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LordSeurek's Forgotten Realms Campaign

Posted: Fri Apr 04, 2008 1:11 am
by Lurker
On this 3rd day of the month of Kythorn during the year of 1373 DR The Year of the Rogue Dragon, Greengrass. The stalwart companions were spending a calm & restful night at the inn of the town of Highmoon. The inn was fairly nice with good warm food, a friendly, for a dwarf, inn keep and Surly, a serving wench more than happy to bring copious amounts of beer. Beer, that was dark and strong. There were also a hand full of local thugs and ruffians eating, drinking and being rude in general.

The group noticed a portrait of Shandril hanging over the bar. After a few questions were asked, and assurances that the Nerneth HalfOgre was not a brute nor evil, the Dwarven bar keep finally opened up and told the story of his friendship with the local hero.

As the afternoon passed into evening a halforc skulked into the common room too hoots and rude gestures, and thrown bones, from the thugs and cold looks from the companions. A brief conversation between the ruffians and the halforc ensued referencing a used ring, a magic broach pin and things owed to the thugs.

The half orc then approached the companions offering a simple job. There was general interest but no decision was made at the time. All agreed more information was needed. This lead to the half orc leaving with a promise of a return after the dinner hour with more information.

After the departure of the halforc, a dice game was started between most of the companions and the local ruffians. More importantly to Alvar the roguish duelist and Erlcer the Noble Crowner information was passed from the drunken lips of the thugs. Ignoring the amount of gold passing hands Durbur dwarven priest & Nerneth HalfOgre drank COPIOUS amounts of the strong beer.

After the dice fell silent and the groups parted, some poorer than earlier and some richer, on friendly terms. The companions continued to drink especially Durbur. This lead to an unintended, well I hope it was unintended, insult from Nerneth HalfOgre toward the Dwarven god worshiped by Durbur. This of course led to a scuffle and bloody nose between the dwarf and the HalfOgre. The fight was broken up by Strom which resulted in even more drinking.

After the dinner hour passed the halforc returned and the group, along with the inn keep, followed him into a privet sitting room. Specifics of the job were discussed and an agreement was reached. A magic pin associated with The Harpers was to be taken to Daggerdale and delivered safely into the hands of of Lord Randal Morn, or his captain, Kregan..

The next morning, the 4th day of the month of Kythorn, the group left, after much discussion as to the quickest route. Weather it would be quicker to go strait through the woods or a longer but safer route over better traveled roads. The route traveling towards the ThunderPeak Mountains and the city of Arabel, the capital of Cormyr.

Nerneth HalfOgre was a little nervous after finding a note written in drow stating that he was being watched.

They noticed a fear building on the local populace as they were leaving. Any one appearing sick or week was being shunned and avoided. Little was made of it by the party at this time.

***** No combat but good role playing*****

The party

Durbur Stonehelm Servant of the 'Keeper of Secrets Under the Mountain'. A Dwarven Cleric that is surprisingly optimistic. SlimyKuotoans character

Ektor Milren a human mage. Treebores character

Nerneth Kluggenrothe formerly of JaeIlat, First House of Ust Natha. A HalfOgre Shaman 4 / Gallowglass 2. A former drow slave. Fairly innocent and kind hearted, very protective of children. Has a habit of misspeaking and getting confused by seemingly simple turns of phrase. Wulfgarns character

Alvar Duard Castigl de Iriaebor a duelist/rogue. Son of a moderately important trade family from Iriaebor. Lurkers character

Erlcer Chavdarr, human crowner. A minor noble from Waterdeep on a mission to bring in a fairly powerful and very evil mage. Kayolans character

Strom Brightwing, human fighter. A follower of Tallos embracing the outlook of aggressive chaos. Bran (trees son) character.

