Mighty forces made of steel...

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Mighty forces made of steel...

Post by slimykuotoan »

Just out of curiousity, what's the most brutal battle you've seen in a seige system battle so far?

ie. Character leaping on a table, avoiding arrows from 12 guardsmen, rolling down to cleave three of them, then finally diving out the window and landing on a ledge below...successfully making near impossible attribute checks, etc.

essentially fluking his/her way to hero status.
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Post by Nelzie »

My heroic noble born Bard dove through the Glass Window of an Inn that was overrun with Undead. His goal was to land on top of a table on the other side of the window and then use elevation advantage to put the beatdown on a few Skeletons... Failed the SIEGE Engine check, crashed through the Window, landed on the table, slipped and fell flat on his back...

One round later, after barely avoiding blows, decided to book through combat and attack the now visible Necromancer leading the undead. Ended up chasing the Necromancer behind the bar and besting him only to turn around and come face to face with a skeleton!

Quickly thinking, he grabbed at a jug of high proof alchohol to douse the Skeleton and then to be able to hit it with a candle/torch or whatever to light it aflame... Failing the SIEGE Engine roll, he whipped his hand back he missed the bottle and on his return forward, knocked over several bottles of high proof liquor into... a lantern, which burst into flames, closing off his easy exit from the bar area and quickly igniting everything from where he stood to the fireplace near the opening to the bar.

Next round... He deftly raised his shield and slammed into the skeleton, hoping to knock it back into the rapidly increasing flames. FINALLY succeeding in a SIEGE Engine check, he was able to bash the skeleton into the flames, after succeeding in a to-hit roll.

Jumping over the bar the next round, he was able to assist a few party members, who were nearly killed by the overwhelming mess of Undead and drag them out of the now burning to the ground Inn, which certainly would have killed them. (Of course, he allowed the blame to fall on the shoulders of the Necromancer and his undead...)
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