Blue leaf: a Castles and Crusades Playlog.

Within are to be writ the tales of daring and adventure of those who have placed themselves on the path of glory. Share your exploits with other Castlers & Crusaders!
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Blue leaf: a Castles and Crusades Playlog.

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This was planned as a short two, to three session C&C game with two players based in part on an old module, Little People, from Polyhedron #64 waaaaaaaay back in October 1991.

We ran this one back in January.


A lineup changer this time. My ex-gf decided to sit this one out and we added an old friend who just moved back to town. And so without further ado..

My buddy Ben, is playing Master Horace Wickham, the gnome Inventor from Highforge Karameikos.

The Inventor is a new class that Ben requested and we have been working on together. Details of this evolving class can be found here: ... llordgames

My other buddy Kevin is playing a human Ranger, a mix of Thyatian and Traladaran stock from Karameikos. This is the first time Kev has played C&C and hasnt played anything as a player for a couple of years. He was very much looking forward to this game and apparently had a good time.

They are starting at 5th level and have decided they are old travelling companions.


The game begins in Burrowville, a small village of halflings nestled in Blueleaf Valley. The valley is located in the Cruth Mountain range in the northern Five Shires, bordering the Kingdom of Darokin.

The valley is famous for its Blueleaf tobacco, a potent variety that only grows in the valley. It is rare enough to command high prices from the traders who pass through the valley at harvest time each year, up to 10 gp per pound. The upper class and nobility of many neighboring lands are willing to pay top gold for Blueleafs high quality and the fact that its rarity makes it a status symbol to those who can afford it.

The valley itself is located in a thin part of the mountain range and is no more than three miles long and two miles wide.

The valley is composed mostly of very fertile tobacco fields, light forest, and Burrowville itself.

Imagine the shire from LotR surrounded by short mountains and you get the idea.

The Burrowville halflings have a major problem.

For the past three years the fields have suffered from bad weather and insects and the crops were almost nothing. The halflings faced financial ruin, unable to afford planting their fields or even feed themselves unless they came up with some money and fast. They had no choice but to mortgage their fields.

Assured by Malakki Farseer, halfling wizard and council member, that this years crop will be more than able to pay for the mortgage Mayor Ned Burrower and Malakki traveled to Shireton to do their business. They met with his old friend and money-lender, Tuckman Janglefoot who took the mortgage. Borrowing 12,000 gold they bought their stores and planted the fields. Malakki was right, this years crop was one of the most successful in memory. Just over 2,000 lbs of Blueleaf has been harvested and cured. But the traders did not come this year.

A large number of bandits have been camped out at both ends of the valley stopping and robbing traders who would enter the Burrowville. No ordinary bandits, these are vicious and have wizardly magic to back them up. Only one trader managed to get past on the Darokin side with a letter from Tuckman Janglefoot, but he only offered a paltry 1 gp per pound before the angry halflings sent him on his way. The letter stated that an secret buyer had bought out the mortgage from the money-lender and if the halflings couldnt pay the mortgage off on time the secret buyer would gain possession of the valley.

The mortgage is due two weeks from the day the adventure starts. Malakki has come up with a plan but it is going to take quick work, bravery, and strong adventurers to get the job done and save Burrowville.


The two heroes are eating a fine halfling lunch at the Blueleaf tavern in the small village when Malakki enters and asked them to come to the town hall in fifteen minutes to talk to council members about a possible job for them. The PCs agree and prepare themselves for the meeting.

They discuss news that he halflings have discussed in the tavern. They have heard of the mortgage and the bandits. They know the halflings are very worried over only one trader coming to town this year.

Preparing themselves they head across the way to the meeting hall, a plain but roomy one room building across the street. Malakki who leads them to the council table shows them in. Kevin is given a human sized chair, and all are served beer. At the table along with Malakki and the heroes are the Mayor and a dwarven fighter, Murphy Ironfist, who has made his home among the halflings for years.

Mayor Burrower tells them the basic problem of the bandits, the mortgage, and the two-week timetable. He then tells them about the secret buyer, something no one outside of the council knows. He tells them their suspicions that the secret buyer is employing the bandits to stop the halflings, which the PCs concurred.

Malakkis plan is simple. They will accompany Malakki and Murphy through the northern road and into Darokin where they will make a run for Darokin City to sell the Blueleaf. He estimates that he can get 15 to 20 gp per pound in the city given the three-year absence of new Blueleaf. The trip will take at least three days to get to Darokin city, a day or two to sell the Blueleaf, and three days back to Burrowville. It will then take just under five days to travel to Shireton to pay off the mortgage a day or two earlier then it is due.

The halflings need 12,000 gp for the mortgage. Anything over this they will split 50 percent with the PCs.

The PCs agree to this (unexpectedly with the guys there was no haggling, I really expected this and the Mayor would have upped their percentage to 75 percent of the remainder.)

