Origins 2007 - A GM reports in!

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Origins 2007 - A GM reports in!

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Origins 2007 Report
Castles & Crusades

Friday July 6th, 10:00 AM
The Lost Throne

(Spoiler alert!)
In the depths of the jungle tightly embraced by roots and vines, in the realms of the monsters, a long lost city waits to be rediscovered.

Materials provided, basic complexity, New Player Welcome, ages 13+, 6 seats.

Dramatis Persona:

Sir Gyles, of Gatia (Knight of Pensax) -- Jacob

Kate, Retainer of Lord Pensax (Seamstress) Jeny

Thomas Make-Peace Phillips, A Sheriff of Pensax (Fighter) Nathan

Dragondaddy-- GM
After Action Report:The game began with just one player, Jacob. Even though there were half-a-dozen pre-generated characters, Jacob was content to roll up a completely new character, on account he wanted to play a half-elven Knight. Score one for C&C, as it is one of the few RPG's these days where a person who has never played the game before can roll up a brand new character in under 30 minutes! Ooorah!

Since it looked to be a slim gaming round, Sir Gyles inherited a Fuedal farm keep, complete with eleven warriors (lvl 1), and forty-one peasant families who resided in the keep and in the surrounding countryside. Sir Gyles was sworn into the service of the Baron of Pensax. With four half-elven rangers led by the faithful Blake (Rgr1), three men-at-arms led by Andreas of Gatia (lvl 1 ftr), three crossbowmen, and Eorl the household servant, Sir Gyles received a summons from the high priest of Pensax Abbey who resided at the Abbey known as Sanctuary within the town of Penslax. While pondering whether to answer the summons or not, Sir Gyles dispatched his rangers to head into the Gatia woods to roundup a few peasants that were late in paying their taxes. Agreeing to meet up with the ranger contingent in the evening, Sir Gyles set off on his mount, with Eorl running along behind on foot, in a proper fashion for a Knight of the realm.

Sir Gyles arrived in Pensax in the midst of riots. He took the meeting with high priest Thantoss, where Thantoss requested he retrieve a holy relic from the tomb of a former high priest. In addition to retrieving the artifact, Sir Gyles was to bring back the remains of the former high priest as well. The relic was needed to defend the abbey against a new evil that had recently presented itself, and was threatening the Sanctuary.

Sir Gyles agreed, and set off to equip and brief his foot soldiers before heading out. He met up with his rangers back at the steading and received a report that the peasants were missing. The rangers had detected evidence of foul play too. Enter Nathan and Jeny who joined in about an hour after the game began. They each quickly rolled up 1st level characters, and for professions, chose what they were familiar with. Nathan was a Sheriff in a Renaissance festival so he became a fighter, with his secondary skills picks being the skills a town sheriff would possess. Jeny made a character named Kate, and made her a seamstress. Since they were married in real life, we went ahead and had their characters being married in the game as well, and it fit in well. As a sheriff of Pensax he would not be leaving his wife behind in a town torn by riots, as he was ordered to help Sir Gyles in recovering the holy relic. The baron was exploring every possibility to end the unexplained civil unrest in Pensax, and was leaving no stone unturned. Kate picked a quarterstaff proficiency, and randomly chose a mini with a quarterstaff that was shod with a silver headpeace. This was a fortunate turn of events for this particular game.

As they players traveled north into the Jungle of Gatia in search of a city that was abandoned some two decades earlier, they were attacked by seven wolves. Sir Gyles and Sheriff Philips, and all the guards rushed into the fray and attacked the wolves only to quickly realize these were no ordinary wolves at all, but werewolves. One of the men-at-arms that had rudely pushed Lady Kate aside and stepped into the fight was rend and slain instantly by one of the vicious beasts, leaving Lady Kate exposed to danger. There were no fighters able to help her, so she attacked with her silver-shod quarterstaff and made two successful critical strikes, burning the werewolf, and forcing it to flee. She then stepped up into the melee line and began helping the fighters.

As the fighting continued, Sheriff Phillips slew one of the werewolves however was severely bitten in the process, and was cursed with Lycanthrope. As the battle hung in the balance, a beautiful and graceful stranger arrived and killed yet another werewolf. Before the players could even gather their wits, the stranger deftly vanished into the jungle leaving the party a bit confused. (In reality, the stranger was a ... however we'll get back to that in a bit.

The party hurried onward to the forgotten city, and had no trouble in locating the cemetery near the keep of the Broken Tower. They recovered the priests body, and the relic, and headed back to the town. The relic was a church item that would do holy damage to any evil creatures that approached closely, so the party was untroubled on their return trip. They arrived to find the town riots even worse, and the abbey on fire. There were no priests alive at the sanctuary, and the high priest, Thantoss had been slain. Here ended this adventure as time ran out on the scheduled session. It was a fun gaming round!


The players headed off to the dealer room and were going to see about locating some C&C books. They had enjoyed the gaming round, and after I explained to them that this was like D20, but with the emphasis on role-playing and early old-school rules, with a d20 feel, but without all the stupid baggage that 3.5 & d20 has, they were very interested in rounding up a player's handbook. Hopefully we got a couple of converts with this round.

I'll post a PDF of this complete adventure in the next few days, complete with illustrations and maps, until then, Good gaming to you all!

With Regards,


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Sounds like you had a good time... congrats!

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That read like one awesome game session to me. Wish I was there to play it!

I look forward to seeing your PDF! I really like the background you have. Its what really makes games come alive for me.
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Post by Maliki »

Sounds like a great time was had, looking forward to seeing the module itself.
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Post by Omote »

There was more C&C at Origins! DAMN! I can't beleive I missed it. Sounds like an awesome game.

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Post by Buttmonkey »

Sounds like you all had a good time. For me, personally, I would have been disappointed if I played a 4 hour session (I'm assuming that's how long it lasted) and only had one combat encounter with some role-playing. I'm more of an action guy.
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Huzzah and hail! The feudal set-up of the game sounds really cool.

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