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The Trials of Ryoko Owari

Posted: Tue Jan 15, 2008 7:09 am
by Titania Lefey
The Pillow book of Mae Shyr

Former Emerald Magistrate of Ryoko Owari

Current Magistrate of Dragons Hallow

Month of the Tiger, Third Day

Today was an unusually pleasant day, I suppose it is just a sign that I really should leave my post as magistrate. Speaking of which, my replacements arrived today, an unusual grouping.

They stationed two Crabs,(CRABS! One of them looked like he spent too much time in the Shadowlands and has now adapted their looks. A frightful appearance as well as disposition) As well as a Dragon, (he I do not mind as much, although he did seem uneasy, usually those of the Dragon act so beatific) A Scorpion, (I understand my lords reasoning for this one, it still does not sit well with me though, also this one seems even more secretive shady than most of his clansmen I have met, plus he just did not feel right.) the last one is a Sea Dragon ( I am extremely glad for the selection of this one, he also comes across as very tactful and sincere, if outspoken, but then so are most his clan. But then what would you expect of the son of the Daimyo Songo!)

Most of them were quiet except to ask questions. I updated them on the current cases I had been working on (or were about to work on). There are of course the ninja, the bandit Fade, Ashidaka Noratakis ( the previous magistrates) murder, as well as the new murder of the noble woman last night.

The Scorpion made a big deal out of the ninja. I suppose he would, the Scorpion Clan have to give the ninjas license to be ninja before they can do anything! I wouldnt be surprised if he were one of their Shinobi he seemed secretive enough. I will inquire about it later as I have arranged to have dinner with him tonight. I was considering taking him to the licensed quarter, that way he will not have (at least his Samurai weapons) on him. Also there food is excellent, not all of the island is dedicated to Geishas and Courtesans, it is also quite beautiful there.

Already the group seems to have made headway on both the ninja and murder of the noble womans cases. The noble woman turns out to be the eldest daughter of the head Crane family in Ryoko Owari. A shame, she was to marry in just 3 weeks. They also found out that she had died quickly and had her ... reproductive organs removed... I shudder at the thought of that!

In the Crane house they found out that the victim kept getting bumped into by an old man for a time before the murder occured. She had mostly ran into him at the Wharf district. As far as manners went most of them were decisively tactful. Except for one, surprisingly it was the Dragon, it is just another reason to suspect him of hiding something. Apparently the conversation went some thing like this.

Sea Dragon (Yoshi): Maybe we can use her younger sister as bait for the killer she is beautiful enough and resembles her sister greatly.

Crane Father: We would be willing to help the new magistrates in near any other way, but, with the loss of one daughter already.. We, we cannot allow ourselves to lose another. His face became sullen.

Dragon (Tora) : Dont worry. I would take good care of her He apparently said this in a lude manner, very much unbefitting of a true samurai.

Crane Mother: I can see why our Daimyo chose our daughter to marry a Unicorn instead of a Dragon. Ooh! Burn!

Dragon (Tora):

Crane lies

Dragon swoops

Crane dies

Crane Mother:

Crane pecks

Blind Dragon

Dragon Falls

Dragon (Tora): that would not have happened, cranes are too small.

Crane Mother: Must be a small dragon.

Dragon (Tora): Its not the size of the dragon! Its how you use it!

Crane Mother: Oh! I see. It must be clumsy too then.

Dragon (Tora): . I think we can leave now.

Sea Dragon (Yoshi): What? Finally had enough?

Everything the Crane Mother had said was in the most polite and innocent tone too! She must be a courtier.
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Posted: Tue Jan 15, 2008 8:21 am
by Titania Lefey
The new magistrates then went to pursue what leads they had, which led to the Wharf District, to a Unicorn food vendor, that specialized in foreign foods no less.

While they were speaking with the Unicorn vendor a little Scorpion child ran up to talk to Hattori (Scorpion).

Uncle Bayushi-san? (little boy)

What? (Hattori)

I lost my zeni bag! Down that alley over there! Can you help me find it?

you know what, I can

Yay! Thank you! Come this way!

At which they both went down the alley, down to the very middle of it. At which point Hattori noticed black pajama clad ninja on the rooftops. Sorry! said the child as he ran out of the alley way and into safety.

At this point the ninja jumped down. The battle progressed something like this.

