The Book of the Dead

Within are to be writ the tales of daring and adventure of those who have placed themselves on the path of glory. Share your exploits with other Castlers & Crusaders!
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The Book of the Dead

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My diminished group (down to 2 players now) finished up our diversion into SW and some other gaming and we've jumped back into C&C goodness. We may take a break from C&C every now and again but always return with a fury.

We've started a Greyhawk/Yggsburgh campaign and I'm working Verdant Rage into it, with a few other mods likely as well.

Due to the small group size, and our dislike of having players run more than a single character (ok, MY dislike of players running more than a single character), I allowed them to create 2nd level characters to get started with.
The Party
Tash: This unusual druid is a half-orc and a member of the Circle of the Winter Rose, a druidic circle located in the Gnarley Forest. The druids had discovered him near death after a failed challenge against a member of his orc tribe. After nursing him to health, the half-orc continued to stay with them insistent that he repay the debt. He ended up taking to the druidic teachings and became one himself. He has yet to fully master the common tongue and still possesses some of the savage traits of his orc kin. He wields a massive, black iron two handed sword in battle and has a crow animal companion named Nok.
Arifel: The Elves of Celene in my Greyhawk campaigns can sometimes have a sinister underside, Arifel is an example of this. She is an assassin for the Gurtha'Nal, an organization of elves who do the deeds that Her Fey Majesty does not and should not know about; all in the name of preserving the elven race. Arifel is the niece of Rhyla, the head of the Circle of the Winter Rose. She is a grey elf who understands that she must dirty her hands for the "greater good" of the kingdom.
Session 1

The session began in the Gnarley Forest, Arifel visiting her Aunt. Rhyla, the druidic circle's leader, is also the guardian of an ancient book of untold evil; the Liber Mortis.

After some time spent RP'ing and getting a feel for the characters, the circle is attacked in the middle of the night by a band of orcs and goblins allied with a human wizard of Baklunish descent. A pitched battle ensues in which the druids and the party are taken by surprise and overwhelmed. The raiders are successful in slaying most of the druids (Rhyla included) and the wizard retrieves the book before they make a hasty withdrawal.

Licking their wounds after the battle, Tash informs Arifel that he must go after the raiders. He informs her about her aunt's position as guardian of the Liber Mortis and that the foul book cannot remain loose in the world.

They spend the night tending to the dead and wounded then head out in the morning after the Baklunish wizard.

They follow the wizard and his humanoid henchmens' trail east, out of the Gnarley Forest and across the Selintan river. Coming into a wooded vale they discover a run down mansion, the Dark Chateau, and believe that this is where the wizard is currently holed up.

Arifel enters the vale, utilizing her stealth to scout out the area some. She discovers a wooden shed that a number of humanoids are using for shelter. As she observes the shed a goblin exits and moves to a tree to relieve himself.

Arifel slinks up on him like a predator and manages a stealthy attack, killing the creature then hides the body. A short while later a second goblin emerges cautiously, peering around in search of his missing comrade. With his spear at the ready he enters the wooded area nearest the shed. Arifel again sneak attacks and downs the critter. However this time it seems that his companions in the shed were watching from cover.

A gutteral cry of alarm rings out and a trio of arrows arcs into the area where Arifel is at, one of the arrows catching her in the thigh. 4 more goblins emerge from the shed with a rousing battle cry.

Tash casts entangle on the goblin quartet, giving the elf a chance to scramble back uphill under a barrage of arrows from the archers still concealed within the shed.

Meeting back up with Tash, they decide to have Tash occupy the attention of their enemies while she attempts to sneak around to the shed and deal with the archers.

Tash draws his massive blade and lures the goblins uphill and away from the archers. Arifel begins her stealthy approach back towards the shed. As Tash engages the 4 goblins, luck is with him and he fells the first one in a single swipe.

The archers, 3 orcs, exit the shed in an attempt to reposition themselves in order to have a line of fire to the half orc. The apparent leader of the orcs hangs back, directing the other2 orcs to move further up hill to engage the half orc with missile fire.

Arifel begins studying her target, the large orc leader.

Tash's dice are on fire and he's mauling the goblins. His luck holds and the 2 orc archers cant seem to hit him.

Arifel finishes casing her target and manages a successful death attack on the orc leader. Tash finishes off the final goblin the same round then begins a charge towards the 2 orcs.

The orcs are caught between an enraged half-orc and a competent assassin. That battle is brief.

With the humanoids finished, the pair utilizes some Goodberries to heal up a little damage and begin to discuss their plans from there.

The session ended there for the night. Next session; entering the Dark Chateau in search of the Baklunish wizard.

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sounds like a fun game.

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Great stuff!
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"And so I am become a knight of the Kingdom of Dreams and Shadows!" - Mark Twain

Forgive all spelling errors.

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Nice start, hope to hear more.
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