"Under the Watchful Gaze" - After "The Coming

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"Under the Watchful Gaze" - After "The Coming

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The PCs succesfully defeated the forces of the Hakurian Orc, slaughtering much of his forces and eventually facing him down and defeating the Hakurian Orc.

As the Hakurian Orc's body swelled and then ruptured with the foul darkness of evil contained within, the clouds of the fortuitous thunderstorm parted, bringing rays of light back to the land surrounding Dracspyre.

While the heroes tended to suvivors, sanctified the Orc's remains and confirmed that no Goblins still lived upon the field of battle a three divine sets of eyes were looking upon Dracspyre...

My, that certainly was fun! exclaimed a smarmy masculine voice.

Fun! Ya think risking them was fun! Krewly, yer childish games must stop! bellowed thunderous voice filled with the rage of a tremendous storm. Interferin in the affairs of man is forbidden!

Really? Hmm and what exactly do you call that thunderstorm? the smarmy voice coyly asked.

It was at my request that Thunnar brought the thunderstorm to water the land. spoke a calm reassuring feminine voice. It was simply a coincidence that the storm occurred while the Orc marched his forces against them.

Oh, Elucidia spoke the trickster Krewly, Do you really believe that your silvery tongue can convince the rest that your storm was simply to water the fields? Hmm I suppose we are even here. I had my fun and you had yours

Krewly, we all agreed that these heroes of man should choose their own path. If they were to fall by our interventions, the lands would certainly be in trouble with the coming trials. Elucidia calmly remarked.

Very well, Ill take my leave for a while Krewly said as he turned to walk away from the two gods who were gazing into a scrying pool overlooking Dracspyre. Thinking for a moment, Krewly turned back to Thunnar and Elucidia. Smiling a little to himself, he spoke again, Before I go, let me leave you with this; do you believe your little heroes, sitting on their behinds in their comfy little tower, would have been able to stand against the full might of the Orcs army when he planned to march in a few short years?

Don let that cruel bastart botha ya, Elucidia. Thunnar said to the goddess. Hes always up ta no good with his games and foolish behavior

Thunnar, it appears that Krewly may have, in his own twisted way, given our heroes a boon. Even as he brings me doubt as to why he is amongst us, he shows that he has a worth with his trickster ways spoke Elucidia as she looked back down into the scrying pool.
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