We are ninja! We have mystical powers! Fear us! they proclaimed, as they jumped down to surround him. (there were six)

At this point my source was concerned that the Scorpion was suddenly suffering from a seizure, up until the point the Scorpion doubled over from laughter.

HAHHAHHAHHHHHAAAAAAA. Hoohoo! Ninja! HAAHAHAHAAH. hoo hoo oh my fortunes! HAHAHAAAHHAAA. we are ninja hahhahhahah, fear us bwhahahahahahahhaha, mystical powers HAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Woo hooo, oh, im cryin.hahhahahhaha okay, ehhehehheheheh.. I think, fufuufufu. im done now.

During this time the ninja stood in dumbfounded amazement, this guy must be crazy yeah is he supposed to be laughing? Oh just kill him!

While they had their conversation the Scorpion had already recovered and leapt forward to slice down the one closest to him. This blow immediately slew the ninja and the Dragon (who had followed Hattori down the alley) charged forward proclaiming, I knew I smelled ninja!

The dragon drew his swords, taking the ninja in the gut, doubling the ninja over, creating an opening for the dragons wakizashi to separate his head from his shoulders, which went spinning through the air. The Crab, Hida Tsuro (the young one) then came forth . He rose his mighty tetsubo over his head to strike a ninja, who at this image muttered Oh, shi- then Tsuros tetsubo came down and laid waste to his enemy. Actually my source told me that the ninjas body exploded into a fountain of blood and body pieces, but I think that the report was highly exaggerated.

The Hiruma crab (the scary old one) then charged down the alley, but did not quite make it to combat due to his pronounced limp. In the continued melee the Scorpion cut down another ninja as did the Dragon (in much the same way he killed his previous foe) and the Hida again laid waste to his enemy, this time with a massive blow to the head. This ninja tried to get one more shot off but missed horribly and fell to the ground unconscious. Hopefully he is not so brain damaged that they will not be able to question him.

After the battle the child reappeared, looking around the corner. The Scorpion immediately spotted him and caught him with a swiftness that surprised my source. My source also said that the Scorpion gave the child a wedgy, but I find that far fetched. The child then explained that he was told to lure him into the alley or he would be killed by the ninja. To which the Sea Dragon came up ( he was in the bathroom apparently) and said Your clan obviously has been lax in the training of this one.

Hey kid, you will go to your parents and tell them everything that has happened. The Scorpion said, You understand?

The child nodded and ran off to his mother.

That child is lucky he told me so quickly about how he was coerced so quickly. Hattori said

Why? Yoshi said

Because I was going to kick his a**!

Apparently sometime during the events of the day the magistrates got a pass to carry weapons into the licensed district (only while on magistrate business though), and have gotten it to where I will stay in the city as their guide until such a time that they no longer need me. I look forward to my dinner with Hattori, there will be much to discuss about these events and about himself and his comrades.

I wonder if he likes dumplings.
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Posted: Tue Jan 15, 2008 12:25 pm
by daddystabz
You have really outdone yourself! Bravo! What a wonderful and creative idea not only to do this as a journal of our adventures but from the point of view of the previous magistrate!

You are wonderfully creative and talented!


Dumplings sound yummy!

Posted: Wed Jan 16, 2008 9:29 am
by Titania Lefey
quick note: I must inform Hattori that a Lion samurai will be joining them.....

Hopefully he will be more tactful than the Dragon Tora...
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Posted: Thu Jan 17, 2008 11:32 pm
by slimykuotoan
Akodo Takemono is all about tact!


Can't Lie: this does not mean that you CAN'T lie, it just means no one will beleive you

Contrary: You have an opinion on everything and have a hard tiem keeping quiet, this will result with willpower checks when I inform you)

Brash (this is self explainatory)

Posted: Thu Jan 17, 2008 11:55 pm
by Titania Lefey
"How can I glare into these eyes and not... stab them." -Richard in Slaughter your World

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Posted: Sat Jan 19, 2008 8:55 pm
by Titania Lefey
The Pillow Book of Mea Shyr

Former Magistrate of Ryoko Owari

Current Magistrate of Dragons Hallow

Month of the Tiger, Fourth Day

Today was very profitable day. Especiallly my dinner with Hattori last night. He makes for very good conversation, and he like dumplings too! (and as you know this is my favorite food). I made sure he was comfortable for the night and provided him lodgings.