Nazir "Silverthorn" a Human Ranger/Marksman/other. Quiet and slow to talk about himself even among friends. He has a preference for silver arrows earning the name Silverthorn character Damage-Devils character
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Posted: Fri Apr 04, 2008 1:12 am
by Lurker
On the night of the 4th day of the month of Kythorn, the party was camped on the edge of the woods at the foot of the ThunderPeak pass. As the night lengthened and members took their watch, a pack of large dire rats swarmed out of the dark. Silverthorn yelled a warning and shot a whistling arrow toward the rats. Blades were drawn and combat ensued. Some of the group performing well, others poorly as Tymora handed a little bad luck out from her left hand. The rats were finally killed but three members were bitten hard enough to worry them about disease.

The party soon lay back down, with the one member on watch. The rest was not long lasting. A pack of zombies were heard passing through the woods. It was decided the Dwarven Cleric would turn them and the party would return to rest. Unfortunately Tymora again handed out luck from her left hand. Durbur the cleric was not only unable to turn the zombies but fumbled his words and nervously dropped his symbol. The zombies turned and lurched to the attack.

The fight was quick with the zombies causing little harm. Alvar dispatched one quickly, making up for his mediocre fighting of the rats, and the Nerneth HalfOgre damaged two more with his great flail. Ektor cast Web entangling three of the walking dead and quickly flamed causing them to singe and burn. After a few more minuets of bow, sword, and flail work the zombies were properly dead and unmoving.

***** Good combat this one. Lots of 1s rolled especially at the first rounds of combat.
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Posted: Fri Apr 04, 2008 1:12 am
by Lurker
The party was slow to start moving after the sun rose on the 5th day of the month of Kythorn. Giving the mage the cleric and the HalfOgre Shaman time to rest. Then the cleric cast cure disease on those bit by the rats. Once the group began moving the terrain quickly changed for woodland to mountains as the party made its way up toward the pass. Before midday a horse carrying two riders, one being Surly the bar maid from Highmoon, caught up with the party and quickly approached.

The barmaid told Ektor the mage in specific and the group in general, she wished to travel with the group to Daggerdale. In order to meet Shandril The party quickly agreed. Alvar also inquired about the people of Highmoon being fearful of their neighbors especially of those looking sick. They were told of the death of a necromancer and the spread of his undead through the area.

The group continued traveling up toward the pass. After noon time they met a dwarf of the BloodAxe clan manning his outpost/shop. News was past and his wears were viewed by any needing fine arms and armor. Ektor the Mage purchased a master work dagger.

The party continued up the mountain and luckily spied an old hidden door with dwarven marking. The door looked old and unused for many years with signs of rust at the hinges and dust and cobwebs covering the corners and doorstep. After debate the group decided it was more important to deliver the pin than delve the depths of the mountain. Plus the presence of Surly the barmaid caused some of the group to use more caution than would be expected.

The party neared the highpoint of the pass as night approached. Camp was set and the watch planned, giving all those that need sleep extra time so they would not be slow to be ready on the morning. Late in the night the rest was ended for the group, some quicker than others.

A pack of weights moved out of the wood line thirsty for blood. The two party members moved to attack and were quickly struck buy the stench of the walking undead. The battle was joined with the Nerneth HalfOgre welding his great flail and Silverthorn the Ranger breaking his bow string.

Ektor the mage was the first of the sleeping party to awake to the sounds of combat and was quickly overwhelmed by the weight stench. Retching and gagging he stumbled among the rest of the sleepers attempting to wake them then stumbled upwind out of the death stench. At the same time the Nerneth HalfOgre was stuck and held fast by one of the undead. It issued a cry of delight and began trying to feast on the numbed HalfOgre. Silverthorn the ranger drew his sword, in disgust with his now useless bow and poor luck, and joined the fray.

Alvar rolled out of his bed roll, gagging chocking and eyes watering, yelling for Surly to take the horses and ride. Dont to return till sunrise was yelled, then he attacked the feasting weight. The back attack was quite effective and felled the startled monster. The rest of the group joined the fray beating back the foul creatures. Avoiding, for the most part, the fangs and claws of the creatures and luckily none were benumbed by the monsters foul touch.

