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Buttmonkey's First Campaign 
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Post Buttmonkey's First Campaign
I started my first C&C campaign last night. My players so far include my father (approximately 60 years old with bad eyesight, so character generation was a pain in the butt as he squinted at the equipment lists and couldn't read his own handwriting on the character sheet), a friend from work (age 36), and his 15 year-old daughter who has never RPGd before.

We spent about 1-1.5 hours on character generation and general explanation of how role-playing games work for the newbie. Ive decided to more or less punt alignment for the campaign (along with encumbrance and the assassin, knight, and paladin classes). I instructed the players to create generally good/heroic characters and suggested a more evil campaign could be contemplated in the future. The buggers responded by making the 1st 4 PCs half-orcs (barbarian, fighter, ranger, and cleric). They also added a halfling rogue and a gnome wizard.

My overall plan is to have them run through the Keep on the Borderlands and then possibly the Temple of Elemental Evil afterward. For the first session, I decided to put them through something easier than KotB, so I pulled out the Beacon at Enon Tor. I told the players they were on the way to the borders of the Realm in search of the Caves of Chaos and stopped overnight in Borth. While dining at the inn, they were approached by the local guild leaders and advised about the modules background (wizard runs the lighthouse, the lighthouse hasnt been lit in about a week, the PCs will be paid $100 gp each to investigate).

The party headed off to the Beacon and attempted to enter the lower door, but the rogue failed his pick locks check. The upstairs door is also supposed to be locked, but since there are no other entrances and I was afraid the rogue might blow it again, I let that door be unlocked. The party entered and gradually cleaned out the tower before heading down to the lower levels.

I had the bugbears and orcs set a trap for the party. When the rogue failed to pick the lock on the lower door, they tried knocking the door in unsuccessfully. The party also repaired the foghorn and sounded it before beginning the exploration of the lower levels. I figured this was more than enough warning to the humanoids, so they were lying in wait.

Unfortunately for the monsters, the wizard used his sleep spell, knocking out 3 of the orcs and two of the party members. The bugbear and the last orc were unaffected and fought on. As things started to go bad for the monsters, the bugbear beat a hasty retreat out of the tower and into the woods.

The party eventually found the feebleminded wizard Karthedon and deduced what happened to him, but they were unable to revive him. Rather than continue exploring (which would have resulted in the party discovering the dispel magic scroll needed to restore Karthedon), the party took Karthedon back to town.

The townspeople were grateful for the rescue of the wizard, but not so pleased when the party tried to sell the swag they recovered from the tower. The townsfolk recognized Karthedons tapestry and accused the party of looting. An angry discussion ensued in which the party threatened not to revive Karthedon if the townspeople made a fuss about the loot. That went over poorly and the villagers kicked the party out of town after paying them.

The party then returned to the tower and spent a few days healing up and gathering everything of value. As we broke for the night, the party was debating whether to return to town to revive Karthedon or to just move on toward the Caves of Chaos with the hope of finding another settlement where they can cash in the treasure they recovered/stole from Karthedon.

Im kind of hoping the party decides to get the heck out of Dodge. Eventually, the villagers will find someone to revive Karthedon and he will undoubtedly be pissed at the party for cleaning out his home. I expect he would make an excellent villain seeking his revenge on the party in coming days. As a 10th level wizard, he would be a fierce and intelligent opponent.

tylermo wrote:
Your efforts are greatly appreciated, Buttmonkey. Can't believe I said that with a straight face.

Sun Aug 19, 2007 5:51 pm
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Sounds like a pretty good session.

I like the mercenary attitude of not reviving the wiz if they fussed about the pillaging.

Mon Aug 20, 2007 2:17 am
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