It is agreed they will spend the rest of the day and night preparing and resting and they will set out tomorrow morning.

The meeting ended with Murphy heading out to supervise the loading of the freight wagon and Malakii attending personal business.

Horace wandered over to the blacksmith to hammer together a megaphone to communicate with Kevin who would be ranging a bit ahead of the wagon on his horse.

Kevin meanwhile wandered over to watch Murphys supervision of the teenage halfling crew following his gruff commands. Murphy was the driver and wanted everything perfect. The dwarf intended to cover the tobacco with wood but Kevin pointed out that the four 500 lb bales piled with would be waaaaay too tall for an ordinary wood-wagon.

He had a better idea.

Having Murphys crew continue to wrap the tobacco bales with waterproof tarping he convinced Murphy to have the boys cover the secured load with manure instead. To discourage the curious from checking out the wagon.

Much to the chagrin of the halfling crew Malakki and Murphy agreed and much amusement was had watching the teenagers up to the elbows in horse and ponys**t softly cursing and molding the shape over the bales until Murphy was satisfied.

Three torches were set on poles on each side of the wagon and a lantern placed on a pole at the drivers seat.

Kevin then wanted to make sure Murphy had a crossbow or other weapon at the wagon seat to help defend the load. Murphy looked flatly at Kevin and led him to the dwarfs shack. Inside were dozens of weapons taken from bandits and rowdies over the years. Several broadswords, daggers, spears, bows and arrows, crossbows and bolts were piled on shelves or propped in barrels. In a corner stood a full set of dwarven sized plate mail. Hanging on the wall above the armor was a matchlock musket, powder, and shot pouches. Murphys pride and joy.

Kevin ended up borrowing a longbow and two quivers of arrows himself.

Kevin then ended up riding out to the northern entrance to the valley looking for likely ambush sights on the rocks above. He set several snares, hidden ropes and rocks designed to drag anyone who stepped into them over the 15 cliff overlooking the wagon path and suspend them about 10 feet in the air. He then returned to the village.

Night came. Horace tinkered some more as everyone else spent a quiet night of drink, food, and rest among the halflings.


Early the next morning, Murphy was seated in the drivers seat in plate mail with a heavy crossbow and bolts propped on one side and his big matchlock musket on the other.

Horace rode on his mule and Malakki, dressed in his finest wizardly robes and gloves, rode on a pony.

Kevin scouted a hundred yards ahead of the wagon and riders and, near the north entrance to the valley, discovered a ragged bandit hanging over the rocks by his snared boot.

Quickly climbing the rocks, he began to question the bandit about the attacks, lifting and jerking the rope, threatening to do much harm if he didnt talk. The other snares he set had been disarmed.

After a couple of rounds of denials by the bandit, and threats by Kevin, Kevin hears a noise from behind a cluster of rocks behind him and about 20 further up the slope of the cliff shelf. He spots three bandits and their leader sneaking up on him. The three bandits charge into melee with Kevin, who pulls his two swords and begins a fierce fight as the bandit leader urges his men on.

As Kevin, is stabbing and hacking back and forth with the three, the gnome Horace rides up to help out. He sees two more bandits on the small cliff on the opposite of the trail from Kevin s and they are preparing to fire shortbows! Horace quickly raises his magic missile clockwork and lenses gun-thingy and blasts both archers with darts of energy ruining their aim and getting their attention.

In the meantime, Kevin has taken a few slight cuts but has managed to shove most of his sword through the chest of a bandit, taking him out of the fight. The other two press on savagely hacking away at Kevin.

Horace quickly fires his contraption again killing both of the archer bandits.

Kevin hacks deeply into the second bandit who falls unconscious, but the third bandit stabs him deeply in his side. The leader pulls his broadsword and charges at Kevin who maneuvers around to meet him.

While this is going on the bandit hanging by his boot has pulled himself up and cut the rope to free himself. Horace quickly pulls out his web grenade-glob spherical thingamabob and webs the entire trail, with the now free bandit is caught barely in the outer edge of the Web.

On the cliff shelf, fifteen feet above the gnome, the bandit leader is cut deeply by Kevins swords and staggers to the edge of the cliff.

Horace spots the leader looking in surprise at the gnome below him and decides to fire all four missiles from his gun at the bandit, ruining his face and laying him low, unconscious and near death.

The webbed bandit manages to make a Str check and pulls himself out of the south side of the webbed pass and makes a run for it, down the trail, and unknowingly towards Murphys wagon..

Kevin, seeing the webbed pass, rushes the third bandit and knocks him over the small cliff right into the web where he gets stuck on his back staring up at the sky.

A musket shot cracks from around the South Bend as Murphy the dwarf puts a ball through the bandit fleeing towards his wagon.