After the last weight fell and the slow return of movement to Nerneth HalfOgre the party settled down awaiting the fast approaching sunrise on the 6th day of the month of Kythorn. After all the members were healed and rested the decent from the pass began.

A few hours into the decent a second door was seen matching, in style, wording and condition, the dwarven door on the eastern face of the mountain. Again the decision was made to continue on to Arabel then to Daggerdale. The rest of the day passed peacefully and quickly the group was passing through the Hullack forest on the eastern border of the country of Cormyr.

Halfway through the Hullack woods three spiders, easily as large or even larger than a warhorse, were seen in the distance crossing the road. The party quickly decided, due to their habit of receiving poor luck in the opening moments of combat, to pass the spiders quietly and peacefully. The city of Arabel was reached a few hours before sunset with out further adventure or more importantly miss adventure.

Alvar lead the way through the royal city to his family factors house. Quickly getting information on where the better public house was and also passing notes to be sent to the family trade council in Iribael, and other note to the cities sheriff/militia. Passing word of the danger of walking dead growing in the southwestern dales and along the Thundermountains.

A quiet night was spent in the Bent Bow inn. The party members enjoying good food a hot bath and a relaxing evening. The treasure recovered from the monsters thus far was sold and plans were made, and eventually abandoned, to buy mercenary guards to help pull night watch. Ektor the Mage did decide to buy guard dogs the next morning.

**** Good fight and role playing in this one****
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Posted: Fri Apr 04, 2008 1:13 am
by Lurker
On the night of the 6th day of the month of Kythorn the group spent the morning restocking supplies that were damaged and used in crossing the mountains. As planned the Mage purchased two well trained guard/war dogs. Also Alvar spent time at the shrine of Tymora, relating the story to the shrine keeper and making an offering in hopes of gaining better luck.

As Ektor the mage with dogs following loyally, approached the party in preparation to leave, the dogs reacted poorly to Surly the barmaid. Barking and showing fang and raised hackles. During a moment of distrust the dwarven cleric attempted to detect evil on her, an attempt that failed.

The rest of the day saw the party depart the city and travel north with out happening and misadventure. Distrust, slight but there, still hung around the barmaid. The night also passed without happening. Nothing outside of the dogs furthering the distrust of Surly and causing the Nerneth HalfOgre to further dislike the barmaid.

The 7th day of the month of Kythorn, passed with the group making the town of Tilverton before sunset. A cheap, the only inn in the town to tell the truth, inn was found and a relaxing night was spent. The only thing of note outside the cold and fairly rude inn keep, was the purchase of the wide eyed young servant boy by Strom.

The morning was spent bargaining for items and more gear and supplies. A large wagon, draft horses and the associated gear being the main items purchased

When the party was finally prepared, well some of the party that is, to leave the inn things changed. Ektor the Mage finally was able to dispel some of the magic protecting and hiding the truth about Surly the barmaid. This enabled Durbur the dwarf to actually detect the true evil of the barmaid. Durbur the dwarfs warning cry Boys, be ready, she is as evil as a dragon, a dragon I say as he pulled his mace lead to a short and confused melee. Alvar being the first to react, leapt forward and tried to wrestler he to the ground. He was quickly thrown to the ground by the agile lass. Nerneth HalfOgre and Strom both leapt forward attacking and trying to subdue the evil lass. Erlcer the Crowner prepared to join the fight and called for the local peoples to assist in subduing the girl. Finally Durbur the dwarf was able to yell out to her to quit fighting and come peaceful, and to his companions to act civilized and not kill her.

Alvar was able to secure and tie her hands. Then the questions ideas and opinions, began to fly amongst the group. What did you see? What ring and what did it do? Shes evil just kill her and lets get on with it! Finally the decision was forced, Erlcer by the crowner and Durbur the dwarf, to take her to the town militia captain.

