’s sister …. , ride into the valley - arrows swords and spells ready – sneak into the valley and hope to go unnoticed, bluff and lie our way into the valley, wonder around for a week or more and then attempt to cross into the valley the day of the eclipse, … back and forth the discussion goes.

No plan is cemented, but all agree no one plan is good and that we are too weak to attempt a stand up fight and that we will have to be flexible regardless of the plan.

The group continued to travel around the foot hills working their way to the passes that will take the party to the north side of the valley.

As they traveled they noticed a cave entrance midway up a hill. In front of the cave, the ground was torn and turned. Looking like some large beast, insect, or animal had ripped and worked the ground. Barleg & Valrune both looked and agreed that it was something but they couldn’t tell exactly what it was. However, both cautioned that whatever could do that would be dangerous.

What about the cave, How do we look into it … Before the sentence was finished someone light a rag and toseed it with an oil flask into the cave mouth. The flask broke and oil-fire covered the mouth of the cave. All watched as the fire spread, burned and slowly died. Quickly, Lupa realized all were focused on the cave, and no the surrounding area. He turned and began to watch the north and west – crossbow loaded and ready.

As the fire died, and nothing moved in the cave, Keh-El moved toward the cave, carefully and slowly approaching the area of disturbed earth. As he neared the area, 2 Ankhegs burst forth. However, the party was – relatively – ready, Lupa fired his crossbow – too high missing the mark – Aeschelon followed with an arrow – hitting but doing little damage, others fired arrows and sling stones. Finally, someone cast entangle and the Ankhegs clicked and clattered in frustration as the roots and vines in the area began to wrap and try and entangle the giant insectoids.
One was able to quickly break free and moved toward Keh-El, as it moved it spit out a glob of acid, The hobgoblin shaman/berserker was able to dodge the worst of the acid, but was struck by some of it as it spattered on the ground nearby.

Lupa fired his crossbow again, hitting but barley nicking the insect’s hard shell. Then seeing that it would more than likely break free and rush at either Kah-El, or Barleg who was rushing forward to help defend the acid splattered hobgoblin, Lupa dropped his crossbow and rushed forward drawing Dardo and yelling to get the insects attention. Unfortunately, he was successful in getting the Ankheg’s attentions. The Insect clattered and raised to its full height – breaking free of the entangling roots and vines in the area – and sprayed acid at the charging Rannarian Bravo. The swashbuckler was able to dodge most of the acid, be he, like the hobgoblin shaman, was splashed by the caustic spittle of the insect.

Kelidor chanted a prayer and a chime rang out, injuring both of the insects and stunning the one preparing to attack Kah-El and Barleg. Being stunned, the insect misses its attack. Both the Half orc and the hobgoblin answer the missed attacks with attacks of their own. Both attacks hitting home and doing significant damage to the insect. More arrows and sling stones are shot at both of the insects and though some hit, they do relatively little damage to them.

Lupa lunges forward and Dardo bites deeply into the Ankheg’s side. The insect clatters and clacks and raises up to attack the swashbuckler, but before it can snap its mandibles down on the Rannarian, Aeschelon’s arrow punches through the neck joint of the insect, dropping it where it stood. Likewise, Barleg and Keh-El finally fell the incectoid they were facing.

All look around and are happily surprised that despite the insects’ harden skin and acid spit, they were relatively unscathed. A few curative spells mended the damage that the Hobgoblin shaman/barbarian and the Rannarian Bravo had received.

While the spells were cast, the rest of the party searched the area and digging through the Ankhegs’ layer found some useful items. Lupa, whose smile/smirk had lately been taking on a darker cast, brightened a little when 2 minor magical items were recovered. A smoke filled bottle and a magical hand fan.

Hope for success began to build as the party again planned and now had items, besides swords and armor, that could help them. Hope was not full, but at least returning.

Re: Monday nights' Kingdom of Kalamar' game recap

Posted: Thu Nov 26, 2015 3:13 pm
by Lurker
Lupa, without realizing he had become an image of his father when he was younger and leading a band of Calvary troops for Zoa, Began to pace, one hand in the small of his back the other absently stroking his begrimed mustache and gotee – well after 5 hard weeks traveling through the woods it was truey a beard by now.

