From Earlier in the Campaign - Villainous Cutscene

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From Earlier in the Campaign - Villainous Cutscene

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I try and write short bits to send to the players in between sessions to both keep things fresh in their minds and give them things to look forward too. The following is one of those that I had written at the end of the First Chapter of the campaign, leading into the Second Chapter. The First Chapter was about getting to know the heroes (the PCs), some of the "players" in the Barony (Major/Minor NPCs), become introduced to the greater story arc (Which isn't dependent upon what the PCs do...) and decide if they wanted to take part in that story arc or ignore it and do their own thing. (They decided to go with the story arc.)

At the end of the First Chapter, the PCs agreed to work closer with the Baron and became the Council of Dracspyre and were given the titles of Lords within the Barony. They were given a small stipend of funds and some workers to repair and rebuild the ruins of Dracspyre, the last known home of the Dracknights, who were once a force of good across the Kingdoms of Man.

Without further delay, here is what the players read... (Comments are not only welcomed, they are requested...)

--- Cutscene ---

A shadowy hall is filled with the muffled sounds of

heavily rustling fabrics. Cold blue lights are

momentarily obscured by shadows being cast from

rustling heavy tapestries, shifting and dancing to

unheard echoes of songs.

A trio of hunched over, robe covered figures walk

the hall towards the a raised dais, upon which sits a

series of thrones cloaked in shadows. Silently they

stride along the hall, making barely a sound that can

be heard over the rustling tapestries. The lead figure

clutches within its bandaged hand a staff, upon which

sits an orb, swirling with arcane energy just beneath

its surface. This hunched over figure walks

methodically, as if bearing the weight of the world

upon its shoulders.

Upon the shadow cloaked thrones are a number of

hunched over robed and bandaged figures, intently

awaiting the word being brought to them by the trio

who walk the halls. Their looks are very similar, save

for a few different items that each wears, holds in

its grasp or has sitting beside itself.

Beside one lies a Cold Blade, etched with sharp

ebony lines, like a negative of the brightest

lightning dancing from the hilt to the very tip of the

deadly sharp blade. Another holds a Scepter or is it a

Mace, that appears to shift its shape from one moment

to another. Upon the head of another is a Crown,

fashioned from the bone of some long dead creature,

with a large reptilian eye set upon the center.

Leaning against the throne of another lies a Great

Longbow carved from a single piece of wood filled with

deep green and reddish hues, cleanly finished with the

most satin of appearances.

The hunched figure carrying the staff walks up the

stairs, reaching the top of the dais and takes a seat

upon one of the several open thrones. Leaning back in

its chair, it speaks with a slightly raspy, ageless


"Failure befell our plans. It seems the world has

born a great many 'Heroes' who know no better than to

put themselves where they shouldn't..."

Another voice from the circle rises up, "We saw with

our own eyes how this would fall. We didn't listen to


"We were correct in this. However, it was a prudent

course of action to see if our visions were true."

Came the retort from the throne of the being holding

the form shifting scepter.

Leaning forward in its throne, the Crown wearing

being speaks, "As our visions are true, we now know

what must be done next. We shall travel to our


"Yes, we shall travel to our allies and we will also

travel to our allies." replies the being with the


"We know this will take time..." began the being

seated beside the sword.

Interrupting, the being with the bow spoke, "What of

the missing window? We are unable to see what it

shows. What if it shows a failure we are unable to


Snapping back, the being with the sword spoke,

"...and what of this?! We believe that window is

meaningless. Without it, we saw how our plans would

play out. We proved our accuracy. We have nothing to

concern our plans with."

In unison, several of the voices intoned, "We agree,

we shall move forth with our plans. Everything rests

upon our success."

Earned the following:

50 Useless Trivia Points from Serleran

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