More questions were ask by the insolent and lazy guardsman and finally the town captain. The questions of the group were quickly and honestly answered, the questions to Surly were met with silence or insolent answers. The local priestess of Lothlander was finally called for. She finally arrived and was able to cast more magics, finally focusing on a ruby necklace worn by the barmaid, the same necklace that Nerneth HalfOgre was unable to remove despite his great strength. When the priestess attempted to touch it she was repelled by the great and powerful evil. Hurriedly leaving the room to go pray and meditate even more.

The group, lead by Erlcer the Crowner continued to interrogate the lass. Receiving little news and being further lied to, insulted and treated with insolence. Finally with great skill and heroic effort Nerneth HalfOgre was able to use his shamanic powers to weaken the necklace enough for it to be removed from Surlys neck.

The group finally left the militias building and headed back toward the inn. Leaving the evil lass, hopefully, secured for the night.

***** Took a while to get going, but still good role playing then a good confused W.T. fight****
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Posted: Thu Apr 10, 2008 10:27 pm
by Lurker

The evening of the 8th day of the month of Kythorn found the group split in two. Three members stayed to watch over the evil Surly in Tilvertons donjon. These three members spent a long, cold, and boring night. The other 4 returned to the inn for a final relaxing night before returning to traveling through the wild lands between Cormyr & the Dales.

A dinner of stuffed trout, cabbage, and all the associated fixings was washed down with good Halfling brown beer and a desert of expensive dried apricots. All served by a strong willed and hag ugly, well nearly hag ugly, barmaid. Durbur Stonehelm was the only one in the whole bar willing to flirt with the lass, and being a dwarf he was more than willing at that!

Morning found the four members in the inn stiff but well rested from their night sleep in the common room. The other three were not so lucky as they returned to the inn after sunrise, tired, chilled, and dew soaked as well as bored from the long quiet night.

Breakfast of sausage, chicken eggs, and griffin milk cheese was served and finished before the three watchers returned from the donjon. Plans and ideas were made on how best to steal a wheel or two of the gourmet and rare cheese. Ideas that were eventually given up. The three watchers quickly found what they could to break fast before leaving. Alvar made coffee and smoked his pipe, characteristically refusing to share it with Durbur Stonehelm the Dwarf.

The rest of the day, the 9th day of the month of Kythorn, passed without incident as the group traveled north into the Dalelands. The night unfortunately was anything but quiet.

Late in the night on the third watch more undead struck. As Alvar sat watching the fire he heard shuffling in the dark woods. Stood, peering into the darkness, and began to wake the party when . A wave of fear swept through him and ended with him sputtering out Oh son of A. Its a mummmmmy before the fear and revulsion froze him in place. The partys two watch dogs also started barking then quietly whimpering they curled up in fear.

Luckily the noise and dog barking was enough to awaken the party. Each member rolled out of their sleep roll and were then quickly stunned by the horrific sight of not just a single mummy lurching through the darkness but three. All save Durbur Stonehelm, who stood calling forth the power of the keeper of the secrets under the mountain. Two of the foul undead screamed in pain and lurched away into the night darkness. One mummy, further away from the god blessed dwarf, continued lurching toward the group of fear stricken companions.

Nerneth HalfOgre was the first to recover, coming too just in time to step forward and join melee with the foul undead. They traded mighty blows. The dwarf charged forward but the distance was too far for his short legs to quickly bring him into the fight. Next into action was the lion-spirit protecting Nerneth HalfOgre and then the fighter Strom, both attempting to deal great blows on the mummy.

The fight continued on for a little time as more and more damage was traded by the mummy and the fighters engaged in the melee. Nerneth HalfOgre eventually used all his luck and ended up on his back without his mighty flail; tripped by his own poor luck and fighting for his life without weapon in hand. The mummy finally delivered a dangerous blow, causing little damage but infecting the HalfOgre with his rotting disease.