However, onto more important topics. The 'ninja' that they captured yesterday is not so brain damaged that they will not be able to question him, at this point in time, however, the 'ninja' is too wounded to question. They will speak with him tommorow.

The new magistrates have already dealt with some of Ryoko Owari's politics. The missive's from the Unicorn and Scorpion clans were given to them last night, after I had taken Hattori to dinner. They also learned of their Lion associate at the same time (he had had trouble on the way to Ryoko Owari dealing with some bandits). The Lion (who goes by the name Akodo Takemono) made sure to prove his worth right away. (who would have guessed he was so welll versed in political etiquette!)

When the letters arrived Hida Tsuro was the one to accept them. He took the Unicorn first, but made sure to take the Scorpion one quickly after.

(this was wise I think, when this happened to me I was lucky enough that it was my Aide that took them)

Anyway, both of the messages invited the magistrates to dinner, at the same time, but at different places. I can imagine there was much discussion as to who they should go to. They decided they would go to both (except for Hiruma, who said he hates paties and wants "nutin to do wit ste either of tem" I guess you can only speak so well after losing so many teeth)

At this point the Akodo had an idea, "What if they did this on purpose? (I wish I'd had someone to tell me that! I had alot of trouble figuring out the purpose of mine!) "What if this is their way of measuring WHO we politically favor?" At this Yoshi said "Well, obviously the Scorpion haev orchestrated it. So I say we go to the Unicorn." (Actually both of the clans orchestrate this test, the Unicorn may be extremely law abiding on the outside, but they can be extremely devious).

At this point Tsuro spoke up, "What if it is not just preference... what if it is a measure of who you would do illegal (even if minor) things for?" The rest of the Magistrates thought this over and dec ided, that, if this was the case, both of the clans can go without their presence at dinner. They also decided that it would be Hiruma that would tell the messengers. "You tell your maastah's that we don't want te be part of ter shmancy parties, we be mucsh to buzy workin' magishtrate work!" (Oh Fortunes! I'm giggling just writting about it! Overall though, they made a wise choice. I had ended up goin to neither , becuase my first day was so hectic that I did not get back to the office until 5 minutes before the dinner times! So I did not have time to decide Who to go to!)

So they ended up having dinner in the magistrates quarter at a seafood vendor. (they are now looking for a personal cook so they won't have to leave the office)

Now, lets move on to they events of today, instead of last night. They decided to work on the magistrates murder for a little, and decided to look in the redords for the reports of his murder (and his friends). but other than figuring out how they were killed (and how it was 15 people that killed them) they did not find ot much else.

However, Hattori had joined them at this point and spotted the record of Bayushi Genshi's murder. This murder happened abouit a century ago though, but Hattori looked, just becuase it had caught his interest. It turns out this was a good thing though, becuase Ganshi had been murdered in almost exactly the same way as the Crane noblewoman.

At this Yoji remembered that the kami had told him that the person who had made the woman bleed (killed her) felt older than some mountains, but his body was younger than the Hiruma's (though not by much).

So this meant that this man was a serial killer. Just then a peasant burst in to the rcords room, panting heavily.

Peasant: Samurai-sama's!

Magistrates: ...yes?

Peasant: you are looking for Henjo... yes?

Magistrates: (took a moment to remeber that it was the name of the old man they were looking for) oh.. yes. why?

Peasant: He is a timber dealer. He is at the harbor selling timber to one of the barges!

Magistrates: Now?

Peasant; (somewhat irritated) Yes! Now!

So the magistrates had the peasant lead them to Henjo. When they arrived they saw Henjo accompanied by a young girl (age of 16) with her baby. When they approached Henjo saw them and immediately ran waving his arms aroundlike a mad man and muttering foreign words.

The girl seeing this, immediately ran toward the magistrates crying "Stop! He is old! Don't hurt him! Stop!" Nobunaga (tora), Hattori, Takemono, Tsuro and Yoji ran past her (Nabunaga shoving her out of the way). While Hiruma stayed behind to deal with the girl ( he sayed something about how he couldn't run as fast). The girl went up to him and shoving the baby in his arms said.

"Don't hurt my master! Here! you can have my baby in return!" Then she tried to run after the rest of the magistrates but Hiruma grabbed her and the baby saying. "What?! No! Git yer baby away frem me!"

