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The Towering Infurno - Umbrage Saga 
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Post The Towering Infurno - Umbrage Saga
Feb 16, 2018

The Rising Knight - Session 1 Game Log
Glon “Bloodbeard” Hafbor – Dwarf, Dwarf Protector Class - Jeff
Nameless Burned Cleric - Kirk
Bardabous Pipley Halfling Wizard - Chris

Starting Hook:
You are in Ascalon, a city in the north of New Aenoch, near the border of the Northlands. The sheriff walks up to you, and discretely informs you a contract is being awarded for the capture or slaying of a Gnoll in the Northlands named 'Gritznak the Bold' for 250 gold pieces. The council is requesting you to appear at the city hall to be selected by the town officials. Those chosen for the contract will have the honor of representing the Kingdom, and therefore, must live up to certain standards of valor. Come showing your best, this will be a great opportunity for you to gain notoriety in the eyes of the Kingdom.

The adventure begins as you approach the city hall…

Each of the adventures approached the city hall, flanked by Sheriff Burmington, and entered into the stone and wood building. Constable Neltan, with guards on each side, stood behind a sizable desk stacked with paperwork and candles.

Upon entering, Sheriff Burmington announced the presence of the adventurers to the Constable, who seemed slightly unimpressed with both the quality and quantity of candidates that were able to be found in the City. The Sheriff noted that an Elf had agreed to come, but has not shown up yet, and must be delayed (this is our fourth player of the game, who was sick on game night). Constable Neltan quickly explained the situation in Malforten, a town being forced to pay tribute to a gnoll called Grtiznak to Bold. This is creating a sense of disorder in the Northlands, and eroding the confidence of the settlers in the area. More wealth brought and created in the Northlands means more wealth coming back to the Empress Pryzmira in taxes. Since an atmosphere of order is needed, and putting up a bounty for the gnoll would only draw out lowlifes in search of wealth, a contract will be signed with the chosen group. This group must act in accordance with the dignity required for knights acting under the banner of the Empire.

With that said, Constable Neltan called forth each of the three adventures to introduce themselves and provide information on their backround and skill set. The halfling, eager as always to impress, decided to front flip onto the top of the desk, which was well above head height. To everyone's surprise, especially the guards, he managed a spectacular landing (3 luck points were burned on this to re-roll this failed feat). The constable, requiring some verification of the magical abilities of the halfling, requested the candle stick be magically moved. Again, wanting to impress, a simple lifting up of the candle would not be sufficient for the halfling, who chose to zip the candle through the air and spell out his initials "BP" in the swish of the light (and again, 3 luck points were burned on this to re-roll this failed feat).

Both the dwarf and the burned man (who was asked to remove his mask - revealing a face with oozing burns and scars) gave their backstories and described their skills. The Sheriff interjected on behalf of the burned man, whom he witnessed thrash a thug who was beating a beggar in the streets, and afterwards heal the beggar.

Constable Neltan was willing to proceed with the contract after hearing out the three adventurers. A sealed letter was given to the group leader (bloodbeard) that bore the seal of the Empress. The group was informed that once the task was completed, Eryle (the militia leader of Malforten) will countersign the letter, allowing the 250gp reward to be cashed in any city of reasonable size (Hrueset for example).

The burned man inquired about being granted horses and supplies (a long bow in particular) to aid in the mission. The constable rebuffed most of the requests but decided a long bow (of questionable quality) could be spared from the supply along with an old pony (with a nametag around his neck reading: "Tony"). The burned man requested he meet with the Constables scribe, who could add the town Malforten to his current map of the lands he had traveled. This was granted, along with a letter that was to be carried to Hrueset along the way to Malforten (for a small fee of course). Before leaving town, the burned man visited the fletcher shop, where he had the bow inspected (critical fail). The fletcher informed him he could fix up the bow for 7 gold or it would run the risk of breaking during combat. The burned man, already low on funds, offered to perform any healing services the fletcher might need. It just so happened that the fletcher had a dog with an injured paw. After healing the dog, in the name of the All-Father, the fletcher knocked the price of the bow repair down to 6 gp and threw in 10 long bow arrows.

Nothing of import occurred on the way up to Hrueset, where the letter was delivered for a 5gp charge.