Finally Alvar, one of the last to recover from the fear, began to move forward just to look toward the cold north and cry out again. Two more mummies lurched toward the combat. Proceeded by a wave of fear which stunned the party anew. The mummy from the first wave of undead, now surrounded by helpless would be heroes, rained down blows on the helpless HalfOgre.

Alvar quickly recovered, for once when dealing with undead, and sprinted forward. As he ran, Ektor Milren the mage cast forth bolts of magic power, striking the mummy and rocking it onto its heels. Alvar then Leapt on the helpless HalfOgre and skewered the attacking mummy. Sending its foul soul back to the depths of hell.

As the mummy from the first wave crumpled to the ground, Nazir Silverthorn came to his senses. Pulling out his long bow he began shooting arrow after arrow into one of the now charging undead. One shot so precise that it shattered the undeads shoulder rendering one arm completely useless.

Alvar moved forward just in time to block the other mummys attack on Durbur. Who was still helpless from the fear. Easily blocking and parrying the mummys flailing arms. More magical energy shot forth from Ektors hand slamming into the attacking mummy. The other mummy finally closed with Silverthorn the ranger after surviving, barely, the hail of arrows. It quickly fell to the rangers well used sword.

As the rest of the group slowly regained their senses, then moved to attack the final mummy. Even Silverthorn, with his skillfully used bow, rained arrows into the mummy. Missing his companions engaged in swirling melee with the mummy.

After the foul undead succumbed to its wounds the group looked around ready for the next wave which didnt come.

Dawn on the 10th day of the month of Kythorn found the group battered and shaken with two members sickened by the mummys scabrous and foul rotting disease but all alive. The cleric spent the morning praying for guidance and the power to heal those affected from the rotting sickness caused by the mummys touch. The group then pushed hard through the day to reach Daggerfalls before the next sunset.

****** GREAT combat. Through most of the game at least one member of the party was frozen in fear, and the fighting the mummies, in waves, caused panic through the party! I was worried at the start and near a panic when the second group showed up with the one from the first standing over the half ogre****
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Posted: Thu Apr 17, 2008 6:09 pm
by Wulfgarn
Ok- this is Part One of last nights session- I did not know Lurker would be leaving us so the record here may not be as complete as it could.

The day dawned and the sun rose slowly from the horizon. The Dalelands are a swarm with the dead that walk. Nerneth rises and greets the sun and the great Eagle spirit that bartered for the power of the Sun.

Nerneth looked down at his bare hairy 4 toed feet. Brother Eagle Bartered hard and now the Half-Ogre would never put any foot covering upon his feet.

They were going to enter a place called Daggerfalls, Nerneth really hoped hed be able to dodge them when they fell, for on one hand commonsense said that he would not be able to and it also said that no one would want to live in a place were daggers fell. He wanted to ask Master Ektor about it but his new master seemed more and more agitated with his constant questions so he chose to just push on and leve the brain grinding to those that could grind it better thasn he could.

As it turned out the trip was uneventful that day, and he did not see any daggers falling as they entered the town. Entering town they stopped by a Leather workers and Master Ektor had the craftsman there do some work on his goods and the Duelist Alvar had his armor repaired. Nerneth looked into buying a better suit of armor and for some reason when hed asked for a whip Alvar suggested he get a leather mask with a zipper. It really confused Nerneth but all the humans were laughing so he just wandered off.

Finding the Tower of Randal Mourn was easy, getting there was perilous little hairfaced brother dwarf lit himself on fire as well as did Alvar- then they offered to let me light myself on fire I nearly dumped my water gord on them, but laid a blessing from Brother Black Lion to keep them safe from the flames and smoke And they call me dumb.

