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C&C in C-ville

Posted: Wed Aug 01, 2007 12:57 pm
by Tank
Monday night was the first night of a trip through several classic (or classic-inspired) modules for a bunch of mostly new-age players. It will shortly become apparent to you, dear reader, that "beer and pretzels" is our style of choice. This campaign is taking the place of my bi-weekly D&D 3.5 campaign, which recently ended in TPK. Let me introduce you to the group:

Turd Burglar (pronounced Toid Byu-LAR) - a halfling illusionist straight out of the Sopranos. He fancies himself quite the ladies man, and despite his "addictive personality," he treats captive enemies with the same kindness he treats his party members. Or did I get that backwards...? Turd is played by a former AD&D 2nd edition player, who switched to 3rd edition when it came out and never looked back. This is his second experience with C&C - last month Turd was part of the party that successfully infiltrated the Beacon at Enon Tor.

Marcel Burglar - Turd's brother, a mute bard. Marcel was also in on the Enon Tor job, but due to a tight schedule, he was unable to make it last night. He will probably be an irregular player at best. This player has a wide experience with RPG's and prefers Palladium and GURPS.

Blarg - the lowly half-orc fighter. Blarg speaks in a voice reminscent of the ogres in Warcraft II. He has a kind, gentle soul and a mean bearded axe - the canonical lovable oaf. Blarg's player is the newest to our group. He showed up several times to watch our 3.5 sessions before joining in, and has never played another RPG. Nonetheless, I think he's one of the best roleplayers. Blarg recently was part of a group that ventured into Todesheim to solve the problem of the Voices of the Three.

Rudigar Burroughs - another hobbit, this time a cleric of Avoreen. Rudigar maintains a strong distrust of non-hobbits, and yet shares some kind of special bond with Blarg. I think he rescued the big oaf from the gutter at one point. They became partners in the depths of Todesheim. Rudigar is also new to roleplaying, having joined our 3.5 group about a year ago.

Kate - the irascible half-elven thief, high charisma and black leather included. Kate hails from Yggsburgh, and despite her educated background has always enjoyed hanging out with low-lifes (like the party). Sounds like your little sister, huh? Kate has spent most of her time thus far fending off Turd's less-than-desirable romantic advances. Kate's player has some experience with 1st edition AD&D but sold all his stuff in the early nineties and only started playing again with 3.5, which he enjoys for its intricate rules set.

Leon - this elven cleric has been fortunate enough to partake of some action in both Enon Tor and Todesheim. He's the silent type with the crazy ideas. He's played by my wife, who isn't all that in to roleplaying. She might drop in and out as time passes.

All in all it's a good party. The campaign is taking place in a mix of Oerth, the Known World, and Garweeze Wurld. We started off on Kenzer's Little Keep on the Borderlands this week. Afterwards, I have plans for the group to head to the Lendore Isles, the Isle of Dread, and maybe the Demiplane of Dread. A review of this week's session will follow.

Session 1: Little Keep on the Borderlands

Posted: Thu Aug 02, 2007 7:35 pm
by Tank
SPOILER WARNING: If you don't want to know what happens in LKoB, don't read any further. What follows is truly not for the wuss of heart!

Our heroes, looking to help defend the Free Cities from orcish invasion, made their way through the wilderness of the Frandorian Mountains to Frandor's Keep, scenically located atop the falls of the River Fargruss. Unfortunately, after receiving directions from a blind monk, they found themselves lost in the wilds. After weeks of harsh overland travel, finally they caught a glimpse of the keep and hurried to its gates.

Between the party and the gate, however, was the group's first encounter - a veritable gauntlet of halfling outlaw rabble, disgarded by the guards to a shantytown on the banks of the river. The halfling crowd pressed against the party, and Rudigar was relieved of some pocket change. 700 gold pieces richer from his expedition to Enon Tor, Turd reacted to the crowd by offering to higher them at the generous rate of 1 gp per day, and soon after the group marched up to gates to be allowed entrance.