Pausing to rest, they negotiate with the webbed bandit offering to free him if he gives them information. The bandit agrees and tells that they were hired to stop anyone from entering the valley, they do not know who did the hiring, he really doesnt knows anything else.

Cutting him free and burning the web (and Kevins player throws out a threat and nicknames the bandit Bill for some reason) he takes off north through the hills.

Then they realize they have a couple of bandits still alive. With very little angst they decide they have to kill them. They dont have the time or resources heal them, to keep them prisoners, and if they send them back to the halflings they are sure the bandits will find a way to break out and cause all sorts of havoc in the village.

And so heads were lopped off and bodies were searched producing a few coins and the fact that the leader has a brand on his wrist, chain links forming a circle. The players cut this from his arm to ask questions about later.

They headed back around the bend and down the trail, past the bandit laying facedown with a musket ball hole through his torso, to the halfling wizard, the dwarf who was reloading his musket, and the tobacco wagon.

They continued north out of the valley and into the foothills. They had the option of cutting west to the large Trade Road to Darokin City but that might add a days journey to their route.

Instead they decided to keep on the path north which would lead through the hills, a light forest, and finally to a river where they hoped to find a ferry to take them across.

A straight path to Darokin City.

They had a pretty uneventful day after the bandits. Once, while in the hills, they heard a great beast roaring to the east of them but nervously continued until they hit the edge of the forest at dusk. Finding a used camp sight off of the trail and just inside the woods, they bedded down for the night pitching tents Murphy had stored under the wagon seat, lighting a fire in the old cooking pit, cooking supper, drinking wine, relaxing and making plans.


When it came time to sleep, Kevin took first watch and Murphy slept under the wagon. After four hours Kevin woke up Horace who took over, tinkering and repairing and tuning his magic missile gun contraption.

Sometime later, in the late hours before morning, Horace heard a noise from some bushes near camp and heard a faint but still audible voices.

Yes thats Blueleaf alright, I can smell it!

Quiet you, watch your feet.

Careful, dont wake them, I want some of the tobacco.

Pretending to ignore what was going on he shifted his magic missile gun towards the bushes and saw, from the corner of his eyes, the bushes slightly shake and part, and the impression of small feet in the grass heading towards the wagon.

Then a small twig was picked up from the ground and the obviously invisible intruder began to dig through the manure, move the tarp underneath, and begin to pull out some Blueleaf.

Horace called out Stop, thieves! waking up the rest of the camp.

The leprechaun whom was robbing the wagon, and now fully visible in chiched leprechaun clothes and buckled shoes, freaked out and polymorphed the manure into dry leaves, scattering them all over camp, as he began to cry out to his mates and pull out handfuls of tobacco!

One of his companions called out Look out Erin, hes gotta gun! in the worst Irish accent I could muster.

Horace then blasted the poor HD creature with the magic missiles nearly killing it outright.

Murphy came awake with a roar and set up bashing his head on the bottom of the wagon and grabbing his musket. Spotting the almost dead leprechaun he snarled Fairies! and prepared to blast the unconscious robber.

Kevin came awake drawing swords, and Malakki sleepily woke up as the leprechauns two companions burst forth from the bushes, the first heading for his wounded friend and the second causing an illusionary firestorm over the camp.

Murphy and Kevin took damage from the flames but Malakki disbelieved the illusion, sending it away.

Kevin then slashed the leprechaun nearly killing it.

Horace picked up his big wrench to bash the last leprechaun and defend the tobacco. The last leprechaun was pissed and prepared to polymorph the wrench into a boa constrictor to eat the gnome when Malakki cried out Stop! to end the fight before anyone got killed!

The leprechaun ran to his friends blathering about how they were sorry and only wanted some tobacco and had made a mistake. Horace pulled out his cure light wound wraparound gizmo and patched both leprechauns back up.

Murphy was still prepared to shoot one of them but was talked down.

They apologized for not asking but, hey, they are mischievous little leprechauns so all was forgiven. They told the PCs of bandit activity to the north. No hard feelings were had so the PCs gave them a small pouch of Blueleaf. As they left the Leprechauns rewarded the partys kindness and mercy, by changing one of Kevins daggers and Horaces big wrench into solic silver.

Horace accepted his give with a nice well acted smile as he secretly wondered what the Hell he was going to be able to work on with a wrench made of fairly soft metal.


The Leprechauns left with much ado and the party rested until dawn came.


After we finished Session Two, we backed off of C&C for a bit to focus on Savage Worlds. Hopefully well throw down and finish this one in a few months.

I'll take some time soon and write up from my notes on Session Two. It was Chaotic to say the least.

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I don't know why no one has said anything... but this really sounds like you guys had a hoot of a time. You ran a wonderful game and the story was fantastic.

So since you're playing both, Savage Worlds and C&C, how would you compare them?

Looking forward to your next installment. Game on.
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Sounds like you guys had a really good time. Congrats.

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