"The Coming Storm" Roughly 1/3 of the way into the

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"The Coming Storm" Roughly 1/3 of the way into the

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Some gameworld Information is available here: www.nelzie.net

It's been a little over two days since Claudine (Phrenc, Cleric) left New Black Rock for Dracspyre, her mind still in a swirl over the events of the past few days; during which nearly every man in New Black Rock practically fell over or into a stupor everywhere she went and she discovered a strength she never knew she had after laying out a bear of a Geltian man with a single slap, tossing him nearly 8 feet across a room. All she was really sure of was that she would soon arive home at Dracspyre, where she could ponder these changes or awakening or whatever it is...

Only a few short hours earlier, Emily, Sir Pedel and Gastone (3 regular Phrenc NPCs) left Dracspyre, after spending a few days touring the grounds with Silvio (Hesponian Swashbuckler) and setting the plans for their upcoming wedding. Shortly after they left, the dark storm clouds that had been hovering over the lands finally began to break, releasing a light downpour upon Dracspyre and the surrounding lands

Meeting on the road, Claudines group and Emily, Sir Pedel and Gastone stopped briefly to talk, with little more than the light patter of raindrops hitting the leaves of trees. It was then that Claudine noticed that there only was the patter of raindrops where there should be birds and other forest creatures surrounding them with sound. Before she could speak a word, her fears were realized as the telltale signs of arrows hissing through the air struck dead two of the soldiers that accompanied Claudine to New Black Rock.

With Sir Pedels eyes and mouth wide open with terror and shock, Claudine turned and saw the woods come alive with the forms of Goblin Archers mounted upon the back of Worgs crashing through the underbrush, knocking their deadly arrows to strike again. Behind them, were dozens of identically clad Goblins running in a regimented formation, making little noise beyond that which their armor made as they moved. It was then that Claudine was met with fear, for not only were there more Goblins than she alone could handle, these fierce monsters were wholly unlike the rabble that the Heroes of Dracspyre had faced and easily destroyed in the past

A few deep rumbles filled the darkening skies as the storm gathered strength and began to drop rain more heavily upon Dracspyre. The villagers began hastily retreating to their homes, while the majority of the men and women defenders of Dracspyre made their way to their barracks, warm meals and rest. For tomorrow would be another day filled with drilling, practice and still more drilling under the orders of Silvio, Roy (Sun Elf, Elven Archer) and Captain Ayla (Phrenc, NPC Soldier Class, leader of the Dracspyre forces under the PCs).

Before Dracspyres commons could be cleared a horn blared out the sound indicating approaching riders, followed swiftly by the staccato of alarm! Crying out over the wall of the partially ruined gatehouse, the watchman yelled out, By the Gods! Riders approach on the South Road and theyre under attack!

With nary a thought, Silvio quickly turned on his heels yelling out, To arms men! To arms! Man the walls! Form a line at the gatehouse! and then met up Captain Ayla and together they ran with all their might not stopping until they reached the top of the gatehouse. Roge(Sun Elf, Druid), having been walking the walls to better take in the falling rain quickly joined Silvio, Captain Ayla and the fast approaching Roy, Evelyn(Phrenc, NPC Rogue), Amera(Snow Elf, Elven Arcane Blade) and Listi (High Elven Wizard) atop the gatehouse to see who was quickly approaching Dracspyre.

At the lead of the riders was both Emily and Gastone, followed quickly by Sir Pedel, all of them frantically riding. Within moments the tree line was broken by the figure of Claudine and her horse galloping in a crazed frenzy, her tired horse frothing at the mouth as though it had spent most of the day traveling only then to be pushed to the point of breaking. All four rode forth with terror on their faces at a pace that one would think the Dark Gods themselves were at their very heels!

With barely a moment passing, the tree line again was broken by a frantic, white faced with fear soldier, who had accompanied Claudine to New Black Rock only a handful of days before. Behind him came another soldier, grimacing with pained fear, hunched over with two thick vile black Goblin arrows stuck in his shoulder and side. Once more the tree line was broke, this time with a frantic horse dragging its now dead rider by her feet caught up in the stirrups. This frantic horse let out a crazed noise and fell from having its flesh pierced with vile black Goblin arrows that fired forth with deadly accuracy from the behind the treeline.

A burst of lightning and thunderous crack filled the sky briefly revealing what only Silvio saw and quickly recounted to his fellows upon the gatekeep. I saw a Dragon, with a rider!

Were doomed intoned Roy, thinking of how just a few days ago, his Archer recruits could barely strike a target, let alone coordinate their fire.

As the minutes painfully passed by, no other creatures broke the tree line to reveal their presence. The riders arrived with no further molestation to the gatehouse of Dracspyre and quickly told their tale of being assaulted by a large force of Goblins.

Peering through the ever heavier rain at the treeline, Captain Ayla saw a rectangular shape marching forth from the tree line and she spoke, A Phalanx..?!... Are you sure those are Goblins?! turning to Claudine Theres no way that Goblins could show such discipline

Im sure, I have faced Goblins before, but these Goblins are nothing like the rabble we have defeated before Claudine spoke with the certainty she is known for.

Upon seeing the Phalanx formation slowly start its trek out of the forest and up the stretch of road to the gatehouse, Roge whipped his hands into the air swirling them around and speaking the nonsensical words of Druidic Eldritch power.

As he spoke and raised his hands to the sky his fingers began to become alive with dancing charges of electricity raising in size and speed as he brings his arms above his head and lowering in intensity as he lowers his hands in his casting. Above him, the storm clouds begin to swirl and coalesce with little flashes of lightning coming down and licking his outstretched hands as the winds and rain continued to increase in their torrent upon what would soon be a field of battle.

I do believe I see their leader. Listi calmly intoned. He is just at the edge of the trees, next to that rather large Dragon shape She calmly continued, pointing her finger at the shape just barely perceptible at the edge of the forest.

Using her keen Snow Elven vision, Amera said, Their leader he is dressed as a Spartian warrior This both startled Listi and left her visibly shaken.

Its its an Orc! Listi exclaimed with as close to shock as she could possibly be. His name is Aetos Oculius he was once one of the finest warrior generals ever to lead a Spartian Army before he fell into darkness If before it never seemed possible, Listi appeared more pale and frail than she did when Silvio and Claudine rescued her from her seemingly doomed fate under the graveyard in the Village of Carsage.

Quickly men! Bring those wagons to the gate! We must make as good a barricade as possible! hollered Captain Ayla over the rising downpour of rain.

A number of men sprang to action bringing a pair of wagons from within the keep to the gatehouse, where they began to rock them back and forth in an effort to gain enough leverage to push them on their sides. For a few moments, Claudine watched their efforts and then seemed to suddenly realize that this strange gift she had discovered in New Black Rock could be of help. She ran down the stairs (nearly falling and breaking her neck twice) grabbed the side of the wagon and pushed it over on its side with one effortless motion. Turning her attention to the other wagon, she again effortlessly lifted the wagon onto its side, both shocking and amazing the now inspired soldiers to rally in the opening of the gatehouse, steeling themselves for the coming chaos of battle.

Standing sternly on top of the gatehouse, the Council of Dracspyre (What the PCs call themselves and a few very regular NPCs) looked down upon their men and across the field at their approaching enemy.

Leaning forward and surveying the field of battle and the sky above, Captain Ayla spoke, Well, at least with this rain, their blood wont be on us for long
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