Turd's new henchman resulted in upwards a half hour (of game time) spent while the guards sorted the party from the outlaw outcasts and booted the latter back down to their camp on the banks. Then after some intense questioning, the party was allowed entrance. It was not without incident, however, as Blarg was required to head directly to the paymaster and present himself as a bounty hunter - on account of his half-orc status.

After a visit to Crazy Zed's, the stabling of Turd's mules, Blarg wussing out of a fist fight with a silverback pack ape, and some chatting up the locals at the Tilted Keg, the party agreed to do some searching around the fens for a lizardman settlement and happily do a little bounty hunting on the way. Paying a local to row them to the fens, the party embarked at dawn.

After a short trudge through the swamps, Rudigar and Leon spotted the outlines of goblins hiding in some tall weeds, and combat ensued. A quick color spray from Turd's finger tips and a couple deft blows left all but one goblin dead. The last pleaded for his life, claiming to have a wife and two daughters at home ("Um... Jill and Jill 2!" "What's your wife's name?" "Jill. We name girls after her..."). In return, he offered to lead the group to the Lost Temple of Pyang P'nang, hidden in the fens. Once there, he fled into the mists, but was felled by an arrow from Kate, despite Turd's pleas for mercy.

A good fight was had in the temple, with bog wolves attacking, treasure found, Kate being stung by carnivorous wasps, and the group acquring some fun items: the Wand of Wuss Slapping and the Potion of Brownie Strength. Since C&C has no honor stat, I ruled that wuss slap results in your 1d6 charisma points transfered to the target of the slap. Thus, with a strangely handsome and eloquent Blarg, a suddenly-filthy and extra-crude Turd, and Rudigar sporting a strength score of 5, the group trekked further through the fens to find the lizardman mound. There, they ambushed two guards, killing one and fleeing when the other returned to the mound, presumably to gather reinforcements.

And the session ended with the group returning to the Keep. More next time!

Session 2: Arcane Mark, Farzy, and the Mercy Fortune Mine

Posted: Wed Aug 15, 2007 12:10 pm
by Tank
Game night again last night!

Tonight due to various honeymoons, vacations, and business trips, only Kate, Blarg, and Turd were in attendence. With such small numbers, the group doubted their ability to sack the lizardmen, and instead looked around the Keep for work. Scanning the bulletin board, they found two travelers heading to the nearby village of Farzy and decided to hire on as guards. The first was Hurley, who mentioned something of a strange sword in his post, but it turned out he had already set out about a day ago. The second was Dangle Stoopnagle, the dwarven amputee and leather shop owner who hobbles around on two wooden pegs. After milling around town for a day, setting Kate up on dates with guards, finding out about the romantic troubles of Keep Prefect Bandrus Far'Raven, and Turd unknowingly inscribing an arcane mark of KICK ME on the back of Blarg's bald head, the group set out on their perilous journey.

Three encounters marked the journey. First, Kate quick eyes prevented the group from walking headlong into the web of three large spiders, which were quickly dispatched with a few Color Sprays and Blarg's bearded axe. Kate fell once but was revived by a grateful Dangle. In the web, the party found the husk of a dead elf's corpse, clutching a golden sword and guessed it to be Hurley.

The second fight, Blarg's keen nose detected goblins on the wind during his watch, just as four of the little critters, led by a fearsome gnoll, moved to surround the party. As Turd was felled, Blarg dropped the gnoll in one blow with a natural twenty and soon the SIEGE engine clicked for him. With a successful SIEGE check, followed by a ranged attack roll with a -4 penalty for an unfamiliar weapon, Blarg golf-swung one goblin into another, killing the both quite messily. Kate's arrows dropped the last as it fled.

The next encounter with bandits was less successful. After botching some checks the party found themselves outgunned 13 to 3 and bargained for their life by handing over their gold and the golden sword. Can you believe it? What a bunch of pansies.

Shortly thereafter, the group reached Farzy, dropped off the thankful dwarf, and returned for home. The dice were with them on this trip, as it proved to be uneventful.

