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Treebore wrote:
Very true. Plus 10 year olds differ, like my 11 year old quit having those "unfair" issues when he was 7. Maybe it is because he is the youngest. Now he is a very good roleplayer.

I am also glad to hear yet another family uses RPG's as quality family time.

True, and the kid wasn't bad overall. He was sort of the "hero" of the adventure, when he successfully used his assassin Death Attack on the Big Bad of the dungeon!

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Coming in late here, but it's great to hear C&C adding to the aforementioned quality family time. My 4 year old son and my mom-in-law gamed this past weekend for the first time since my wife's passing and it was great for all of us to "get away" mentally. I do believe it was the first session I've ever CK'd/DM'd where the players did not roll once because they were in Yggsburgh running errands, tracking down information, hiring help for the next journey, etc. I CK'd by the seat of my pants and I loved it.

Jason, thanks for your 3.X work as I will be running DCC #44: Dreaming Caverns of the Duergar for them and your conversions will be most helpful to me. Glad your June 30 session went well.

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"Knowledge, logic, reason, and common sense serve better than a dozen rule books."

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