What to do, what will work, how to raid. … A bottle of magical smoke and a magical hand fan that can control the winds. A spell scroll that had the 2 mages excited, not enough to fight thousands of Hobgoblins

Hmmmmm, as one the 2 shadows of high flying eagles cross his path. He, so lost in thought doesn’t notice the shadows, those flying that mad them, nor his friend’s glance up to the sky … just eagles flying and the bravo thinking planning and skeeming

Look …

RUN !!!!

Lupa snaps out of thought and glances up, eagles that are not … Tooooo large for an eagle. The roar/yell they let out as they dive further proves they aren’t eagles

Lupa, despite his depth of thought was the first to truly react. “Into the cave” Move, he sprints, as he runs he pulls a bolt out to ready to load his crossbow. Skidding to a stop and turning at the mouth of the cave, as one after another the rest of the party makes it into the fire singed cavern.

Before the Bravo can load the cross bow, as the last of the party makes it into the cave, the 2 airborne monsters land and roar at their pray. Manticores. Side by side they fill the mouth of the cave. The roar is deafening but more freighting, their spike covered tales !

Lupa, at the corner of the cave mouth is close enough to touch one. He drops the crossbow, draws Dardo, and swings. The monster easily side steps and buffets the bravo’s attack aside with his wing. Then Chaos

Barleg & Keh-El attacking the one Lupa attacked, miss … Aeschelon fires and arrow at the other and he too misses, Valrune slings a stone, and it connects but does little damage. The winges monsters roar again and one swings at Lupa, Barleg and Keh-El . It misses but pushes the 3 further back into the cave following them in and opening out the cave mouth to give more room to its companion. This one, just having received a knock from the Druid’s sling, and narrowly missed by the Elf’s arrow, send spikes at the 3 (Kelidor is with them but hadn’t yet attacked) on that end of the cave.

Lupa hears a yell and a body stumble back but can’t tell who it is or how badly they are hurt.

The 3 fighting the one with melee weapons push forward, and again, with doing no damage, are rebuffed by the wing claw and mouth of the monster. Luckily, it too is unable to connect with and of the adventures.

More stones and arrows, returned with more spikes. Here though the monster is doing more damage than it is receiving and more spikes flung from the monster’s tale find their mark. Finally, Keildor finishes a prayer and a sound burst hammers and stuns the 2 monsters. Stunned only does so much against the winged beasts, and the fight rages on …

Finally, with Dardo held high, the Ranaarian Bravo nods at his half orc barbarian friend. The swashbuckler faints forward, the beast swings, the Bravo ready dances back easily. The barbarian now has an open target and ‘Elf’s Bane’ slashes down. The beast roars at the painful wound and spins to attack the barbarian. This leaves Lupa open for his attack and Dardo is buried to the hilt behind the manticor’s shoulder. Another roar, and Keh-El with a hobgoblin roar leaps forward and smashes his great axe down on the beast … a killing blow.

The other beast, arrow pierced, stone bruised, and still with its ears ringing from the half-elf’s spells, sees its companion fall. Another roar and rain of tail spikes, and the monster turns and leaps out of the cave. Injured and bleeding, the beast slowly climbs skyward. Lupa picks up his cross bow, but then shakes his head no … no reason to fire. The day is won. Save the bolt for the hobgoblins in the Blackmoon valley. Plus, there are injuries to care for.

Once the wounds were bound and the bleeding stopped, Lupa goes to the corps of the fallen beast. With a shudder at his grim task, he sets to work beheading the flying monster and adds it to the sacks with the giants’ heads. Then, that task finished, he looks at the rest of the beast. Ugly, ugls, but wait, those spikes. Cleaned, polished they could be a type of ivory ,…. Not as valauable as some types, but still useable. He bags the 5 best looking tale spikes .

Camp is made in the cave, and plans are discussed, argued, debated, discarded, changed, and reargued …

The nest morning, the 2 mages, excited, have their heads together talking and near giggling. More power and experience, more spells, more options are available. More plans

2 days later, the party fins a perfect camp. Near enough to the valley of the Blackmoon Hobgoblins to be useful, but far enough away to keep it hid from most hobgoblin patrols. Hidden and defensible.