Summoned by the bounty collector, the group heads to the Middle Bailey and hears a tale of orc assaults on a northern trail. The party sets off to the Mercy Fortune Mine, running afoul of a Cave Chameleon on the way but escape unharmed. As the head down the hill to the mine, they are met with orcish arrows and beat a hasty retreat to ambush any pursuing orcs. A couple SIEGE checks later, they find themselves above the path, pushing rocks down on four orcs. One turns to flee, but is (as usual) shot in the back.

The party sneaks around to the opening of the mine again to dispatch the two archers, but Kate is hit while trying to backstab one of the orcs, and her unconscious body is taken hostage. I forgot how the rest of the group saved her - I will have to ask them.

At that point, it was getting late and we decided to call it a night. More in two weeks!

Session 3: Finally! The Mines of Chaos!

Posted: Wed Aug 29, 2007 3:37 pm
by Tank
Last night was the third installment of our adventures in Hell's Throat. In attendance was Turd Burglar, Marcel Burglar, Rudigar Burroughs, and Blarg - that's right: three halflings and a half-orc. Marcel's player sketched out a picture of the group - I will post that sketch if I get the chance.

I started the night by summarizing some options the group had investigated in the past but not checked out thoroughly - the lizardman mound, the orcs at the Mercy Fortune Mine, and the bandits that stole the golden sword from them. Before setting out, however, the group was summoned by Luge Roard, Aide-de-Camp to Keep Prefect Bandrus Far'Raven. Luge requested that the group meet with Far'Raven for help with a sensitive mission. The heroes agreed and were granted access to the Upper Bailey. Escorted to Sage Tower, there they were greeted by Greytar the Gentle, who told them the story of young Lawson Featherstone, cousin to Bandrus. Featherstone was recently received an officer's commission as a result of his family ties, which created a sour response among the rest of the guards. On the trip from Farzy to the Keep, Featherstone was apparently attacked by owlbears, and Far-Raven needs some outside help to rescue him/recover his body. 1000 gp pieces would be the reward. The PC's accepted the mission.

Before setting out, Turd decided that a packape would be in order. Blarg took up stable master Biggles Gumgerth's offer to bare-knuckle box Hunley the pack ape for 500 gp, eventually submitting him with a headlock. As a result, Hunley was rented out at the discount price of 100 gp/day with a hefty 750 gp deposit. The trip to the spot of the attack on young Lawson Featherstone was uneventful, owlbear tracks were quickly spotted, and the party made their way up north to through the ravine that led to the Mines of Chaos. After much squealing, Marcel finally agreed to scout around inside the lair of the owlbears, investigating a strange pool, ruffling through some corpses and dried leaves, and hearing the breathing of the owlbears. After some exhaustive planning including a bag of marbles, dropping rocks from above, and using a wooden duck tied to the end of a rope as a lure, the party noticed a sign printed at the entrance to another cave and became irretrievably sidetracked.

The sign read "Mines of Chaos Mercenary Guild: Ring Bell for Service." Unbelievable, the party conferred and agreed to ring the bell. Shortly thereafter, Rodney the Goblin Lackey trotted up wearing a collar of bells around his neck. He asked if the party was there to sign up or to hire mercenaries. Receiving a vague answer, he led them through a network of natural caves to another desk, occupied by a bugbear who smiled and pushed a ledger towards them. His name tag: "Sergeant Durag, Recruiter." Durag greeted the "'cruits," referring to them as "fresh meat," and remarking that their "polished demeanor" and "expert equipment" pleased him. The players agreed to follow him into the lair, passing three other bugbears, and soon falling into a pit trap, after which the bugbears shoveled hot coals on them while Rodney followed up with fresh urine.

Who would follow bugbears into their lair?!?!? I have the best players ever.

More to follow...

At the end of the night Marcel was granted 200 ex-beer-ience for bringing a sixpack of Shiner Hefeweizen and a sixpack of Dark Starr Stout