In the mean time (somehow) the man known as Henjo took flight. In reponse to this Takemono and Nobunaga took out their hankyu's and shot at him. both of them shot at him (with spectacular shots!) and downed him immediately. Hattori was the first to get up to the old man. At this time Nabunaga was jumped by the young girl (who had somehow managed to slip out of the Hiruma's hands) who was yelling "Stop it! Monster! You hurt my master!" Then she promptly ran into him and knocked herself down as she seemed to have hit the brick wall that is now known as Nabunaga.

Tsuro made it to the old man and they were quiet until Hattori drew his blade and said in a low voice. "Get away from him, or I will strike you down."
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Posted: Sat Jan 19, 2008 10:13 pm
by Titania Lefey
Nobunaga ran up to the old man and Hattori, with a strangely satisfied look on his face. "I knew you'd betray us Scorpion!" The girl rose from the ground and chased down Nabunaga, pulling out her tanto. "Get away from him heathen!" she struck at Nabunaga's back, nicking him through his armor.

Suddenly the old man jumped up adn started running toward an alley, faster than he had before (much faster than a man of even 20 years normally can) Yoji thinking something was off, 'sensed', the elements and magic around the old man and Hattori. there was some sort of mind link between Hattori and Henjo, also Henjo's void was held in his belly.

Yoji then yelled to his comrades. "Don't kill Hattori, he is being cursed!"

Hattori sprung forward to attack Tsuro, but missed, Tsuro returned the attack, but Hattori moved with an agility that none of them would have guessed and dodged his tetsubo.

nobunaga turned his attention to the girl and struck her twice with the flat of his blades. She (amazingly) stayed standing & struck at Nobunaga again, but missed. Takemono (who had been running to catch up to Henjo) was fast catching up with him.

once again Hattori and Tsuro exchanged blows, but neither could land a blow on the other. Nobunaga, on the other hand, struck his foe twice again, she slumped to the ground, and drawing on the last of her strength she struck at his leg, hitting him, causing a nasty cut.

Nabunaga then occupied himself with tying up the girl. In the mean time Yoji had cast a spell that made the earth around Henjo's feet gripp his legs, and Henjo was held fast. Takemono cuaght up to the old man and rose his sword to strike. Hattori, at the same time stuck Nobunaga acroos his back, while he was tying the girl. Nobunaga yelled in pain and rose from the girl, stirking a defensive pose. Tsuro once again tried to strike Hattori but, again, missed.

Yoji suddenly felt a sick presence try to enter his mind, but his will was too strong and he fended off the intrusion. The old man let out a yell of frustration, as Takemono's blade in the space of a second (or as long as an eternity) came down upon his head.

Hattori stumbled and found that his friends were holding their weapons to attack him, and the girl, who was just a moment ago yelling for them to stop, was lying on the ground next to him. Hattori sheathed his weapon, but stayed in a defensive position. His fellow magistrates took note of his behavior and sheathed their weapons as well, remembering Yoji's words.

Yoji approached the old man again 'sensing' him. "Takemono, pierce his belly with your sword." Takemono grumbled about how unhonorable it could be to strike an already downed foe, but he did so.

A sudden scream pierced the air as Henjos eyes and mouth opened. An evil glow came from them, as well as from the wound in his belly. then a black spirit rose from his body and disapated in the unexpected wind.

"...why did that happen?" Takemono asked.

"Because, unlike us, his void, or soul, was held in his belly." Yoji said, "I suggest that you let me cleanse your blade, and your mind as well Hattori."

Hattori nodded and Takemono grunted his approval. They decided that they would take the girl and her masters body to the magistrate office. When they arrived, I was waiting.

"I see you have.... acquired, the old man."

They made sounds of aggreement and Yoji actually comfirmed what I said with words. I noticed some of them were slipping sly looks to Hattori ( I supposed this was becuase he did not go back to the office until morning from our dinner) So I decided to play along, since it was 'obvious that we "knew" eachother well'

I smiled and made sure my eyes took on a sultry expession as I looked at Hattori.

"I just wanted to see If I could expect Hattori-kun for dinner at my home this evening."

Hattori smiled (a proud scorpion smile I call it) "Of course my lady."

(I was pleased that he did know how to 'play')

I made sure to smile and blush prettily. "I am glad to hear that." I bowed. "Until then Hattori-kun."

Then a shashayed past him and along the walk until I turned the corner, making sure to send lingering glances over my shoulder. after I was out of sight I heard Yoji say, "I guess you really did get lucky Hattori."

They were so scandalized!
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