On the road west to Malforten, Bloodbeard won the roll to gain the 'MONTAGE' power for the day. This power grants the recipient the capability to forge reality directly from the void (i.e. they get the mic and get narrative control for the day). The montage began with 3 armored soldiers walking down the road in the opposite direction as the group. The burned man (or boy, as he claims he is 14 years old), runs up to the three men with the halfling in tow. The gruff soldiers push them aside in a less than pleasant manner. The halfling, easily offended decides to cast floating disk on the ground under the feet of the nearest soldier using the command word 'lift a dick'. Unsurprisingly, the knight was lifted unexpectedly off the ground. The momentum of the soldier tumbled him right off the disk, and he fell facedown in the dirt. Angered, the knight and has companions stride back to exact revenge on the wee halfling, but were interrupted by the charismatic plea of the burned man who offered to heal the wounds. This offer was rebutted, but the incident was sufficiently de-escalated. The montage, still in full force, saw Bloodbeard (who loves the water), floating around a creek in a raft while in his skivvies as the rest of the group looked on. Thus finished the montage.

That night, the group camped out with a fire, and rotated the watch. In the middle of the night, with the burned man on watch, a high pitched scream pierced through the blackness. A pointy red hat wearing gnome ran straight through the camp, screaming all the while, followed by a giant skunk chasing after him. After a quick tussle with the skunk, Bloodbeard was left in a cloud of skunk spray puking. Twisby, the lovable gnome (distant relative of Wizzby Ankle biter), was thankful for being rescued from the giant skunk he had failed to charm. He left a parting gift of a potion that allows the drinker to communicate with animals for 30 minutes.

The next day, the trio saw a church to Ore-tsar, with two monks outside gardening. The adventurers traded some wine for some vegetables to make a stew later that night. A few miles down the road they entered a small village, Stonebrook. A man named Berl ran up to the ground asking about his daughter who had gone out to hunt mushrooms the night before, and had hadn't returned. The characters had seen no such girl on the road. As this was occurring, another man named Del told the group to not worry about the girl since she is always going to out and staying out later than she should. Del also informs the group that they received a letter from Malforten (which is a day away) stating that a band of wolf riding goblins showed up at one of the farms on the outskirts of the town and demanded a payment. Unable to pay, the goblins killed the son of the farmer to send a message to the rest of the farmers.

The burned man, upon hearing of the missing girl, asked to have some of her possessions brought into the town center, where is starts scratching symbols into the dirt with a staff. After receiving the sheets of the missing girl, and placing them at the center of the symbols, he asks to be brought to their house, where is sets off to the forest. After successfully following the trail of the girl, the group stumbled upon a broken amulet that is hanging off a tree branch. Some wisdom checks reveal this amulet to bare the symbol of Ornduhl, the dark god of chaos. After continuing on the trail, the adventurers came upon stone ruins. Scratch marks and grooves were spotted under one of the pillars, with a statue on top. The pillars was slid to reveal a ladder stretching down 15 feet into a lit room. Bloodbeard climbed down the ladder, followed by the halfling, and then the burned man. As the burned man began climbing down, he was struck with claws on the shoulder for 4 points of damage. Struggling to get down the ladder, he was able to make it to the bottom but an additional blow. Deeply wounded, and nearly passed out, he jumped backwards to get as far away from the gargoyle that he now saw. Unfortunately, he jumped 'out of the gargoyle and into the pit trap' which was covered by an area rug. Using a hero point, he was able to grab the edge of the pit and avoided a fall. The halfling trying his best, magic missiled the creature and the dwarf landed a blow with his axe. Seeing its new squishy victim, the gargoyle made quick work of the wizard and sent him into unconsciousness. A hero point was used to regain consciousness which allowed a failed shocking grasp attempt. Bloodbeard dove to save the burned man, and was able to grab the wrist of the cleric, but in doing so stranded the halfling to defeat the gargoyle alone. Luckily the second attempt at the shocking grasp was successful, and the lesser gargoyle was killed.

After expending all healing to getting everyone back into a healthy range, the area was explored. Further investigation in the next two rooms revealed a lounge area, and toilets. The adventurers walked down a long hallway and were able to avoid a falling net trap. They quickly looked into three doors on the left of the hallway and found a young girl chained up. Bloodbeard broke the chains with his axe, and carried her out, not exploring the rest of the area.

The adventurers are approaching the village carrying the girl, what will they do next??

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