As we rounded the corner I was greeted with the sights of Home a pair of Minotaurs standing guard I had no Idea Homans were so progressive. I was wrong- the dwarf near had a coronary and began cursing the guards and then the Half-Orc that came out what a mess.

It was then that things took a turn

The dwarf started to cast, the Half-orc Struck out at my friend I wanted to stop Hair-faced little brother bhut leaped to defend him from the pummeling blows the Half orc laid about my head and neck. I still tried to scoop up the dwarf but found myself flat on my back looking up at the Half-orc, Kragen, peaking thru my new afro. (the shocking burst curled and kinked every red hair on my body.

After some very tense moments waiting for Randal Mourn to show up, the hair-faced little brother finally agreed to talk inside rather than do his best to our insides left outside our very bodies for the locals to talk about.

Posted: Fri Apr 18, 2008 7:58 pm
by Lurker
Hair-faced little brother bhut


I was getting ready to start the post but as you have already picked up the torch You have the ball!

I like the change of outlook from my good luck / bad luck to your greeting the eagle spirit!

Have fun
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Posted: Sat Apr 19, 2008 2:51 pm
If I can bother you a minute...Whats a Gallowglass??

Posted: Sat Apr 19, 2008 3:43 pm
by slimykuotoan
I believe it's a class we adopted from csperkin's stuff?

Great perspective writing Wulf.

Posted: Sat Apr 19, 2008 4:03 pm
by Wulfgarn
Gallowglass is a Body guard I think the term originates from Ireland but I am not sure on that.

Posted: Sun Apr 20, 2008 2:51 am
by Kayolan
galloglass or gallowglass (gāl'ō-glās'):

An armed retainer or mercenary in the service of an Irish chieftain.

[Irish Gaelic galloglach : gall, foreigner + oglach, soldier (from g, from Old Irish ac; see yeu- in Indo-European roots).]

Posted: Thu Apr 24, 2008 4:14 pm
by Lurker
The morning of the 11th day of the month of Kythorn, found the group well rested and ready to spend their gold, what gold that hadnt squandered on good food and soft warm beds over the last ten day, As Serith the mage of Daggerfalls brought for the all the trinkets, items of magic and things claming to add to luck, no matter where they were to be worn.

Before the bartering began Silverthorne stepped forward and with a wily smile ask Serith are you a betting man? after a moments hesitation Serith answer was yes, I have been before why? then the bet was laid. If Silverthorne could fire an arrow splitting another all he would buy would be half price.

The first arrow, unsurprisingly, hit the target and stuck well. All watching held their breath, well most did others started to make side bets on their own but before they could finish making their odds Silverthorne arrow flew. It was a strait and true shot. All cheering at the shot which cleanly split the first. Even Serith chuckled at the sight despite the loss of gold.

The buying and bartering started. Many items were bought items from small cloths that were to bring the wearer luck, to bags of pellets that when thrown burst into sunlight, blessed bandages and magic arrows, a circlet that allows the wearer to detect undead and a vest that protect the wearer from the harmful touch of the walking dead.

After the items and gold changed hands the group of stalwart friends and adventures was prepared to leave the safe heaven of Daggerfalls and travel into the ancient woods to attempt to clear the area of foul restless dead. The trip was quiet and uneventful , until just after the woods were entered.

The group had been in the forest for less than and hour, traveling slowly to be careful and keep an eye out for hidden monsters and undead lurking in the dark woods. Durbur Stonehelm , Dwarven Cleric, was the first to notice the presence of the walking dead, with the aid of his newly bought Diamond Circlet. The group spread out to be ready to attack the approaching undead and if possible ready an ambush, an attempt that was wholly unsuccessful.

Silverthorne in the top of a tree readying his bow and Alvar skulking through the trees shadows were the first to actually see the foul creatures. Large creatures spat froth from deaths cold grip. Easily half again as tall as a human, or even taller, gray as a god cursed cloud and with a touch, they were soon to find out, that was as cold as deaths hands.

The walking dead also split up to come at the group from two directions one from the north and the second from the south passing right next to the tree Alvar was hiding behind. Well attempting to hide but the walking dead spied him and attacked. Knocking him back from out of the trees shadow but the magic vest he now wore protected him from the worst of the cold touch. Narneth using his ring of jumping left forward to crush the beast with his great flail. The also failed leaving the HalfOgre stumbling and with out the flail. At the same time Silverthorne leapt from tree to tree to get a better shot, and faded into invisibility with the aid of his magic ring.

Narneths spirit lion leapt forward to protect the momentarily dazed Halfogre. Two mighty paws swept forward and fangs bore to bight. One paw did land soundly, causing the lion pain from the Cinderspawns cold touch. Then the lion tangled itself in the thick underbrush of the woods.

Durbur began to chant a war prayer and started to turn the second Cinderspawn, a chant that was miss timed as the walking dead charged forward swinging at Strom the fighter. A swing that connected well and coldness sapped a good portion of the fighters willpower and attractiveness. Durbur then attempted to finish banishing the beast. An attempt that failed. Then Sir Erlcer charged from the trees to hack the open flank of the Cinderspawn. A move that left him without the use of his good strong right arm. Reeling in pain he dropped his shield and began to wield the weapon with his left hand.

Tymora was defiantly with holding her blessed luck this day!

To the south Narneth HalfOgre recovered his great flail and began attempting to crush the mighty undead, the lion continued to swipe and bite and Alvar danced left and right parrying the beasts cold hands and stabbing when he could. All three receiving cold damage even through their weapons from the foul beast. Ektor the Mage cast forth wave after wave of magic bolts. The beast reeled from the attacks but continued to rake at those in his long reach. To the north Durbur Strom and Erlcer attempted to survive the blows raining down on them and give back as good or better hits than landed on them.

Finally the Cinderspawn in the south fell, over come by the combined might of those attacking and the rain of Magic missiles form Ektor. They then turned just in time to see Durbur charge at the open flank of the second Cinderspawn and crash head long into a tree trunk, knocking his war hat askew and covering his eyes, then sprawl into the cold leaf covered ground. Stunned and helpless he lay there, Strom and Ektor continued to attack the spawn as Alvar sprinted forward to protect the fallen dwarf. Ektor began chanting more magic words to cast a spell, but Silverthorne was faster. Having studied the Cinderspawn he saw a weakness and fired his great bow and magic arrow. A shot that dropped the cinderspawn as it swiped one last time.

Peace settled back on the forest as the group looked around ready for more undead. The realization that none were coming forth, at least for the moment gave them room to smile. They slowly regained their exposure and healing magic was cast healing twisted wrists and shriveled frost bitten skin.

The group traveled further east deeper into the ancient woods for a few more hours. Then Durbur called out Boys there is more undead out there. Ready yourselves, same plan as before, Stay alive then again his war chant echoed thought he tree shadow gloom. As the group slowly moved forward the walking dead began to back away. The noise of Great Dire beasts drowned out the sounds of the forest as one after another Dire Boars were summoned forth the to do the undeads bidding. A total of seven of the giant foul tempered beasts crashed through the woods.

Some of the group climbed trees , others readied for the coming attack and Alvar hid in the tree shadows. Again an attempt that failed. The first southern most Boar charged Narneth HalfOgre and his spirit Lion, thundering past Alvar's hiding place. The Second Boar ran strait to Alvar and attempted to slash and trample the hidden duelist. An attempt that Alvar easily dodged.

Strom called out It looks like ham for dinner tonight! as he charged to meet two of the beasts and melee was engaged. A third Boar in the south began to bare down on Alvar who decided he had a better chance at running than standing toe to toe with two of the Dire creatures. As he neared the Mage archaic words rang out and a Ball of eldritch fire exploded engulfing three of the Boars. Injuring the beasts but killing only one of them. Narneth felled the one he was fighting and turned to face the two chasing Alvar. The Dire Boars then began to return to the place whence they came.

Narneth Looked east through the trees and saw his Lion motionless, stunned and held by some unseen magical force. Calling out he ran forward then using a magic ring jumped time and again to close the distance. Alvar also turned ands ran to help the HalfOgre protect his spirit lion. The rest of the party followed suit, more slowly and cautiously, at least at first.

Alvar and Narneth both spied their new foes through the trees spreading out in a line among the trees behind the helpless lion. Creature the size of a man, but shriveled and slightly mummy like. Possessing not just the gift of walking death but also arcane abilities. Seven of the foul things spread out and ready for the coming attack.

Narneth Jumped again landing next to three of the walking dead, landing and swirling his great flail. A mighty blow landed on one of the foul creatures, sending it back to the place of shadow and death that issued it into the world of the living. The two others were lucky enough to avoid the HalfOgres attacks and began to fall back.

Narneth stepped forward to swing again as a magic glyph explodes stunning the HalfOgre for a split second but failing to hold him fast. Alvar slowed his run and began moving for tree to tree to avoid the sight of the southern most undead. Others in the group sprinted forward to join the fight. All setting off glyphs but avoiding the full power of the magical traps.

Ektor cast a spell and lifted off the ground flying toward the fighter Strom. He too set off a glyph and tumbled to the ground stunned for a short time. Then in one motion the undead cast forth bolts of magical energy doing some little damage to those joining the general fray.

The melee continued as one after another the undead fell to sword ax mace and flail, the lion still frozen stood motionless in the middle of the fray. Finally the lion regained the use of its limbs ad crouched ready to leap into the fight. The only Two of the creature left standing called forth more magical power as waves of fear washed over the group. All turned and ran, all save Alvar who resisted the undead's attack. He offered a quick thanks to Tymora, smiled evilly and carefully moved forward. Walking only where his comrades had been to avoid any more of the hidden magical traps. As he moved forward more missiles shot froth from the undeads hands striking Alvar repeatedly but failing to slow him in his steady advance. Finally in striking range his sword swung out once then twice, dropping the nearest undead. The second cast more missiles and turned to run. Alvar, gritting his teeth from the mounting damage, charged forward to stop the monsters retreat. Charged into one last glyph.

The magical flash stopped him in his tracks as the monster turned and attacked. Dealing damage with hand and bite and at times calling forth dark powers of wounding. Alvar survived the attacks despite his helpless state and finally regained the use of arm and leg as his companions returned to aid the wounded duelist.

Arrow and mace blows fell on the undead as it turned to attack the returning friends. Injuring eh monster but not killing it. Then a final attack rocked the beast back and Alvar, despite his weekend state brought his sword down ending the things undead life.

Injured near to death Alvar stood there as the companions made sure there were no more walking dead in the area, began looting the corpses of the now motionless dead and began healing the wounds suffered during the melee.

**** Great game. 2 good fights and I couldnt ask for a better way to end my last game for a while! Those Cinderspawn were NASTY the cold damage even when you hit them was very troubling!...Plus all the ones rolled in the first combat especially the dwarf with his helm knocked askew blinding him. Ha toooo funny, well Im sure not to the dwarf!

.Then the summon spell and SEVEN Dire Boars. I though we were screwed. I didnt know how long the spell would last, but neither would Alvar have known so flight looked good there for a bit. Then everyone fails one of their fear checks except for me. Classic Our Luck thus far. Then me charging the retreating undead. I should have known.. It was a very heroic way of ending the night though. ****
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Posted: Thu Apr 24, 2008 5:28 pm
by Wulfgarn
For awhile there I was worried that Alvar was going to go out fighting --- quite literally.

After the fiht Nerneth wandered around a bit smiffing the air ... with a single tear in his eye he askes "Wheres did alls the ham go?"